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24 Marketing Companies That Can Effectively 10x Your Growth

“This is a big day,” Nadella told Panay. “Let’s get it right.”

Truly, it can be frustrating when you’re looking for a marketing company that can help you grow your digital business, and found none.

You really don’t need a clever or creative marketing company. What you need is a company that understands your goals and can communicate your message in the language of your ideal customers.

Building a successful business is hard.

You can’t do it all by yourself. You’ll need the support, tools, advice, expertise, networks or relationship that other marketers and brands have built over time to make a headway.

Without the right marketing company supporting you, you may give up on your powerful business idea.

According to WashingtonPost, out of all businesses opened in America, about 50% of them remain open after four years.


You need to understand how digital marketing works. Most importantly, you need to understand social media marketing, mobile marketing and of course, search engine optimization and conversion optimization.

Sadly, we hardly have time to master all of these skills. If you’re concerned about this, don’t fret.

Here’s a question you need to answer:

Why waste time trying to figure out every aspect of your business, when there are marketing companies with the speciality, tools, and team that will support you – and help increase your revenue?

To thrive in today’s crowded marketing world, a good marketing tactic will not suffice. You need more. Data from Pinpointe shows that most marketers are involved with one or more than one of these marketing strategy.


The pressure is always on. If you try to run the race alone, you’ll fall by the wayside. However, if you leverage the services of other companies, you’ll smile to the bank.

In a recent article that appeared on Agency51, you’ll come across a case study of how Castelli Cafe tripled revenue through the help of a marketing company. Specifically, the website’s page visits are up by 700% and organic traffic increased by 388%.

Make no mistakes about it. Every aspect of marketing is relevant for optimum results –  even the least of them.

Partnering with these companies will boost your business and make your brand visible in the dark. Your brand is really an important “identity” you should never ignore.

According to Rob Eager, a Marketing Consultant of, “You already have a brand whether you like it or not, and it’s usually negative unless you proactively control it.”

To a large extent, you can control your brand. Of course, there are aspects of branding that can’t be controlled.

For instance, Coca-Cola Company can’t monitor what the news media writes about them. But as long as the company continues to make positive impact in consumers’ lives, the brand will flourish.

In the same vein, when you work with a marketing company, you’re not expected to relinquish branding entirely to them. On the contrary, it’s a partnership, whereby you work with them to grow your business.

You may like to handle some functions yourself while the company handles the technical aspect of your marketing. At the end of day, results will ensue.

There’s a particular case study you may want to read. Could you imagine that 52% of businesses that worked with Outbrain got at least a new client from Facebook in 2013?


I know that if these businesses had stayed on their ideas and go about it alone, they won’t make much progress.

Marketing companies can help with content creation, while you handle the distribution. More so, they can create professional videos while you handle the placement of the videos on your website and social media accounts.

If the work could be shared this way, that’s perfect!

When it comes to marketing your business on the internet, you really need to move beyond written text. Videos are addictive. Could this be the reason why 70% of marketers are already falling for the impact of videos?

I guess so.


Yes, you can achieve a lot more when you employ the services of marketing companies. Don’t be deceived, you really don’t need a huge budget to benefit from their services.

At whatever level, your business can take on a new shape, and you’ll never be in want for buying leads and customers.

In no particular order, here are the the best 24 marketing companies that can help with your search, social, mobile, and every aspect of digital marketing to grow your business:


1. Content Marketing Institute

At Content Marketing Institute, you are investing with “purpose.”

This is a content marketing company that assists small business, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies to increase web traffic and brand awareness.

The truth is that if you want to achieve your B2C content marketing goals, then you should consider working with CMI.


Worse case scenario: Learn from the company’s rich resource of blog posts, videos, whitepapers, industry reports, and more.


Content Marketing Institute can manage your campaigns from bid to completion. Interestingly, I got to hear about “content marketing” from this company. Ever since, we’ve used this powerful marketing strategy to generate qualified leads and increase revenue.

This marketing company will get into the conversation; talk with your audience to get an idea of what they want and draw out strategies to deliver the right content.


2. Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is a social media and content marketing consulting company. That means you can rely on them to beam light on your social campaigns, so that you’ll not only get followers, but hungry buyers.


Not all traffic are created equal. Of course, any marketer can generate traffic, but the ones that will purchase your products come as a result of creating engagement and lead nurture programs.

