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10 Tips to Get Your Brand Listed on Top Lists

Getting your brand listed in top lists is an excellent way of increasing popularity. But what can you do to get there? It is all about drawing the right people’s attention. Today’s massive information flow makes it hard to stand out. If you want to get on top lists and stay there, you must make a constant effort. Here are 10 tips to help your brand get to higher ranks.


1. Focus On Your Destination

The first thing you need to focus on is your destination. You need to know where you are heading. Take the time to do a proper research and select those lists that interest you the most. It’s not about finding your name in several tops. It is more about being in the right category. You are not the only one who needs to get ranked. You also get to evaluate the official lists and decide which are the best.

Here are some criteria to ease your analysis:


Relevant tops are those that most people appeal to. You need to get your brand mentioned on lists that are constantly viewed by thousands of visitors. Try to figure out how popular they really are. Look at how many comments they get, search them on social media and check their position on Google pages.


The lists you need to put your name on must be authoritative. This means that they should be a trustful source. If there is a lot of research and relevant arguments behind that list, it’s reasonable to want your name on it.


2. Make A Top of Your Targeted Lists

Now that you have a clear vision of your favorite lists, it’s time to organize them. After a thorough analysis, you are well in your right to state your preferences. Make a top of the most appealing lists you want your brand to be on. This will help you plan future steps. It might take some time and effort to get there, so you need to prioritize. Select 3 to 5 names and focus on them first. Starting with the best lists can really ease your job in the long term. If you get accepted on those lists, many others will follow their example and will also include your brand. It will ensure credibility, and then the whole process will flow organically.


3. Try to Approach the Authors

Most business owners don’t consider this possibility. It is a matter of personal choice. You can either wait until you get listed or deliberately approach the authors and ask them to rank you. This might seem too pushy, but it’s a chance worth taking. This strategy works well with entrepreneurs who have an objective point of view of their niche. It’s easy to consider your business a success from the start, because you’ve put work in it and you expect people to appreciate it, but today there aren’t many niches that are left uncovered and competition is fierce. Contacting authors eases the process of getting recognized, because changes are that if you don’t pitch them, they won’t hear about your brand. Try to reach out to the tops’ authors and state your intention. Invite them to check out your brand and politely suggest them to consider including it in their selection. Be sure to emphasize on your strengths and why your brand is different from others in your niche.  To increase your chances, refer their top in one of your recent posts. It will show your commitment to their judgment.

While waiting for their answer, focus on your marketing plan. There are several strategies you can implement to increase your popularity and get listed.


4. Work on Your Customer Feedback

There are authors that simply rely on their own expertise when they post tops. Many others simply collect ideas from several different lists and come up with their own rank. However, the most thorough authors will also look at customer’s feedback before making up their mind. Therefore, you must make sure there is plenty positive feedback on your brand. This means you must make people talk about your business. Invite them to post comments and share their opinion on your products.

Another great strategy is posting several customer feedback surveys. These are relevant sources, and can be enhanced by following the examples of a few companies and offering incentives. Then, draw more attention by sharing some of the results and how they helped you improve your business.  Also, you can include review systems on your products and a testimonial page. Make that the people who leave testimonials have a change to upload a photo and state their real name. This will increase you credibility in the eyes of potential customers, as well as the authors you’ll be pitching.


5. Have an up to Date Web Page

Your web page is the first impression people get when they check your brand online. Even if you are not running an online business, an up to date site is mandatory. If you currently have a website that looks as if it was launched 10 years ago, make some adjustments. You don’t want your prospects to leave your page because it is not user-friendly, too plain, or doesn’t load immediately. People might spend less than 2 minutes before deciding whether they’ll continue to navigate your site or not.

So, there is little time for you to engage them. You must make your page interactive and interesting. Use plenty suggestive images, effects, and videos that will draw visitor’s attention and convince them to stay.

You should focus on creating intuitive and exciting landing pages that will engage the customers in wanting to learn more about your brand and products. You should make sure that you website has great navigability, with every page beaning available at no more than three clicks away. Emphasize on great visuals such as custom banners, infographics and take full advantage of video.


