Start Your Own Mobile App Business With BuildFire’s White Label App Builder.

Build mobile apps for your clients using the EXACT platform we’ve used to build over 10,000+ mobile apps. No limitations.

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Increase Profits and Deliver Extraordinary Value

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Brand BuildFire As Your Own

When you white label apps, customers will only see your brand—both on the apps and the back end.

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Customize It For Your Business

You’ll have hundreds of options to configure the platform to best fit your business and your customer.

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Fast and Easy Development

Simple click and edit development empowering both you and your clients with the power of mobile apps.

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"Once I got to BuildFire, I started to really see what was possible. I’ve been able to offer more value, close more deals, and charge more than double what I would have been able to on my old platform."

Isaiah King - CEO | King Concepts

A Mobile App Reseller Program in a League Of Its Own

Create Apps With Unique Features to Differentiate Your App Reseller Business

Don’t get boxed into another platform’s cookie cutter features that only allow you to offer limited functionality. What happens when you land a great client who has a real budget for an app? You don’t want to be put in a position where you can’t deliver. With BuildFire you have the ability to create unique custom functionality for any app. On top of that, by being able to create your own functionality you will be able to create your own competitive differentiation unique for your market.

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White Label Mobile Apps With Full Self Provisioning

We allow you to create a fully automated SaaS offering with self signup for free trials and the ability for your customer to upgrade and pay right from the app dashboard. Create your own unique templates for your customers to sign up with right from your website. We also have a plethora of native integrations that make all of this possible, from payment systems to business analytics and customer chat.

Built For Scale and High Value Apps

Super Admin Dashboard

Manage your clients apps, create new apps, clone your own app, manage configurations, and access levels with just a single click.

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Tier 1


Premium support and functionality to maximize the business value of your app.

Tier 2


Additional capabilities to get more out of your app.

Tier 3


The basics needed to get you started with a business app.

Custom Plans and Configurations

Our configurations allow you to turn nearly every feature of our platform on and off so you can create your own functionality tiers. Easily build your pricing around what features you want to offer and what features you want your clients to see.

Developer SDK to build custom functionality for your customers

BuildFire isn’t just an app builder, it’s an entire app development platform. We know we’re not going to have every single feature your clients are going to need, that’s why we empower you with the tools to build custom features for your clients.

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Get access to the BuildFire development team

Custom plugins you can offer in your marketplace for your niche

Custom development for your high value customers

Turnkey app build outs so you can focus on sales rather than building apps

Mobile App Development

Our team of highly capable developers have a breadth of experience developing apps for many industries and can build any type of functionality for your app.

UI/UX App Design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. We pride ourselves in designing apps that are both visually stunning and highly intuitive.

Strategic Consulting

Not only do you get a team of developers with BuildFire, we’re your team of strategic app consultants that are tightly aligned with your businesses objectives.

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Building apps for massive scale is right in our wheelhouse, with over 25M+ users on the BuildFire Platform rest assured we can handle any challenge your app presents.

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Automated Sign Up and Purchase

Users can sign up through an automated free trial and sales process (just like us) integrated natively with Recurly.

Jump Start Your Business With 50+ Templates You Can Use For Client Demos and Clone For Easy Setup

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All the support you need to run a successful mobile app reseller business

Dedicated White Label Support

We know your business depends on us and we don't take that lightly. With priority White Label support, we're there to help when you need it by phone or email.

Training And Consulting.

Let's face it, your success is our success so we take every effort possible to make you and your business successful.

We’ll Handle Publishing to the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

When your customers apps are ready, we’ll push them live through the App stores.

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