Once you’ve loyal customers, you can rest in your laurel and feel excited because your business will thrive.

The founder, Jay Baer has spent that last 20+ years advising the world’s iconic brands, a New York Times bestselling author of 5 books and the most retweeted person in the world.

Can you beat that?

Surely, Convince And Convert is a marketing company that deserves all the credit. Hence, the marketing company can guide you in making your marketing so useful – so that you can earn what you’re worth.


Without a doubt, Jay Baer has infused his tenacity and expertise into the company, and you can benefit from them.

At, you’ll find strategic advisors that work with world class organizations. You’re the right fit if you’re think that your organization is word class or you intend to make it one.

Their purpose is to give customers remarkable satisfaction.

Through their podcasts, emails, blogs, ebooks, webinars and live trainings, they develop programs that attract digital entrepreneurs.


3. Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is a digital marketing pioneer. As President of Riverside Marketing Strategies, her marketing company delivers actionable marketing advice to small business and mid-size organizations.

Whether you’re looking for training, keynote presentation at your event, consulting or content creation, you can count on Heidi Cohen and her team.

They have an editorial team that delivers engaging and compelling content. This is so vital, considering that 60% of B2B content marketers struggle to produce engaging content.


You can’t ignore content because 61% of publishers have confirmed the positive impact of content to business.


If you’re honest and knows that your content doesn’t draw your customer’s attention, you can outsource to Heidi Cohen marketing company.


4. Rainmaker

Do you need marketing and sales advice from digital marketing influencers?

If yes, then you need to tap into Brian Clark’s How could I ever forget it?

As far as I can recall, Agile marketing has been the basis by which Brian Clark and his entire team at Copyblogger Media do business and relate with customers.

Agile marketers don’t take pride in working so hard, but smarter. What’s more: According to the Uk Government Digital Service, Agile is what you are. You don’t buy it.


So, whether you take their content marketing course, purchase a digital product or use one of their marketing software, you’ll definite move closer to achieving your set goals.

And it doesn’t matter where you’re in your business at the moment, you need the right roadmap to guide you. is actually a Digital Commerce and Content Marketing Podcast Network. Learn from a plethora of marketing podcasts, especially The Authorpreneur with Jim Kukral and Unemployable with Brian Clark himself.


More than 25,000 marketers and brands inclusive are already benefitting from the podcast episodes. The choice is yours.

What you really need as a digital entrepreneur isn’t another powerful tool or marketing loophole, but a solid advice that you can replete. With this idea, you will gain more traction online.


5. Manifest

I’ve been speaking to a lot of people about digital marketing lately. Amidst these, I’m hearing that most folks don’t know where to begin.

And I truly understand. In fact, the very thought of learning social, search, CRO, web design, writing, blogging, and so on, could send goosebumps all over your body.

But again, it doesn’t have to be “sudden.” You can begin from where you are – leverage a marketing company that knows how to create memorable experiences that drive measurable business results.

If that’s the kind of company you need, then Manifest should come to mind.


In this disruptive era, brands are fighting for attention. From all indication, it means that good content will no longer suffice. You need to MAKE impact.

Manifest has built a system that has the potential to understand people better than anyone else. Isn’t this priceless?


All in all, the Manifest as a marketing company uses storytelling to create an experience that addresses your customer’s pain points.

This is the whole essence of content marketing?

The era of traditional marketing is gradually fizzling away.

Content marketing is the hammer that will drive your nail right inside the heart of your customer’s needs.

A survey conducted by CJG Digital Marketing confirmed content marketing as a workable digital practice that increase leads generation by up to 54%.


These benefits, and more are the more reasons you must seek the assistance of reputable marketing companies. If you’re still on the fence, Manifest could be helpful!


6. Big Brand System

Big Brand System is a marketing company that offers branding, social media, persuasion, and virtually all aspects of digital marketing expertise to savvy business owners.


With the digitization, automation and social media at the core of any mobile marketing strategy, the stakes are high.

You need to be on the lookout for your brand mention. But you can only do so much all by yourself. This is why a company that understand branding and online reputation management is vitally relevant to your growth.

Making positive first impression is critical to your success, both on the short and long-term. You’ve got to get serious with social media, and allow a company that understands how to drive your brand handle it for you.


You need to use marketing skills that are sure to get your brand to the spotlight. If you ever fall into muddy waters, especially when you’ve exhausted your best strategies, you can always lean on Big Brand System.


