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Uncover deep insights about your users with powerful app analytics.

Push Notification Analytics

Push Notifications are one of the most effective communication channels available today. With our Push Notification analytics you’ll be able to see exactly how your notifications are performing and how effective your messaging is.

  • How many devices your notification was sent to.
  • How many people opened your notification.
  • See who opened your notification.
  • Uncover how many people took an action from your notification.

App Analytics

See everything that’s happening in your app right in BuildFire Dashboard or utilize your favorite analytics tools for deepest level of insight.

  • Track downloads
  • Measure plugin usage
  • See how many users register
  • Discover how often people return to your app
  • Find out what drives action

User Activity Feed

Pull up any user to see a historical log of all their actions inside the app. This can be useful to see how people are using your app or making sure particular people take action if you have an internal business app.

User Segmentation

Easily group and segment users by permissions, activity and behavior.

  • Find out who your most valuable users are
  • Understand what user behavior is driving results
  • Create unique experiences for each user group

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