“I would definitely recommend BuildFire to anyone who needs a mobile app solution, and the team there is great. They jumped in and got me trained up, showed me the ropes, and we’ve been moving ever since. We’re definitely excited to be part of the BuildFire family.”

— Sabeina Harris | Founder, Inspire U Mobile Apps

Client Background

Sabeina Harris is a business and branding strategist. She’s had a successful career as a marketing consultant.

Over the years, Sabeina has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes with marketing campaign development, project management, business analytics, brand awareness, and so much more. She’s even worked with large organizations like Wingstop and Heineken.

From small to large businesses, Sabeina has seen it all. She understands what it takes to boost sales and increase market share for companies across a wide range of industries.

In short, Sabeina advises business owners and teaches them how to get more money.

Recognizing a New Opportunity

Sabeina had several clients that were looking for mobile app solutions. Those clients spoke to developers but ultimately couldn’t afford the price quotes they were getting.

There were some cheaper solutions on the market, but the lower price points seemed to mirror low quality.

To help her clients, Sabeina started to conduct some research on her own. In an interview, Sabeina shares her thought process. “How can I help my clients by providing them with an affordable but solid option for mobile app development?”

She continues by saying, “The biggest problem I was trying to solve was the ability to provide small business owners with the opportunity to create a mobile app that could be downloaded on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.”

With years of experience working directly with business owners, Sabeina understands the struggles that smaller organizations are faced with. “Lots of small business owners don’t have $10,000 or $15,000 to build an app.”

After seeking various ways to bridge the affordability gap for her clients, Sabeina stumbled upon BuildFire.

The Path to Becoming a White Label Reseller

At first, Sabeina thought that BuildFire would be a viable solution to help out a few of her clients. But then she discovered BuildFire’s reseller program.

“I ran across BuildFire and started talking to the team. Initially, I thought this would be a good solution for the two or three clients I had that needed an app. Then I discovered the white labeling program and realized this was a service that I would love to offer.” Sabeina explains.

The white label reseller program solved Sabeina’s problem. This was a way for her to offer affordable mobile app development services to her existing clients and new prospects alike.

When asked why she chose BuildFire’s white label program compared to alternatives on the market, Sabeina didn’t hesitate with her answer.

“The thing that I loved about BuildFire was its ease of use. I have the ability to open this open to clients so that they can manage and update their own apps. Since it’s all self-managed, it doesn’t necessarily require me and my team to do everything each step of the way.”

She continues explaining how BuildFire provides her with the resources and tools required to succeed. “Once I talked to the team at BuildFire, it seemed like they had a very entrepreneurial spirit, which is something that was important to me. They’re not so big that they forgot what it feels like to be a small company. So that was something that made me select BuildFire over the competition.”

Inspire U Mobile Apps

After selecting BuildFire’s solution to run her reseller program, Inspire U Mobile Apps was born.

The new mobile app development service started by running beta tests with about ten people. This allowed Sabeina and her team to figure out how the process works, how long it takes to build an app, and all the steps required.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for Inspire U Mobile Apps skyrocketed. Restaurants were seeking mobile apps to facilitate to-go orders and curbside pickups. Retailers were searching for ways to build an app for mobile sales. Countless small businesses were trying to adapt to ever-changing needs.

What started as a search to help a few clients find an affordable way to develop an app has turned into a full-blown business for Sabeina and her team. Inspire U Mobile Apps already has 50+ apps pending for the upcoming year. “It’s really grown and taken off,” Sabeina explains.

Her clients love the service as well. When discussing one client in particular, she continues saying, “From day one of launching, they had over 1,000 subscribers. They’ve just been blown away by the level of ease for making updates, making changes, and seeing the analytics of their app compared to what they were using prior.”

The fast growth of Inspire U Mobile Apps is showing no signs of slowing down in the near future. In fact, Sabeina plans to continue expanding her services.

“We’ve gotten more and more requests for 100% custom apps. So I’m excited to partner with BuildFire and start leaning on their team to create and build these custom projects.”

Overall, recognizing the demand for affordable app development has been a success, but it was all reliant on finding the right mobile app reseller program.

“I would definitely recommend BuildFire to anyone who needs a mobile app solution, and the team there is great. They jumped in and got me trained up, showed me the ropes, and we’ve been moving ever since. We’re definitely excited to be part of the BuildFire family.”