BuildFire 3.0 Is Here!

Welcome to BuildFire 3.0!

We’ve worked hard to make the world’s best app building platform even better.

So what’s new? I’m glad you asked 🙂

CP Redesign

With BuildFire 3.0’s improved intuitive interface, you can now spend less time in the control panel and more time engaging your users. We’ve added several new features to give you more customization and have enhanced the user experience to make building and managing apps even easier.

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Plugin Marketplace

What sets BuildFire 3.0 apart is the Marketplace; a worldwide ecosystem of developers, DIYers, and resellers all working together to crowdsource real solutions to common problems. Over time, you’ll continue to see more developers take part to provide even more solutions.

In fact, if you’re developer with a great idea for a plugin, just download BuildFire’s new SDK, code it up with languages you already know, and submit it to our marketplace where millions of users can include it in their apps.

Media Library Photo Editing

You can now speed up your graphical management and editing process with BuildFire 3.0’s native and embedded image editor, where you can drop them right into the system and edit, enhance colors, adjust lighting, add custom text, and much more.

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Feature (Plugin) Duplication

You can now instantly copy each feature (aka plugin) as many times as you’d like to build and manage your app that much faster.

Design Enhancements

One of the most exciting improvements of BuildFire 3.0 from an aesthetics and app user experience standpoint is our completely updated design feature set including over 50 new modern and popular fonts.

Side and Footer Menu

We’ve revamped our side menu to make it more user-friendly and include design options such as positioning, icon selection, and more.

We’ve also added a “sticky” footer menu so that you can give your users different navigation options.

Progressive Web Apps

The way your clients access your apps is changing for the better.  Skip the app store completely and deliver your app directly to your users with a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs provide the look and feel of native apps, but are easier for users to access, are more reliable, and have higher engagement.


We’re excited to get this in your hands (literally) and would love to hear what you think!

Nic Hughart

Nic is the VP of Sales at BuildFire. He's a proven sales leader with 20+ years of experience in SMB, MM & ENT level sales markets, with more than a decade in the SaaS segment. Nic specializes in leadership, hiring, training, developing, and optimizing growing sales teams.