August Product Update

We’ve been working hard to bring you some incredible new features. Features that are sure to give you more insight into how users are utilizing your app and give you additional customization options for your app’s management, design, and accessibility.

Check it out below and let us know what you think 🙂

​Customize What Your Users See in Your Side Menu Based on Your Plugin’s Security Access Settings

We’ve created a new feature where you can choose to enable (make them visible and clickable), disable (make them visible but not clickable), or completely hide the features in your side menu based on your plugin’s security settings and your users’ tags. Want to learn more? Check out our updated Side Menu Tutorial article here.


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Advanced Plugin Analytics

As you saw on our last release, we added some new advanced analytics for push notifications. In this release, we’ve enhanced our Marketplace feature (aka plugin) analytics as well. You can now see how many people accessed a particular feature, who your top registered users are who accessed the plugin (how many times they accessed it), and even details about when they did so and on which type of device. Learn more about plugin analytics in our dedicated article here.

Note: Advanced plugin analytics are available under our Business plan, so be sure to upgrade if you haven’t already.

Publishing Information and UX Cleanup

We’ve made the publishing information even easier for you to fill out. For example, when you enter the store name and description for the App Store, it will automatically populate the Google Play information. Of course, if you want to still make the information distinct for each store, you can.

Choose the Stores to Which You Publish Your App

You now have the ability to determine whether you want to publish your app only to the App Store for iOS, only to Google Play for Android, or to both. Simply turn on or off the toggle next to that store and you’re good to go.

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The “Add New Feature” now includes all of the plugins in the Marketplace

Previously, when you clicked on “Add New Feature” in the side menu, folder, or other places, it would only show you Marketplace features you already had installed in your app. Not anymore! Now you can add all of the Marketplace features that are available to you in the Marketplace.


Default Domain for Custom Login Screen

In the last release, you learned all about how to customize your app’s login screen. In this release, we’ve added a feature in it where you can determine your domain. This comes in handy and makes it easier for your users for internal apps when they will all have the same email domain. For example, if you add your domain, then “” can login with just “cool.guy” since your domain will be automatically attached. Learn more about this feature in our side menu tutorial here.

Android 8 Push Notification Support

Google has released Android 8 and along with it a new way of making your app compatible with its Push Notifications. To help you ensure that all your Android 8 users are receiving your awesome notifications, we’ve put together a step-by-step article on how to set this up.

Developers can Include Custom Analytics with Advanced Analytics

By default, every Marketplace feature will include analytics for how many times it was accessed. If you’re creating a custom feature, however, you can add additional analytics to take it a step (or several steps, further. Check out our documentation on how to add analytics here.

In addition to the awesome features above, here are (some of) the new features we’re working on for you.

Push Notification App UX Cleanup

Push Notifications are a big part of why mobile apps are so successful, which is why we’re doing some awesome cleanup to the app side of our Push Notification experience.

Drip Push Notification Plugin

As all marketers know, drip messages are a great way to keep your users engaged, informed, and coming back for more. The Drip Notification feature will let you automatically send out push notifications, or a sequence of them, to users when they have been away from your app for a determined period of time.

Push Notification Plugin

Send Push Notifications on the go? Yes, please! You’ll soon be able to do exactly that.

Thanks again for choosing BuildFire! We’re excited to see how you implement these features to take your app to the next level.

Let’s continue to build something great together 🙂

Nic Hughart

Nic is the VP of Sales at BuildFire. He's a proven sales leader with 20+ years of experience in SMB, MM & ENT level sales markets, with more than a decade in the SaaS segment. Nic specializes in leadership, hiring, training, developing, and optimizing growing sales teams.