15 Podcasts for SMEs

Podcasts continue to serve as a great source of developing professional skills through enhanced learning of the latest strategies and methodologies in the business arena. The best feature of podcasts is their portability, which makes them most handy to use. They can be heard anywhere, while doing anything and are becoming an essential tool to communicate impart valuable knowledge.

Podcast are as easy and simple as 1, 2 3; (1) download the file, (2) plug in your earphones and (3) listen. Fact of the matter is, you can practice both learning and implementing the tips and tricks covered in the podcast to get instant results.

Why are Podcasts becoming so popular?

One of the important characteristics of podcasts is their vast range of topics encompassing all fields, format and lengths makings them flexible to suit your schedule and activities. Episodes range from as short as 10-15 minutes to up to 90 minutes in length. Podcasts are meant to be enjoyed in your everyday routine. For instance, if you are waiting for something you can enjoy a 10-15 mins episode or during your exercise, you can listen to a 60 or 90 minutes podcast.

Each time you listen to these podcasts, you are guaranteed to learn something of your interest that can boost your personal life or professional career.

Let’s take a look at the 15 most popular and useful small businesses podcasts.


  1. Entrepreneur on Fire

Host: John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur on Fire by John Lee Dumas is one of the most famous podcasts that are online today. It has a new episode every day. JL Dumas publishes interesting topics that are relevant to every entrepreneur. The podcasts cover a vast variety of topics discussed by experts. Dumas’ personal experience helps direct his audience’s future strategies.


  1. Marketing Smarts

Host: Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

MarketingProfs, a prominent marketing blog and education organization runs Marketing Smarts. Kerry O’Shea Gorgone hosts this half an hour podcast every Wednesday. An individual expert is also invited to shed light on a specific niche topic. In each episode, Marketing Smarts tackles particular issues like SEO, Content Marketing,  Website Optimization etc with practicable advice for audiences.


  1. HBR IdeaCast

Host: Sarah Green Carmichael

The HBR IdeaCast is a weekly audio podcast that amalgamates the insights and suggestions of the most prominent names in the business world. The HBR or Harvard Business Review has a long established reputation of a scholastic and peer review journal for corporate news and views. It has the honor of hosting business community leaders including Eric Schmidt from Google, and other scholastic personnel including Harvard professors and more.


  1. The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show

Host: Sandra Champlain & Travis Lane Jenkins

This podcast revolves around experts who are highly successful entrepreneurs and their one experiences, which helped them to become self-made high achievers. Some of the topics discussed in the podcast cover emotional experiences for customers, building a prosperous brand, and harnessing originality.


  1. The $100 MBA

Host: Omar Zenhom

The $100 MBA is a short 10-min podcast that runs daily with the aim to provide practical lessons for the advancement of business practices in the real business world. Omar Zenhom, the host invites experts from various corporate sectors including, but not limited to, business, marketing and technology to not just provide consultation but also to educate global listeners.


  1. BBC Business Daily

Host: Different Hosts

BBC Business Daily is a daily podcast that focuses on international news related to the corporate world. BBC Business Daily looks into the major issues faced by the world economy, and after thorough and expert examination provides an update of business news. BBS staff members help in running this podcast on a daily basis.


  1. Duct Tape Marketing

Host: John Jantsch

John Jantsch brings us this marketing podcast twice or thrice a month. Basically a marketing and referral selling podcast that focuses on a particular book or expert in every episode, the exclusive content on sales and marketing is practicable and generalized for the whole business world.


  1. The Wall Street Journal on Small Biz

Host:  Gordon Deal

Wall Street Journal on Small Biz, as the name suggests, focuses on small businesses in the United States of America. This is a weekly podcast that talks over different but relevant issues.

Despite a number of different topics being discussed in each episode, the flow of the show keeps the listener glued to the podcast. Some of the previous topics discussed include using sports reasoning in business, lying on a resume and the most tax-friendly regions for small businesses.


