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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Building a Mobile App.

What to Look For in a Mobile App Developer

What to Look For in a Mobile App Developer If you run a search on mobile app development, you’ll quickly ...


11 Ecommerce marketing trends of 2019

With 2019 nearing the midway point, it’s the perfect time for us to take a look at the ecommerce trends ...


Instagram Revenue and Usage Statistics Breakdown

If you’re building an app, you want to compare yourself to the best. Look for the best revenue benchmarks, the ...


Tinder Revenue and Usage Statistics Breakdown

Tinder has revolutionized modern dating. For millennia, meeting a partner only happened in real life. Then in 1995, launched ...


How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like WhatsApp

If you own a smartphone, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of WhatsApp. In fact, WhatsApp is the world’s most ...


Cross Platform Mobile App Development: A Definitive Guide

When most people think about building a mobile app, their minds go straight to native development. Native apps are built ...


Ultimate iOS Development Tools List

Are you ready to build an iOS mobile app? I’ve got some good news for you; iOS development isn’t as ...


Ultimate Android Development Tools List

Developing an Android app isn’t the easiest thing that you’ll ever do. It can be an overwhelming task, especially if ...


The Complete Guide to App Analytics Tools for 2019 and Beyond (40+ Tools)

Building an app in 2019? Then you need a roadmap. Sure, you can get an app up and launched. But ...


Snapchat Revenue and Usage Statistics

If you’re looking to scale an app, you want to pay attention to the big players in the industry. And ...


Uber Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019)

Uber has revolutionized the way we travel. This ridesharing mobile app connects riders with drivers in just a couple of ...


Mobile App Download and Usage Statistics (2019)

With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving. App ...


Cost Per Install (CPI): What it is and How it Works

Mobile apps are businesses. It doesn’t matter if your app was launched as its own product, or used to supplement ...


Top Mobile Ad Networks (2019)

It’s no secret that we’re living in a mobile world. Everything seems to be trending in a mobile direction in ...


The Comprehensive Guide To Business Growth Through Mobile Apps

There used to be a time when building a mobile app was only feasible for big players and industry giants. ...


Ultimate Mobile App Stores List (2019)

At one time, social media consisted of just a handful of sites. Over time, however, numerous niche and specialty social ...


[2019] Mobile Ecommerce: Revenue, Usage, and Statistics

The Internet has changed the way that we consume. Today, more than ever, buyers have the power to purchase items ...


How to Value a Mobile App?

Today, thanks in no small measure to platforms like BuildFire, there are more successful mobile, SaaS and marketplace apps in ...


August Product Update

We’ve been working hard to bring you some incredible new features. Features that are sure to give you more insight ...


Boost Your In-App Purchases

Think back to the reason why you built a mobile app in the first place. I know, this may seem ...


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