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Avoid These Blunders to Keep Your Email Subscribers Happy

One of the keys to online success is to have a thriving and growing email subscription list. Your email subscribers are vital to your business and should be treated like gold. If you are good to your email list, you will have a community of engaged followers that will be ready to read your content and buy your product. One of the best ways to grow (and keep) your email subscribers is to ensure you send out quality material that they will want to read. Sound easy? It actually takes a bit of work. There are several common blunders that overzealous business owners make that will send your precious email subscribers running for the hills. You need to avoid these pitfalls at all costs to keep from irritating your followers.


Common Email Subscription Mistakes

Too Many Emails: If you send too many emails, you are guaranteed to lose your audience. People might click on your emails for a few days, but they will not continue to open up emails if they get bombarded. There is no exact best number or frequency of email that is perfect for every list, so you will have to experiment. Some audiences will naturally need more interaction than others. One way to find out is to ask your un-subscribers why they chose to leave your list. If the answer is too many emails … well you have your answer and need to dial it back.

Not Enough Emails: On the flip side, are you only sending out emails once a quarter? Once a year? While you definitely do not want to flood inboxes, you also do not want people to forget who you are in between emails. There is a fine balance. Learn what that balance is for your particular audience.

Endless Promotions : You have to build trust with your email readers. Trust doesn’t come from being an endless money-hungry promoter. Yes, you want to sell! Promote your brand. That is how you make your money and why you are sending emails in the first place. But don’t try to sell something in every single email, and never sell multiple products in one email. Need a guideline? Try to sell something in one out of every 5 to 10 emails.

Deceptive Subject Lines: Creating subject lines to entice people to open email is an art. Go ahead and be creative, but always ensure your subject line is relevant to your email content. Deceptive email subject lines are a surefire way to anger your email subscribers once they realize your email has nothing to do with the subject that captured their attention in their email inbox.

Generic newsletters: Gone are the days where a one-size-fits-all email does the trick. A single email message will not work with multiple personalities, and it sends your subscribers a message that they are simply a number on a list. There is no reason with today’s technology that you cannot hone in on your different target audiences. Group your audience into different buckets and write emails that match the specific demographics. Don’t be lazy! You will be more successful this way.

Sharing your subscribers: Giving out your subscribers’ information out is a huge no-no. They have trusted you with their email address because they want to hear what you have to say. They will not appreciate being sold to someone who will SPAM them with stuff they never signed up for.

Not optimizing for mobile users: Almost 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. If you do not optimize your emails for your mobile subscribers, you will lose them. No one is going to take the time to zoom in and scroll. If you do not want to lose half of your email list, make sure your emails are properly structured to be opened and read on a phone or tablet.

No clear “Call to Action”: The last thing you want to do is have your reader finish your email and then think “What was the point?” Every single email you send your subscribers needs to have a clear call to action that is easy to see and simple to understand. Whether that is a reply, a link to click on, a resource to download, or a video to watch.

Poor Grammar and Simple Slipups: How many times have you sent an email off and forgotten the attachment or realized you misspelled a few words? Embarrassing! What about having a link that either doesn’t work or takes you to the wrong site? Little mistakes like these really add up and irritate your subscribers. Always proofread your emails before you hit send. Slipups and poor grammar make you look unprofessional.

Long Emails: Humans have short attention spans. Avoid lengthy emails or you will lose your readers before they get to your call to action.


Indications You’re Irritating Your Email Subscribers

There are usually clues that you are doing something wrong. Instead of sticking your head in the sand, look for these signs and do something about it! Data is your friend. Data doesn’t lie. Analyze often and tweak your approach. Look for the following signs that you are irritating your subscription list and try to understand what you are doing wrong.

Drop in Open Rates/Click Rates: Each time your email is opened, your email subscriber is letting you know that he or she wants to read what you have to say. Track your open rates and trend them over time. If you notice that your open rates are dropping, try to figure out why. What has changed that has decreased the number of people that open your email?

Once people open your email, do they click on your links? If not, somewhere between opening your email and your call to action, your reader has lost interest or become annoyed. Analyze your open rates against your click rates. In a perfect world, these numbers would match.

Unsubscribe Rates: Your unsubscribe rate is straightforward. If people are hitting that unsubscribe button more often than usual, something is amiss. Instead of getting cranky or thinking that it isn’t a problem with your material, get critical with yourself. What can you do better?

Negative Feedback: You may get actual negative feedback from your email list subscribers. While it is never good news or pleasant to get negative feedback, use it as a chance to learn. At least you know why they are unhappy. Most people will not invest the energy to type and send feedback at all. They will just unsubscribe. Use the feedback and tweak your emails as needed.

Always strive to provide value in each and every email that you send. You are marketing your business, and you always want to have a quality product. Your email subscribers are royalty, and you NEED to keep them happy. This will help you make as much money as possible. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if you would get irritated with an email campaign similar to the your own. If the answer is even a maybe, it is time to rethink your approach.


About the Author: Melissa Ricker is a writer for JobHero, a free resource that helps job-seekers with various steps of the job search process by providing resume samples, cover letter samples, job descriptions and more.

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