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Experience instant coaching tailored to your needs, combining success and self-care in one convenient place. With Haifa as your personal pocket coach, transform your love life, recover from setbacks, and achieve the results you desire.
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Be What Matters is a revolutionary coaching app that provides instant guidance on personal growth and well-being. 

With a focus on success and self-care, Be What Matters helps individuals bounce back from break-ups, reset their dating game, and create new results in life. Haifa, a personal pocket coach, is always available with just a tap, guiding users on their journey to success. 

The Power of Be Coaching

This unique app combines date coaching, lifestyle coaching, and self-care coaching to deliver holistic and lasting results. By offering features like an instant voice coach, self-care retreats, journaling, and monthly group expert coaching events, the app equips users with the resources to overcome dating challenges and transform their mindsets. Through this comprehensive approach, users can build fulfilling relationships and achieve a balanced and successful lifestyle. 

Your Personalized Coaching Journey

Be What Matters understands that personal development is a unique and ongoing journey. So the app allows users to choose from various coaching sections tailored to their specific goals.

Whether they prefer in-depth coaching sessions, quick two-to-five-minute boosts, or daily check-ins, the app empowers users to progress at their own pace. By letting go of negative patterns and embracing the coaching journey, users can improve their love life and overall lifestyle with the support of the app’s comprehensive resources. 

There are two membership options that cater to individual needs. The first option is a free self-care coaching program, providing valuable resources to enhance well-being. The second option is a subscription-based membership, which includes additional benefits such as dating coaching, break-up recovery, self-love coaching, and virtual self-care retreats.

Choose Your Path to Transformation

Subscribers enjoy one year of all-access content at the price of a one-hour coaching session. With the freedom to cancel anytime through their device, users can personalize their coaching experience and embark on a transformative journey. 

The app guides users to achieve their goals through a comprehensive approach that integrates key insights on human behavior, habit-forming practices, mindfulness, and real-world data. The app also includes music and relaxation exercises designed to soothe the mind and body, providing motivation, uplifting spirits, or promoting relaxation.