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Dance training you control. MOOD is a training and lifestyle app for Contemporary dancers where the content of the class is controlled by the user.
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Company Profile

MOOD is an innovative dance training and lifestyle app that puts the power of control in the hands of contemporary dancers. Founded by Jodie Blemings, choreographer and artistic director of Chrysalis London, the company aims to provide dance professionals, students, teachers, and practitioners aged 16 and over with a platform to access training anytime, anywhere. 

MOOD is a place where dancers can take charge of their training, adapting it to their level, environment, requirements, or just whatever mood they’re in that day. 

Unleash Your Creativity

At MOOD, dancers are encouraged to explore their creative potential. The app's key feature, "Create A Mood," empowers users to construct their own contemporary dance classes from a vast library of over 100 exercises. 

Whether dancers are looking to refine advanced techniques or build a solid foundation from the ground up, MOOD provides the tools and resources necessary to support their artistic journey. 

Personalized Training Experience

Every dancer is unique, and MOOD recognizes this diversity. With the app, dancers can personalize their training experience according to their specific needs, preferences, and skill levels. 

From professional studios to homes or on the move, MOOD offers a comprehensive selection of exercises and routines that cater to various dance styles and proficiency levels. 

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Gone are the days of rigid class schedules and limited access to dance training. MOOD ensures that dancers can access high-quality instruction at their convenience. 

With the app available 24/7, dancers can embrace the freedom to engage in dance sessions whenever inspiration strikes, whether it be in the morning for an energizing start to the day or in the evening to wind down.