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BuildFire Connect

Create robust experiences by extending or integrating any feature in your BuildFire app.

Integrate With Anything

Tie into systems you’re already using by integrating custom data sources, interacting with third party API’s, or by leveraging our huge suite of pre-built integrations.

Server to Server Communication

Integrations aren’t just limited to client side data, our server side API allows you to send simple or complex data from your system to ours.

buildfire.js - SDK

This is where all the magic happens. buildfire.js is a framework that allows javascript developers to develop on and extent the BuildFire Platform. Developers can use any of their favorite JS frameworks to create any form of custom functionality, tie into native device components or leverage our MBaaS for serverless functionality.

Our Plugins Are Open Source

The majority of plugins developed by us are MIT open source, available on our GitHub Page.

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iOS, Android & PWA

Unlimited customization