Buildfire Plan Features

On boarding services

Professional Design and Setup

Let’s say you have an idea for an app. Most people do. However, what most people don’t have is the first idea about how to build it. Maybe, as a busy professional, you simply don’t have the time to devote to researching what makes a successful mobile app. Fortunately, BuildFire is here to help.

One of our dedicated US-based designers will dive into your internet presence, website, and branding collateral so that we have a thorough understanding of your company. Working together, we will shortcut endless design debates and compress months of tedious back-and-forth development conversations into three to six short weeks. Once the app is built, we will give you a thorough demonstration and walkthrough of the app so you can manage it easily on your own.

Custom App Development

All of the most stunning app designs start with a single idea. However, few people have the design skills or development experience to turn their ideas into reality. Fortunately the team at BuildFire is here for everyone who has an idea for a groundbreaking app plus the tools and talent to make it happen.

Thanks to BuildFire’s robust development platform and unique approach to app development, we’re able to deliver your app at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional development methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the total costs for publishing, besides a subscription plan?

In order to publish your Android app you'll need your own Google developer account. This is a one-time $25 fee to Google. In order to publish your iOS app you'll need your own Apple developer account. This is yearly fee of $99 paid to Apple.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel anytime! However, your payment is locked in place for the duration of your subscription (monthly or annual).

Can I publish with a free plan?

Our Free plan allows you to utilize our dashboard for designing and moderating your app's content. Also, the Free plan allows you to preview your app using our BuildFire Previewer (which you can download from Google Play or Preview right on your browser). It will give a great representation of your app when used on a mobile device. Once you're ready for us to submit the app to the App Store and Google Play, you would then need to sign up for a monthly subscription.