  1. TheFriday Five

Host: Tom Webster

Hosted by Tom Webster, The Friday Fun is pure entertainment. The Friday Five is remarked as relaxing and sedating the tired mind with the “Music DNA” where guests share their life experiences related to five different songs.

The guests explain the reason of choosing the soundtrack for elaborating their personal story. Most the guests are renowned celebrities in social media network and are recognized by the audience. This makes The Friday Five a must listen as everyone wants these celebrities to share their personal life experiences, especially in background of the musical number.


  1. The SoLoMo Show

Host: Cory O’Brien & Adam Helweh

The SoLoMo Show is hosted by Cory O’Brien & Adam Helweh. It discusses topics, tools, tactics and trends related to local, social and mobile marketing and advertising. The hosts cover issues from a different perspective.

The show intellectually blends technology, marketing and advertising. This podcast is specifically important for those who have less time to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the social networking and mobile advertising world.


  1. Social Triggers Insider

Host: Derek Halpern

Social Triggers Insider’s host Derek Halpern has his own style of conveying his messages to the masses. This has been highlighted as one of the most unique yet effective podcasts. The host publishes the podcast only 3-4 times per year, but when he does, it is always worth listening.

The content of the podcast is exclusively thoughtful that can focus on anything from generating more news to taking risky decisions. Derek has kept his motto of sharing only quality information rather than sharing everything but information.

  1. 350 Third

Host: Scott Barstow & Anders Brownworth

350 Third has everything for the tech savvy generation or those individuals who wish to get a taste of it. This is hosted by Anders Brownworth and Scott Barstow. 350 Third covers “the impact of the Internet on business.”

Anders Brownworth has got an amazing ability to describe techie things in normal English. This podcast is incredibly informative and with one 20-30 minute episode every other week, it’s easy to stay current with.


  1. The Work Talk Show

Host: DJ Waldow & Nick Westergaard

The Work Talk Show is hosted by DJ Waldow and Nick Westergaard. As the name suggests, it focuses on jobs and professions, efficiency, office environment and corporate culture, in house or freelance work, career planning, work/life balance, and much more. The hosts’ personality and original humor come out in each episode.

Most of the guests in the show may not be known to majority of the listeners, yet they share how they need the courage to quit their routine job and get on with an entrepreneur career. Each episode hosts a new guest, and every episode is unique as it is based on the guest’s own story and struggle.


  1. The WOW Small Business Show

Host: Bryan Orr

The WOW Small Business Show focuses on small business owners, with a special emphasis on local businesses. Some examples are brick and mortar stores and service businesses.

The show utilizes empathy to highlight specific concerns of small business persons that might not seem to be directly impacting the business. Issues like customer service, marketing, accounting, managing employees and logistics can actually become hectic for every entrepreneur. Bryan addresses such issues in every episode of the WOW Small Business Show with a purpose to clarify even the most negligible aspects of running a small business and help business owners/entrepreneurs to thrive in their career.


  1. Smart Companies Radio

Host: Kelly Scanlon

Kelly Scanlon, the Smart Companies Radio host, is herself a personification of professional growth and progress. Kelly Scanlon was once a guest on a friend’s show where she was asked if she would start her own show – becoming the turning point of the launching of Smart Companies.

After hosting a show for over a decade, thirteen years to be precise, Kelly launched her Smart Companies Radio podcast to a national audience. She is still associated with her local show. Her show is known to provide at least a lesson per episode for her audience – an advice that is actionable and practical to improve their business.


Final Thoughts:

Podcasts not only save time, but also money as they allow the new generation of small business owners to download useful information (free of cost) on a regular basis. That’s exactly what a busy entrepreneur would wish for today. Some of the interesting podcasts that revolves around small businesses have great content encircling a large number of industries.

Podcasts continue be an unconventional yet a tested learning and marketing tool. By following the above mentioned 15 podcasts, small business owners are sure to derive maximum results out of their business endeavors to achieve longtime success.