App Chat Webinar

Connect Your Team with Mobile Apps

Streamline internal communication and create a modern company culture

Limited Seats
30 minutes, with time for participant Q&A

Your staff is already using mobile apps on a daily basis for work-related tasks. Creating an internal employee app gives everyone on your team access to critical updates, company information, and self-help resources 24/7/365.

Join us to see how Lee Prescott from Keller Williams partnered with BuildFire to align and connect a 200+ person team. Find out how you can replicate this success with an internal app of your own.

What You’ll Learn In This Webinar

  • How internal mobile apps promote employee training and development
  • The value of employee self-service tools
  • Why apps are great for internal communication
  • The power of using mobile apps to drive employee engagement
  • Tips and best practices for success that you can replicate in your organization

The Speaker

Lee Prescott

Director of Operations, Keller Wiliams

Hosted by

Lauren McCormack

VP of Marketing, BuildFire

About Our Special Guest

Lee Prescott has more than 25+ years of experience as a sales manager. His current role as the Director of Operations and Managing Broker at Keller Williams gives him a unique opportunity to assist both buyers and sellers in the real estate space. Success in this industry is heavily reliant on effective team communication.

With the help of BuildFire, Lee created an internal app to connect more than 200+ Keller Williams team members. The app is used to facilitate internal training, real-time calendars, booking meeting spaces, internal document sharing, and so much more.

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