November 2021 Release Notes

Here’s the latest platform update straight from the BuildFire product team:

Logbook — NEW Premium Feature

  • Previously known as our Journal plugin, we renamed this feature when deploying the latest updates
  • This allows app users to log their daily moods, activities, thoughts, and notes
  • Great for driving user engagement

Media Center Manual

  • This plugin goes hand-in-hand with Media Center Manual Playlist
  • Added a setting for admins to show/hide “Add All to Playlist” button when connected to Media Center Manual Playlist
  • Updated designs for “Add All to Playlist” and “Go to Playlist” buttons
  • Added “Play All” button, which starts playing the first item at the top of the playlist

Seminar and Lecture Notes

  • Allow admin to lock seminars, which users can unlock sequentially after a pre-set delay
  • Improved UX
  • Cleaned up UI

Image Library

  • Improved UX
  • Cleaned up UI
  • Follow Standards


  • Added options for customizing iOS safe area
  • Facelift to the control panel UI


  • Improved UX
  • Cleaned up UI
  • Follow standards

User Profile Action Folder

  • Fixed top safe area on iOS

Review and Approve – Premium Feature

  • Speed and performance enhancements
  • Push notifications deep linking to submissions
  • All strings now configurable in the plugin’s Language tab


  • Responsive design for tablet and mobile
  • Works with BuildFire Image Lib
  • Works with BuildFire Buttons
  • Ability to insert layouts
  • Ability to edit layout
  • Ability to copy layout
  • Ability to delete layout

Misc. Bug Fixes

  • Removed white line that was showing above the Nav Bar
  • Fixed “Input Dialog” — portion that was covered by iOS keyboard

Developer Updates and Enhancements

  • SDK eSignature enhancements
  • Improvements to the BuildFire Stripe SDK (add on charge, purchase, subscribe, and ability to enable automatic taxes)
  • Aggregation — Feature on Datastore for appData, userDate, and public Data. Service where developer can easily use it for data processing within a collection. Get analysis results like total number of documents, sum, average, max values, min values, etc.
  • CP navigate to tab — Provide users a way to navigate the CP’s tabs through the SDK, with ability to pass deep linking data

Add option to set manual or auto height of Drawer component