Manage and Build Custom Mobile Apps Faster and Easier

Low code. No hassle. The BuildFire Way.

So you have an idea for a mobile app…

How do you turn it into reality?

Group 30 Created with Sketch. You Build and Maintain Time Consuming and Expensive Idea! Swift/Java Servers Image CDN Authentication Data Storage User Management Push Notifications Analytics Admin Dashboard Mobile App With BuildFire Streamlined Without the Headaches Idea! buildfire.js BuildFire MBass Mobile App Up to 90% faster. vs

Many of the features you need for your app are already developed

Instantly add plugins / features to your app

Leverage thousands of features created by BuildFire and third party developers.

Develop your own features with our SDK

Use languages you know and love to develop your own unique features, use them in your app or sell them to 300k+ users on our Marketplace

Grow and thrive

Build as big and complex of a mobile app as you want. You'll always have plenty of space to grow.

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Our platform. Every operating system.

Simultaneous iOS, Android and PWA development

Build for both platform at the same time.

Future-proof functionality with Progressive Web Apps

PWAs might be the future of the mobile world. Make sure you're not left behind.

No need to worry about OS updates every year

Each time there is an new OS release, we're already on top of it. Ensuring your app will always be running.

User-friendly dashboard

Drag-and-drop Plugins

Point and click to add one of our 100s of plugins.

Dynamic Interactions

Watch your app come together in real time, with real results.

Instructional Videos

Get detailed help on how to make the most of your app.

Serverless architecture eliminates backend pains in the MBass

(Mobile Backend As A System)


Organize and deploy your content from a single interface.


Our backend services manages server side infrastructure so you don’t have to.


Effortlessly retrieve user identity and manage sessions.


Track plugin views and user actions for export and analysis.

User Management

Save and retrieve all user data without maintaining a separate database.

Push Notifications

Keep your users updated and engaged with our integrated Push Notifications.


Distribute focused content to users across multiple apps and devices.

Image Hosting & Manipulation

Leverage our internal graphic software to accelerate content management and distribution.

Over The Air Updates

Reduce impact on users with convenient updates without the need for approval in the app store.

That's how BuildFire enabled thousands of people to create apps
faster, better, and easier than they ever thought possible.

You could be next.