7. Buildfire

Your customers are mobile, are you?

So before you launch your marketing campaigns fully, you need the right mobile applications. In the past, it was difficult to own a functional and powerful mobile app.

But the good news is that has simplified it.


Funny enough, you can now use to build mobile apps in under 5 minutes, publish to both Android and iOS, and use the powerful in-house tools to retain customers and increase revenue.

Can you write codes?

Coding is one skill app developers and most designers share in common. At a time, anyone with this skill controls the mobile world. But thank God, time has changed.

With zero coding skills, you can build a mobile app in 3 simple steps:


Designing functional apps is tedious. It takes a lot of time and energy more than you can imagine. If you don’t believe me, go ask any app developer.

Before I go on, let’s review a few reasons why your digital marketing brand needs a mobile app.

Apps are lightweight. They can load up quickly and save your users time. In fact, you’ll save them the task of having to re-enter login details repeatedly. Because, apps are built to solve this boring task.

Buildfire is one of the best mobile app maker you need to easily design the most efficient apps for your business.


8. Copyblogger

Brian Clark is the mastermind behind and Copyblogger.

The latter started as a simple content marketing blog, but as a smart marketer, Brian alongside his team turned it into multimillion dollar software business.


I believe that creating irresistible content is impossible without proper education and mastery. This is the gap Copyblogger offers small businesses.

There’s a popular saying that content is king.

To a large extent, it’s TRUE.

Brands are beginning to understand the value of content and actually get results from it. Digital statistics shows that 90% of businesses are engaged in content marketing.


Don’t just create content or rehash what’s already published. There’s enough room for creativity and innovation.

Hence, you need to upgrade your content marketing prowess through the education and support of Copyblogger Media.


9. Copyhackers

Investing in copywriting can grow your digital marketing business. Period.

Trust me, people are busy. According to Nielsen Norman Group, “On average, visitors only read 20% of the content on a web page.”

A good copywriter will stick the important points out on your page.

Copyhackers is a marketing network that offers copywriting for startups and marketers.


Your content is among the 27 million content which are shared across the web every day. You can how fierce the competition is.

That being said, you can still grab attention and grow your business with content is you know how to write persuasively.

Can your copy keep someone awake at 12.00 midnight?

A persuasive copy has a number of characteristics that makes it exceptional and visible. This infographic clarifies it:


For your copy as a mobile marketing business to thrive, it’s got trigger a CTA of this 61% of internet users that runs search on engines, such as Google, for products, and services.

If you can, hire the services of a copywriter. These are the reasons:


Copyhackers is one marketing company that can aid you get the best out of your every content.


10. Link Humans

Link Humans is a marketing company that offers content marketing, strategy, and campaign management services.

When you’re looking to gain traction and build a raving community of buyers, your online marketing business should tell a story that’s unique, and memorable.


From meeting your audience’s pain points to engaging and building a personalised brand, Link Humans can be of help.

Regardless of what you do, tracking and following up on your digital campaigns, is yet a good practice.


Several aspects of running a successful digital business, such as data analysis, employee advocacy, branding, inbound marketing, lead management, SEO and more, are are the services Link Humans offer.


11. Search Engine People

Search Engine People is rated as the Canada’s best SEO and PPC Company. If you don’t want casual visitors that lands on our website and leaves the next second, then what you should pay attention to is quality traffic.


As a marketing company that serves other businesses with traffic and lead generating services, you rest assured that your campaigns will bring in the right audience – who truly are desperate for your offers.

How good is your SEO?

The benefits of SEO are enormous. Let’s consider a few of them:

a).  Get targeted audience: Search engine optimization enables you to reach the most targeted group of customers via search engines. If you get more customers from Google search, your conversion rate will soar to the roof.

b).   Reach new customers: Yes, old customers are your greatest asset. But you equally need to reach new customers. Search engine optimization is your best shot.

For your business to access these SEO benefits and more, it’s a smart move to consider how credible marketing companies, such as can be of immense help.


12. MarketingSherpa

Here’s why I love MarketingSherpa:

The marketing company provides Practical Case Studies, Research and Training for Marketers. If you read a couple articles on this blog, you’ll notice how often I reference MarketingSherpa’s invaluable resources.


As a research marketing firm that sell specialised services, you can benefit from the archived content, whitepapers, industry reports, and topical statistics.

Developing an effective strategy is really important.

