BuildFire Q2 Release Notes – 2021

Here’s a closer look at what our product development team and software engineers have been working on during the second quarter of the year.

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Plugin Enhancements and Updates

Community Wall

  • Enhanced the ability for admins to ban users
  • Enhanced the way that users report posts to the admin 
  • Allow the Admin to enable or disable automatic subscription to Community Wall push notifications

Media Center Manual

  • Added deep linking support so admins can navigate users to specific media (audio and video) from an action item or push notification
  • Added support for updated Dropbox links
  • Facelifted Media Center Manual’s BuildFire control panel settings
  • Added a “Play all” button to auto-play next functionality for audio files
  • Fixed the share button
  • Allow admins to sort items alphabetically
  • Automatically save the last listening position even after closing the app
  • Added a language tab for increased wording customizability 

User Directory

  • Added the ability for admins to show or hide email and phone number of users
  • Updated the integration between User Directory and Community Wall 

Places 2.0

  • Added the ability for the admin to change units from imperial to metric (kilometers vs. miles) for global support
  • Enhanced deep linking to allow admins to quickly and easily deep link into specific location detail pages from action items and push notifications

Free Text Questionnaire and Free Text Questionnaire – Geolocation

  • Allow admin to toggle on or off required login (users can now answer questions without logging in)
  • New Language tab for increased configurability
  • Added a new question type: Location. Users can provide a location as an answer to a question by typing an address, providing their current location, or dragging-and-dropping a pin on a map

Dynamic List

  • Allow admin to sort items alphabetically 
  • Updated the integration with Community Wall 

Coupons and Deals

  • Enhanced deep linking to allow admins to quickly and easily deep link into specific coupon detail pages from action items and push notifications


  • Enhanced deep linking to allow admins to quickly and easily deep link into specific people detail pages from action items and push notifications

Weight Tracker

  • Added a language tab for increased configurability

Other Product Updates and Enhancements

  • Enhanced Android APK delivery automation 
  • Added app icon transparency for Android
  • Added new splash screen design with loading screen previewer to show different devices
  • Updated iBeacon Google Play Permission Declaration
  • Updated declared permissions and in-app disclosures for Google Play policy
  • Enhanced show/hide password icon visibility
  • Created a new reports page for white label users (view canceled apps, pending requests, and revoked cancellation apps)
  • Added a customizable access code placeholder 
  • Fixed compatibilities with release of iPhone 12
  • Added support to handle apps with two signing passwords during the publishing process
  • Enhanced the UX/UI of the marketplace
  • Reduced several friction points for building an app
  • Improved ability to search for features by name or feature type
  • Enhanced change password feature

Updates For Developers

  • Updated the BuildFire SDK which can be found at
  • Created a new feature diagnostic tool enabled when dev mode is turned on (used for diagnosing features, checking what’s enabled, diagnosing native plugins, retrieving plugin versions, running tests, viewing logs, and more)
  • Updated in-app dialogs
  • New drawer component
  • Facelift, bug fixes, and enhancements to rating component

Updated Marketplace Icons

  • Community wall
  • Media Center Manual
  • Contact Us
  • Media Center RSS Feed
  • On Demand
  • Share App
  • Events Feed
  • On The Go Push
  • Home Page Grid Layout
  • Places 2.0

Updated Knowledge Base Articles Linked to Marketplace Plugins

  • Free Text Questionnaire
  • Free Text Questionnaire – Geolocation
  • Action Items Folder
  • Weather
  • Shopify 2.0
  • Menu Order System
  • Container Folder
  • WebView
  • User Directory
  • Catalog and Promote Folder
  • Digital Member ID
  • QR Scanner
  • File Manage
  • Flashcards
  • Purchase Order System
  • Dynamic List
  • Document Manager Lite
  • Drip Notification
  • Document Manager Stats
  • Customer Feedback
  • Weight Tracker
  • Up Vote
  • On Demand
  • Card Manager
  • User Profile Action Folder

Nic Hughart

Nic is the VP of Sales at BuildFire. He's a proven sales leader with 20+ years of experience in SMB, MM & ENT level sales markets, with more than a decade in the SaaS segment. Nic specializes in leadership, hiring, training, developing, and optimizing growing sales teams.