"The financial part was a great deal but it also accomplished new communication channels between departments. Managers from different countries that, because of the app and the program, got to know each other and kept communicating best practices."

Jose Luis Suarez |Global HR Director, Praxair

Client Profile



Directly Saved on Associated Training Costs




Faster Turnaround Time than
Traditional Development




International Offices Connected Through New Communication


Largest industrial gases company in North America

Praxair is a multinational organization based in the United States with over 40,000 employees across 50 offices worldwide.

Client Requirements And Challenges

A Better Way for Managers to Learn and Communicate

Praxair’s leadership team for the Asia region needed to improve communication, especially for managers and their teams. There was virtually no community across regions and minimal collaboration. Also, resources were wasted by duplicating efforts instead of sharing best practices. Praxair wanted to create a centralized interface that facilitated the transfer of information on multiple levels.

The BuildFire Solution

Custom mobile app for training managers and communicating across regions

  1. BuildFire created a mobile application designed to connect Praxair leadership and managers in the Asia region.
  2. The solution included BuildFire’s intuitive dashboard, enabling app administrators to segment and manage users, update content in real-time, and send targeted push notifications to increase user engagement — all without requiring any technical background by app administrators.
  3. Praxair’s mobile app included a wide array of functionality — leadership development, training, learning, webinars, employee information, company news, social features to build community and analytics to track engagement.
  4. Praxair’s mobile app encompassed four benefits present in all of BuildFire’s custom mobile apps — client support, fast turnaround, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

The Results

$480,000 saved in eight months and seven global offices connected

Two early positive outcomes: BuildFire helped Praxair to save $480,000 in eight months by cutting down on associated training costs. Praxair was able to build a community across seven offices that previously had few connections with each other.

The project with Praxair demonstrates how BuildFire clients can easily and quickly use our platform to innovate, prototype and make changes in real-time. With BuildFire as a partner, deploying an innovative mobile app helped Praxair reduce both financial and time commitments. As a result, Praxair is in the process of building a third and fourth app with BuildFire.