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Features / Plugins

Plugins are the individual features that make up your app, they only take one click to add but power all the features in your app.

For example: want to add videos to your app? Add the YouTube plugin and in an instant, your videos are ready to be viewed.

Choose plugins to add to your app from 3rd party developers in the marketplace, plugins built by BuildFire or create your own custom plugins for your app.




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Groups & Segmentation

Segment your users and group them into categories that make sense for you.

GeoFence Notifications

Reach users when they enter a targeted GeoFence area, pass your store, or come to an event.

Drip Notifications

Stay top of mind with automated drips that reach your users at just the right time.

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Manage and Tag Users

Activity-based user segments

Group users based on activities within your app such as engagement, number of sessions, and in-app purchases.

Lock and unlock features

Based off of user tags, show and hide content in the app. Have sensitive information only for admins or want to customize your experience per user? This is the perfect solution.

Message specifically tagged users

Segmented user groups means it’s easier to market to your users whenever you want, wherever they are.

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Make Your App Social

Your Own Social Network

Create a community and bring users together in your very own social network.

In-app messaging for users

Make it easy for users to send and receive messages right in the app.

Create Multiple Walls

Segment discussion or topics by creating multiple social walls in your app.

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Monetize Your App

In-app purchases

Users can easily and safely purchase directly in their app with just a few taps of their thumb.

eCommerce tools

Let your users browse your products and conveniently make purchases inside your app.

User security and privacy

Users will feel safe as their information is held securely and privately.

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Powerful Insights

App analytics

Get detailed data about users activities so you can always make informed decisions.

Push notification analytics

Know what’s working and what’s not with in depth push notification reporting. (coming soon)

Import, export and use your data

It’s easy to make smart decisions when you have the right data at your fingertips.

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Marketplace of Features

With our plugin marketplace you'll have tons of pre-built features to choose from to build your app.

The marketplace consists of features from 3rd party developers and BuildFire.

If there are any features you need that we don't offer, you have the option to create your own custom features or have us build them for you.

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Watch How Easy It Is To Build A Custom App.

Create robust apps with endless customization and unlimited features in a fraction of the time.


Build Custom Features For Your App With buildfire.js

With our robust mobile SDK (buildfire.js) you have the ability to build any custom feature you need for your app. For example: Need to tie into a custom database or want to create a new user interface? Well let your imagination run wild, ignite your ideas with BuildFire.

Learn more about BuildFire.js

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