Mindful MVMT

The aim of this app is to empower ALL individuals around the globe with education and tools to help them manage their musculoskeletal-related pains to take control of their pain.
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Mindful MVMT is an app designed to empower individuals worldwide with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage musculoskeletal-related pains. The app provides education on different types of musculoskeletal pain and their impact on users—offering methods to lower pain reactivity and explore movement without fear. 

By understanding their pain and taking control of it, users can regain control over their lives.

Facilitators, Accountability, and In-Person Therapy

In addition to pain management and movement exploration methods, Mindful MVMT offers facilitators to provide even more relief. For those seeking accountability or in-person therapy, the app can be used to schedule appointments and follow-ups in the user's region. 

Users have the flexibility to choose the level of support they need and access professional assistance if desired. 

Connecting Users and Clinicians for Community Support

Mindful MVMT includes a feature called "Find Your Therapist" that enables users to search for local clinicians who can help them manage their pain in person. Clinicians have the opportunity to be part of this directory for a nominal fee, gaining access to a new demographic of potential clients. 

Additionally, the app offers a social connect feature, allowing users to connect with others who are facing similar challenges. This community support helps users find understanding and build relationships with people worldwide who can relate to their experiences.