6 Mobile Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Lead generation is the basis of a thriving real estate business, but how do you ensure that your lead generation rates remain consistently high? Mobile-adapted lead generation is increasingly important, with more and more customers online primarily through tablet and smartphone screens. If you’re focused on browser-specific lead generation tactics alone, you’re missing the big picture.


Sign Me Up – Quick!

Even the fanciest smartphone has a small touchscreen compared to the full-size keyboards that are standard issue for desktops and laptops. That means that customers won’t want to fiddle with multiple fields or key in large amounts of text. You can respond to this preference with an abbreviated contact form – name and email is really all you need. Follow up later with an email campaign inviting leads to schedule a consultation or fill out a short questionnaire. You can also use “progressive profiling forms,” which will autofill forms using information provided on a previous visit, to save time.


Easy on the Text

It’s always a good idea to keep your landing page and home page simple and clear. You can save info-dense passages for other pages on your website. This is especially important on a mobile-friendly page, because visitors will be scanning quickly on a small screen. Imagine fitting all of the text on your landing page onto an index card, and see how much you can trim. Break up text with small paragraphs, bullets, and legible icons. Customers will feel more confident about what you’re offering, and they’ll have an easy time navigating down to contact forms and buttons.


Font Forward

Some fonts are just not your friends – and we’re not just talking about Papyrus and Comic Sans. In keeping with this post’s theme of clean, clear design, stay away from elaborate fonts. Cursive, serif- and curlicue-laden, ‘handwritten’ fonts may look cool, but they can also be extremely difficult to read. The last thing you want to do is annoy prospective customers, right? Stick with fonts designed to be clear – Arial, Calibri, and Helvetica are good models.


Concise Calls to Action

A call to action is the core of every successful marketing appeal – in a nutshell, a directive that nudges leads along to the next step in their purchase journey. “Call to speak with an agent.” “Click here for more information.” “Search for updated listings.” Mobile screens are small, which means that your calls to action need to be tailored to fit a compressed space. Use clear, action-oriented text and images that are optimized to display well on small screens. Most importantly, make sure that your calls to action are easy to click on – try a big button in an eye-catching contrast color like green or orange. Clickable phone numbers are an especially efficient design feature.


Direct Texting Campaigns

One great way to make your marketing campaigns mobile friendly is to use text campaigns in lieu of sign-up forms. Invite customers to send a text to a particular code. When they send the text, they’ll be asked to share location and – depending on your strategy – a few other pieces of pertinent information. Then they’re automatically signed up for an SMS-based marketing campaign. No forms, no click-through, no need to open an email or scroll down. For best results, combine this lead-generation strategy with an SMS-based promotional offer.


Special Offers

One effective way to maximize mobile engagement – and lead conversion – is to create mobile-exclusive promotional offers and discounts. You can tie these to location, so that customers will receive a promotional code or discount notice when they’re in physical proximity to one of your stores. They could even receive a coupon offer via mobile phone when they enter a brick-and-mortar location. Motivate lead conversion by offering customers a discount or free sample if they use their mobile phones to “like” your Facebook page or enter contact details on your website.

Mobile lead generation takes a little bit of care and creativity, but if you remember to keep your appeals simple, you’ll be much more likely to convert leads into customers. With these ideas, we guarantee that your agency will have ringing phones and overflowing inboxes soon!


About the Author: Square 1 Group is a boutique digital marketing firm based in Los Angeles, California. Our real estate experience combines with our digital marketing expertise to provide an outstanding knowledge base for real estate agents looking to expand their business online. We pride ourselves on crafting beautiful websites for a multi-screened world, including mobile-friendly marketing campaigns.