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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful
Mobile App In A Fraction Of The Time.

Build Your App In Real Time With Our Interactive Emulator

Click and edit technology makes it so intuitive you feel like an app building pro right away.

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Easily Add Powerful Functionality To Your App With Plugins

Click and edit technology makes it so intuitive you feel like an app building pro right away.

Build Your App With Over 150 Plugins In Our Marketplace

Our marketplace includes a wide range functionality that covers the majority of any apps needs. For highly custom or unique features, develop your own plugin with the BuildFire SDK.

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Develop Custom Features For Your App With The BuildFire SDK

If you need any custom functionality for your app, the BuildFire SDK empowers you to create robust functionality with an entirely serverless architecture.
Get Started or get in touch with our team to have us build what you need.

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We take care of all the heavy lifting and backend services so you can stay focused on what matters most, your users and your business.

Without BuildFire

You’re stuck building and maintaining all the infrastructure any successful app will need.

With BuildFire

You have a complete turn key solution for building and maintaining your mobile app.

We empower you to focus on running your business instead of a team of developers.
The power of your app is now in your hands.

Fully Customize The Look And Feel Of Your App

In App Purchases

Monetize your content any way you prefer! Charge one time to unlock content or create tiered monthly plans to charge for your app. Choose what content you want available for free and what content you want to charge for.

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Power Mobile eCommerce With Shopify

Sell physical products in your app with our tight integration with Shopify. Create your own custom product catalogs and deep link to products inside any portion of the app.

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Customize Your User Login To Suit Your Business

Customize Your User Login To Suit Your Business

Single Sign On

Leverage an existing authentication system for your users to log into the app creating continuity across all your software products.

Third Party Logins

We support user registration through Facebook, Twitter and Apple making it so users can register for your app instantly.

Session Expiration

For apps containing sensitive information you can expire the logged in session when the app closes or after a certain idle time.

Deliver targeted Push Notifications at every step of the user journey

  • Target specific users
  • Sent to custom user segments
  • Send notifications to group subscribers
  • Activity based notifications
  • Drip notifications
  • Trigger notifications from your server

User management, Security, Access settings

  • Create user segments based off of activity
  • Restrict app content based on user tags
  • Single sign-on capabilities
  • Custom user registration

Utilize BuildFire’s Analytics or Send Your Data To Any Analytics Software

  • Example integrations: Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel etc.
  • See analytics such as open rate and CTR for your push notifications
  • Track downloads
  • Measure plugin usage
  • See how many users register
  • Discover how often people return to your app
  • Find out what drives action

Create Intro Slides To Onboard Your Users For A Seamless Experience

One Click Is All It Takes To Get Your App Published To The App Store

We handle all the publishing and submission to both google play and the app store for you.

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