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Create Apps Using the mobile app developer tools you already know.

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Use the tools you already know

Build new features using Javascript, HTML and CSS. Add any framework you like.

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You Build We Deploy

Use our cutting edge deployment process to deploy you code to QA or Production all around the world instantly.

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No DevOps Needed

We take care of publishing to iOS and Android, No Server, Maintenance, No Cordova, Ionic, Titanium, React Native setup. Just start codding and let us take care of the rest.

Build Your Own BuildFire Plugin

Endless possibilities

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Image Server

Use our image servers to host, manipulate and cache your images on our global CDN.

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File Server

Our servers are capable of stoing petabyes of data with a simple API.

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Image Server

Use our image servers to host, manipulate and cache your images on our global CDN.


Integrate with our single API that can be piped into hundreds of analytic services of your choice.


Simple, Custom Registration, SSO, OAuth, Social Logins and Apple Login are all included as part of our platform.

Build Server

Code once and BuildFire will build your application with Native integrations. Then subsequest updates are deployed on the fly to devices worldwide.

Push Notifications

Send millions of push notifications worldwide without integrating with an expensive service provider or worry about data privacy with the cheap alternatives.


User our state of the art Content Management System to have your app owners update your plugin with content and new settings without calling you.


Use our array of databases to host your data. No matter the type. Public, private, simple searches or complex search engines we have it all.

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Developer Tools


Use our efficient Command Line tool to streamline your development and CLI.

Data Tracer

Have visibility to your data across multiple instances.

Remote Debugger

Use our remote debugger to debug issues on devices across the globe.

Developer Mobile App

Test your work quickly without having to build your own app.

Plugin IDE

Our intuitive IDE will simulate a production environment locally on your dev machine for speed of development.

Hot Loader

Link to a device and test your code immediately on a mobile device.

Open Source Plugins

Fork hundreds of open source plugins and redistribute your own versions free of charge.

BuildFire UI Components

Speed up development with our gallery of prebuilt components that will save endless hours of development.

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Access Native Device API's

Integrate with native device components accross multiple platforms with ease

GEO Location



Barcode Scanner / Camera

File System

Gyroscope / Accelerometer

Apple Pay / Google Wallet

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Built on AWS

Built on the world's leading cloud services.


Redundancies across servers and geographic locations. To reduce risk of any data loss.


Take advantage of our global content delivery network to make your apps blazing fast world wide.


World class security equiped with cutting edge firewalls, encryptions and data policies that let can you rest at ease.


Have an influx of traffic? No worries. Our cloud is elastic and will grow with your needs.