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5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales with Your Business App

The halls are decked and everybody’s excited to spend.

Are you prepared to cash in on the holiday cheer?

Gallup reported that Americans are planning to spend an average of $830 on gifts this Christmas season.

That’s not counting other holiday treats like travel, entertainment, decorations and food.

Although lines will be long in shops left and right, it’s good to know that 43 percent of the spending will be done online, either on websites or on mobile.

Even with these numbers, it’s not surprising that a lot of business owners are content with just having a business app as another point of sale. The potential of apps in generating more sales for the holidays is severely neglected.

If you’re just realizing this, don’t worry.

Here are five ways to rake in holiday sales using your business app.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t just leave money on the table by not leveraging your app’s earning potential.

Get that Christmas season revenue bump. Choose one or more of these techniques and get a share of the holiday cheer.

Promos + push notifications + in-app messaging

Capture some of that euphoric holiday spending by reinforcing it with messaging. Use your app’s push notification feature to send reminders that the holidays are nearing (aka. spending season is here).

Sure, being there when they remember that gift they want to get their Aunt Helen is great.

But why don’t you give them more reasons to spend? Why don’t you give them reasons to buy from you?

The holiday season is the perfect time to implement a promotional campaign and use push notifications to bring the message to your app users.

Consider a Daily Deals promo that’s aligned with the season. Daily deals are promotions that could include discounts, freebies, coupons and other incentives that are offered only for one day.

Why are daily deals awesome?

  • Everybody likes a promo.
  • It provokes #FOMO or the fear of missing out.
  • It reinforces your app as a point of sale which users may have missed (especially for business apps that serve more than one purpose).

Some ideas:

  • Twelve days of Christmas
  • Countdown to the New Year
  • Santa’s 9 Reindeer Promo

Make sure you advertise this promotion in-store so you hit two birds with one stone. They remember your promos and buy from you come the holiday rush, and you get more app downloads.

Use targeted Facebook ads to drive traffic to the app

Okay, so this is not within your app. But hear this out: use your social media pages to drive sales both in-app and in-store.

As you know, everyone— and your uncle—is on Facebook. Why not sell to them?

Since people are already on their phones, it’s easier to entice them to a point of sale and check out their purchases. When you have purchasing options inside your app like Shopify integration, selling to mobile users is quick and not interruptive.

Your existing app users are very likely to be on the social network, and Facebook has made it easier to get to them. Engagement/Conversion ads target your existing users to perform an action inside your app. It can be just to open it, or in this case, participate in a promotion or make a purchase.

For your customers who have liked your Facebook page but haven’t downloaded your app yet, Facebook also runs ad install campaigns for you. They also rolled-out a new targeting feature where you can show your ads to people who post about the holidays through laser-target keywords.

Don’t know where to start?

Here’s a foolproof holiday checklist for you:

☐ Dress up your Facebook page for the holidays. Change your cover photo and dish-out holiday inspired content.

☐ Post teasers for your upcoming holiday promotions using engaging photos and text.

☐ Draw-up a holiday promo campaign that drives sales both in-store and in-app.

☐ Run an engagement ad campaign through Facebook adverts. Entice users to buy in-app through techniques like in-app coupon codes and special in-app discounts.

☐ Run an incentivized app install campaign. Discounts for first purchases in-app, and in-store discounts for every app download are good ideas.
☐ Advertise app and in-app promos at your brick-and-mortar store.

Facebook says that immensely successful campaigns are those that were planned months ahead—but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late. Put time and effort into your social media campaign for the holidays.

Facebook also put together this detailed manual on how to launch a successful holiday campaign.

Don’t treat driving sales through social media as a bonus feature of your marketing plans. Don’t treat it as an afterthought. 

Optimize app speed for the holiday rush

What’s the top culprit for abandoned carts?


It could be a lag in app speed or an interruption in the user experience.

Whichever the case, users want to shop fast. And, that is in your best interest.

You want them to check-out as quick as possible. Especially with the holiday rush, people are indulging themselves and you want to get a slice of their impulse purchases before they change their minds.

You will be experiencing more app traffic when the holidays go full-swing.

This past Thanksgiving, there were more purchases made in apps and on mobile sites than websites! This year, Adobe’s research reported that business should expect more online (mobile, in-app and website) purchases than in-store transactions.

Bottom line is, you have to be ready for the influx of buyers—else, you’ll be losing out on sales.

It may be a struggle to find out where you can cut corners and speed up your app. You would want to have all your products listed in it. With the promos coming on for the holidays, a little more than a few screens must be added.

But for sure, even with these adjustments, the rule stays. The fewer taps it takes to get to check-out, the better.

It’s tough to iron out—but it is vital.

Buyers definitely do not want to be kept waiting just for pages to load or go through a maze just to make a purchase. They want a smooth, streamlined experience where their intent is matched by the interface.

Reviewing your app’s interface is something that’s crucial for year-round operations. If you haven’t, then this is the perfect time to do so.

Although, you may want to postpone plans of a major overhaul that may render apps unusable for a period—you might miss out on the holiday season revenue altogether.

Check with your app builder. It’s easier these days since drag-and-drop app builders allow you to map out screens and implement them straight away without having to code.

Provide a holiday-themed app experience

Bring out the bells and whistles for the season. Deck out your app with yule inspirations.

Use imagery

Wherever possible, use holiday-inspired imagery: mistletoes, pine trees, Santa hats, candy cane—you won’t run out of ideas.

And that’s exactly where the challenge lies. There are so many things you can sprinkle around your app to give it that holiday feel, but overdoing it can also hurt your sales.

The main goal is to connect with your users and share that holiday spirit. Of course, alongside the yuletide is a bit of merry-making so you want to emphasize that too to drive sales.


Inject season-inspired creativity into your copy

Use song lyrics, holiday buzzwords, and all the typical phrases associated with the season. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this. Make it a light-hearted component of your app experience. You can incorporate this into your push notifications and in-app messaging.

Don’t go overboard.

Of course, for both images and copy, do it tastefully. It’s easy to overdo the design for your app’s screens.

Ensure that the main stage is kept clean for the products you’re selling.


Plan for the post-holiday rush

Keep your customers engaged even after the holidays.

The weeks following the holidays present a chance for you to keep raking in sales and continue engaging with your customers. It’s the new year, and people are eager to spend and try new things.

For many, the new year means resolutions and getting into new hobbies and interests. Cash-in on this mentality by reaching out and continuing your holiday campaign with adjustments on the tone and messaging.


Your customers and their holiday gift recipients are likely eager to hear about additions to what they bought or ways to enhance their new possessions. Some might even have leftover gift cards they weren’t able to consume during the holidays.

Entice new customers, new app users

The most popular holiday gifts year after year definitely include mobile phones.

Just this past quarter, Statista reported over 150 million Samsung phones and over 45 million Apple handsets sold worldwide.

Imagine what those numbers will get to with the holiday rush!

So, whatever location you cater to, surely there’ll be excited new mobile phone owners waiting to fill their devices with the best apps around. New installs always mean more opportunities to put your message and promotion in front of an audience. Run app install campaigns, in-store app marketing and other techniques.

It’s a longer-haul, but growing your user-base can only do you good.

Final notes

The holidays is a great time to connect with family and friends. For businesses, it is a time to get to know your customers better by understanding what they need and how to reach them. In a time of cheer and celebrating, make sure that you are there with them, basking in the season while growing your business too.

These techniques are easy to follow, but you have to be persistent and implement your plans well. Many businesses experience breakthroughs during the end of the year. This could be your chance to push your business much further.

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