The Co-Founders app is a professional network that connects startups, entrepreneurs, advisors, and professionals. Our objective is to connect users to build business partnerships with each other to create the next generation of entrepreneurial products.
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Co-Founders is a professional networking mobile app that connects startups, entrepreneurs, advisors, and professionals—fostering business partnerships and driving entrepreneurial product development.

Users can sign up securely for free and access features like searching for members, joining group chats, attending lectures, and more. Maximize connections by pitching products, inviting support, and sharing portfolios. Approved profiles showcase expertise with images, videos, and company details.

Unleashing Networking Potential

Join Co-Founders to unlock your networking potential. Sign up free with email, Facebook, or Twitter. Explore the user directory, engage in group chats, and attend lectures. Connect with like-minded professionals to propel your business forward.

All of these features are available through the intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app.

Building the Future Together

Unlock collaboration power on Co-Founders and shape the future of entrepreneurship and create groundbreaking products.