Top Tools for Creating Viral Content

Virality is a thing that has become quite popular nowadays. We share videos, pictures, articles and many other things that we deem interesting or funny, making a chain of shares and creating virality. Many bloggers and digital marketers try hard to create content that will be viral in order to promote themselves or their product and some of them indeed succeed in that intention.

How come that some of the marketers and bloggers have more viral content than the others? Well, I guess that the secret is in using the right tools. The interesting thing with tools is that they cannot come up with the idea or create content instead of you but they can certainly help in that process of creation. Therefore, in order to create viral content, you should definitely consider using some of the tools presented in this article.


Find out what people are talking about and state your opinion

In order to create specific and viral content you need to do the research what it should address. For example, if there a soccer world championship, your article can be about it. You can always do further research and add some interesting things about it.

In order to see what is trending and people are currently talking about, you should definitely check this website called Alltop. Alltop is a very simple website that collects data from the popular news and blog websites and gives you the most popular things from them.


Get your headline right in order to become shared, commented and viewed

Whenever you create some kind of content, the headline is the first thing that will get readers’ attention because it is the first thing that they will see while scrolling down on the social media websites. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to come up with a good headline that will both bear some kind of power and invoke certain emotions among the readers.

CoSchedule is a website that is made for digital marketers and it has a certain sub-section called CoSchedule headline analyzer. This interesting and rather helpful tool will literally grade your headline and give it a certain amount of points. Afterwards, you will see what kind of words you have in abundance and what kind of words you are missing and should be added.


Create useful Infographics and interesting pictures in order to get viral


We all know that infographics, pictures combined with articles can have the biggest possibility to become viral because however useful and interesting your text is, there are always people who just want to see the idea of it by seeing pictures and not reading text at all. In other words, many people will not read your text unless the picture or infographic that accompanies it is interesting and catches their attention.

Therefore, if you want to want to make good and useful infographics and you are not really getting on well in Photoshop and other programs for creating this type of content, you should definitely check out the website called Piktochart. The website has free trial after which you will have to pay a certain amount to continue using it. However, it is a very simple tool and you can make professional infographics really fast.

Furthermore, if you need to create and edit pictures and you do not want to bore yourself to death with learning Photoshop, you should definitely consider using Canva. To be honest, Canva does not really have all the options as Photoshop, but it is suitable for beginners who want to create simple images that will accompany the text. In fact, you do not need to know anything about image editing and all you need is a good idea and you will get around in Canva in no time. The most widespread use of Canva is for creating the so called “quote images” which are basically images which accompany some kind of quote either from the article or from some famous writer.


Can everybody read your content and understand it?


The sad thing about the people writing things for the internet is that they should be written in a manner that everyone can understand. There are several reasons for that. The first one is the obvious one – there are a lot of people who do no read anything in their lives and if you want to convey a message, you need to make it simple. The second one is – not everyone on the internet speaks English and the simple the text – the better probability that non-native speakers will understand it.

There is a tool called Readability Checker that is actually a subsection of the website When you enter the text in the box on the page, you will get the results in form of a score. Your score will suggest how difficult your text is for reading and whether you should make it more simple or more complicated. There is even a chart that shows to which age and education if your score equivalent. For example, if you get a score of 55, this means that your text can be understood by the most of people who finished high-school. Lower score means more difficulty reading the text.


Get the professionals who will write your content perfectly

The sad truth behind most of the blogs is that they are written by professional writers who are paid to do that. The people who work in digital marketing usually cooperate with content writers, providing the ideas for the text and letting the writers do all the word crafting. Usually, content writers understand SEO and conceptualize the articles in such a manner to be visible in the search engines which will automatically promote your blog or website.

One of the popular websites which is in the business of writing is Royal-Essays. Royal Essays is not really a tool but a group of professional writers who are ready to professionally write any type of writing. In other words, you can hire them not only for articles and blogs but for website content, essays, eBooks, etc. Once you have writers producing high-quality content, you will have the basis for creating viral content because, do not forget – the written word is the oldest way of promotion and words are the easiest to spread.

Promote your content after you have created it

The last part of this article is micro-science on its own because it does not have a lot to do with content creation yet it is crucial for its virality. There are numerous ways in which you can promote your content and contribute to making it viral. You can focus only on promotion on social media or you can view the bigger picture and include other kinds of ads for your content.

However, when you create content for the purpose of promoting something, you will have to think a lot how you are going to invest, especially if you have several articles. There is a website called Momentum which basically predicts which one of your articles and what kind of content from your blog or website is likely to get shared on social media. In other words, there is an algorithm which takes in a lot of parameters that are important and analyzes your texts as well as how previous ones were shared. Furthermore, this website enables you to manage paid promotions on social media through it.

Another interesting website that proved to be useful when it comes to promoting content is Buffer. This tool basically lets you control all the things that you have on your social media accounts. This is convenient when you have to share one thing on different media or when you have to share a lot of different things on one medium but you do not have the time.

Yet another tool that can help you with promoting your content is called Outbrain. Essentially, it helps people who want to promote their content find the right website or blog onto which they can post their article. Those websites or blogs are usually very popular and have a lot of traffic and having your article on one of them can be a significant boost for your content virality.

To sum up, creating viral content includes many other things apart from the creation itself. We live in the day and age where, in order to make something viral and popular, we need to take several different approaches to it and see whether it fulfills all the conditions to be viral. The first condition would, of course, be good quality of content. The second condition requires your content to be suitable for the internet and for the audience while the third condition is to have a good promotion. In order to achieve all of that you need to use key tools that will help you with getting your content viral. Therefore, check all the suggestions that are mentioned above and some of them might just be the key element that you needed in order to achieve success in the field of content creation.


About the Author: Tom Jager is a professional blogger based in London. He covers topics related to digital marketing, blogging, social media and business in general. He is always seeking to discover new ways for professional and personal growth.