6. Take Advantage of Social Media

Learn how to leverage social media channels. Nowadays everyone is out there posting comments and photos on social sites. This is the place to be if you want to get included in authoritative tops. You should strengthen your social media presence by posting on several channels. Having a Facebook page is a must, but you should also go on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and even SnapChat, if you think your business can profit from it. Post regular content that advertises your products or simply relates to them through relevant information. Also, make sure that you post relevant content that applies to the format of the social network you’re using in order to maintain and improve user experience. You should keep in mind that using social media to promote your brand has certain rules. The most important rule to craft you advertising efforts by is that social media is where your audience is, but they’re not there for you. So, try by all means not to be intrusive, not to promote yourself excessively, but try to offer value.

Another useful strategy is using videos. People are sometimes more inclined to watch a short video than reading an article. On Facebook, you can frequently post and share videos to boost engagement.

One last thought, ask everyone to share. It is vital to get in touch with as many people as you can and nowadays this happens mainly on social media.

7. Post Enough Content

Your company must become an active presence on top social media platforms. How do you achieve this? You should write enough content on a regular basis. No matter where you post it, make sure you do this weekly. The recommended average is around 4 posts a week. Reviewers need to see you are involved in what is going on out there. Of course, they also expect you to show you’re knowledgeable.

This means that all your content is relevant for your domain. Your blog posts, for example, should focus on topics and offer practical solutions. The same goes for the videos you post. You might want to share a tutorial that promotes your brand. It’s a good idea, but make sure it is also useful. Offer valuable content, don’t add more spam to the web.  The key is to be on all mediums, but only if you believe in it. For some entrepreneurs, having an online presence is a hard task to follow, and the result isn’t positive and anyone can see that they’re there just because marketing rules tell them to be. Nowadays, there are content strategies available for every type of business. Even an apparently boring B2B niche can take advantage of social media and content marketing.


8. Make It SEO Compliant

This topic has been haunting digital marketing for a good while. Don’t worry if you don’t have an entire marketing team by your side. It is not rocket science to understand what SEO is. If you are already familiarized with blogging and social media, here are some basic principles you should also keep in mind:

  • Keywords: they help people find a specific topic. Relevant keywords will rank your content better on Google results. So, choose the best keywords that fit your business profile, that have a high search volume and optimize your content accordingly.
  • Link building: Gaining links from high authority sites that are relevant to your niche will boost clients (and reviewer’s) trust. Links are a vote of confidence and they will also help you rank better for various keywords, get referral traffic and many more advantages.  The main link building strategies focus around creating guest post, profile links, syndicated content, and comments. Be sure to stay away from directories and spammy websites, because you might get a penalty from Google and your rankings will drop.
  • Don’t over optimize: over-optimization makes your content unattractive and hard to follow. Don’t forget that you’re writing for humans, not for search engine tools. Google has perfected its search algorithms with the inclusion of Rank Brain and Hummingbird. These algorithms use A.I. and conversational search to provide better results. So, you can stay away from keyword stuffing techniques and can focus on providing relevant information to your readers.


9. Become a Public Figure

All your marketing efforts aim at one goal: increasing brand awareness. It is important to become a constant presence on social media, but you should follow the same tendency offline as well. This will increase your chances to get ranked in top lists. If you drew authors’ attention online, they will want to find out more about your activity.

It is important to promote your business at various public events. You could participate in fairs and symposiums. Make sure you let everyone know you were there by posting photos and reviews. Making donations at a fundraising can also help you gain notoriety. This is a good chance to find your name in tomorrow’s newspaper and get more credit.


10. Use Traditional Marketing as Well

Online marketing is the most common way to promote your brand nowadays because it’s fast and affordable. However, traditional marketing like print media, television or radio advertising still stand strong. Most people appeal to both online and traditional media channels, so make sure your name is mentioned in both environments. Relevant lists usually include names that also have references in newspapers or magazines. If you can afford a TV add or have the chance to attend a TV show, do it. This will leverage your position.  Also, you can try to adapt traditional marketing strategies to your digital marketing efforts. For example, there are many TV adds that rely on storytelling, and you could implement this in your video strategy.

Take your time to think about these topics and figure out what will make your business benefit the most. Always focus on your strengths and make sure that your presence is relevant to the mediums you choose. With the right mindset and careful planning, you’ll get listed on those ranks sooner than you imagined.


About the Author: Barret Selby is a career coach, motivational writer and entrepreneur. He is always up-to-date with the latest trends and he likes to share his experience with fellow business owners and people at the start of their careers in order to help them make the right choices. He’s latest project is called JobDescriptionsHub and focuses on providing a better understanding of various jobs and their related tasks.

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