“BuildFire has been fabulous. We were always on the same side of the table to accomplish goals together.”

Austin Anderson | Daylyy
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Client Background

Daylyy is a social media platform that’s the opposite of existing social channels. It’s a place for users to casually share pictures and videos in a daily content journal.

The company was founded by Austin and partner Bret. Austin has been on his startup journey for the past four years and is following the path of his entrepreneurial family. 

In terms of partnering for Daylyy, Austin and Bret are the perfect match. Austin handles the creative side of the project, and Bret focuses on the business side. “We are yin and yang,” Austin explains when describing the relationship.

Daylyy has been a work in progress for four years, and it’s taken several pivots along the way. It actually started as a college job platform, but people loved the social elements.

This presented Austin with a unique opportunity to change the way people use social media.

Reinventing Social Media

Existing social media channels have created a “fake world” for most users. People often associate their self-worth with followers and likes. This sometimes makes users feel really good about themselves, but other times makes them feel much worse.

Lots of social media users are fed up with the curated and unnatural fake universe we see across every current social platform.

These platforms only show the good aspects of someone’s world, but it’s not authentic and far from reality.

“Life is not a highlight reel,” Austin explains. “People are tired of fake happiness, fake content, and fake filters.”

Post More, Worry Less

Daylyy is a social timeline of your life. It’s not just about your best accomplishments or perfect vacation photos—it includes all of the small and big moments of your day.

“Daylyy is about the journey,” Austin explains.

It gives users the chance to share authentic and unfiltered content in real-time. They don’t have to worry about feeling like their posts are flashy, showy, and braggy. You cannot upload photos with Daylyy—you must take pictures or videos in the app. This means it’s impossible to add filters, stage an event, or be anything other than authentic.

Posting content on a Daylyy isn’t about fitting in or standing out. It's about showing your authentic self online.

Unlike other social platforms, Daylyy doesn’t offer public comments either. Instead, they facilitate private conversations between the user and poster.

Daylyy gives its users a chance to feel good about events in their lives without worrying about how others might judge the post.

The Daylyy Mobile App

Just days into launch, this new take on social media is already in seven different countries through organic downloads.

The feedback has been tremendous. The team is getting in-app messages and reviews from users saying that the essence of Daylyy is resonating with them.

Daylyy is built for global compliance so they can take things international moving forward. That’s also why they created an Android version of the app to appeal to users outside of the US.

They have plans to add language variations in the near future, making the app even more accessible to different users. With that said, Austin and Bret aren’t planning to add any complicated or new features anytime soon. They just want to offer a simple learning curve for posting in the moment. “We zig with others zag,” says Austin.

When asked about working with BuildFire to create Daylyy, Austin had nothing but great things to say.

“BuildFire has been fabulous. Romero [at BuildFire] felt like a key team member—an extension of the team. We were always on the same side of the table to accomplish goals together. Romero was a true advocate for bringing our vision to life.”