When it comes to mobile marketing for example, an effective strategy can help you:

a) Customise your mobile marketing services to be accessible. And it doesn’t matter the device used by your customer, especially now that more than 80% of internet users are able to connect the internet via their cell phones.


b) Build a mobile-responsive email around your mobile marketing business. This could lead to a 39% increase in engagement on your website.

In fact, mobile search engagements of consumers could increase by up to 33% when your mobile brand has a website.


These results are only possible because a marketing organization shouldered the research, documentation, strategy. One of such credible marketing companies is

13. MarketingExperiments

Marketing Experiments is the publishing branch of a research laboratory, which focuses on what works in optimization, and helps businesses implement these.

You already know that one of the ways to optimize your strategy and minimize your risk is getting the help of a marketing company understand the state of your industry.

For instance, if you’re struggling to rank highly in Google, you can get help from a search engine optimization company.

Why should you be so concerned about SEO?

Well, for one, SEO channel makes up 51% of traffic or more for most companies. It could be your company if you give it a shot. Here are other reasons for doing SEO.


The most targeted form of traffic is from search. Whether it’s mobile or desktop searches, you can get more conversions if you optimize properly.

Of all the mobile searches conducted, 50 percent are in hopes of finding a local result, and 61% results in purchases.

With the help of, you can access for free, more than $20 million in primary marketing research and experiments.


14. Econsultancy

Are you ready to achieve digital excellence?

If yes, then Econsultancy is a marketing company that offers B2B companies the needed resources and services to grow their revenues. From research, data and insight tools, to trainings and events. You can’t go wrong with Econsultancy.


Are you thriving in ecommerce?

You’ve got to know that a lot of factors drive ecommerce and digital marketing. You need to stay on top of your game, or be left behind by the raging storm of competition.

In case you don’t yet, the ecommerce industry is huge. There’s a great opportunity to make more money – if only you’ve the right tools, advice, and network.


Would you like to work with a marketing company that arms the global community of marketers and ecommerce professionals?

Econsultancy offers tremendous benefits. Your investment of time and money will be well worth it at the end of day.


15. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas ranked #8 on Forbes “The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent.”

I’ve read several content at and still do. They’re in-depth, instructive and full of data.


These types of content helps you win in life and business as a digital marketer. Creating effective campaigns is at the core of the services the marketing company, Jeff Bullas offers to other businesses.

It’s easier to build a stellar brand through social media, than any other channel. Yes, social media is now a driving force. It’s not a fad as some people thought. Your digital business is nothing without social media integration.

In fact, 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy the brand they follow or are a fan of.


The benefits of social media are enormous. Let’s briefly see a few:

a) Brand recognition: With 7.72 million people actively using social media, this is the best time to improve your brand. The more people you reach, the more recognition your brand will create.


b) Increase in conversion: Every content you share or publish provides a unique way to market your digital marketing brand. As you reach the right audience, your conversions rate will skyrocket.

With all of these benefits that social media offers, don’t forget there is too much noise that causes distractions.

But irrespective of these distractions, you can stand on the shoulders of a reputable company – with a proven record of success at social media marketing. Jeff Bullas should come to mind at this time.


16. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a best selling author, marketing and lifestyle professional. She’s charming and the CEO of B-School, where she teaches people how to build impressive businesses online.

As an entrepreneur, she manages her marketing programs through her website, where she serves over 190,000 readers from 191 countries through her dynamic approach.



17. Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch, the creator of Duct Tape Marketing has been called the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert.


He helps small business achieve tremendous success by teaching them how to take baby steps in the right direction.

Duct Tape Marketing offers marketing solutions in two categories:

i) For marketing consulting brands: DTM offers systems that enables you develop loyal client base and increase profit.

ii) For mobile marketers: If you want to make greater impact via mobile, Duct Tape Marketing offers you resources and assistance, especially when you’re engaged with other tasks of building your brand.

Succeeding with your small business requires a consistent glide into the future. You can’t be left behind.


As you use an agile framework that allows you to work smarter instead of harder, you come to a place of maturity – where you’re unperturbed by the raging storm of competition.


18. Entrepreneur on Fire

If you want to scale up your business, grow lists, and increase your revenue through the power of podcasting, then Entrepreneur on Fire is best fit for your brand.


If you want to start your own podcast and tap into the huge audience at iTunes, then you can leverage the services of

John Lee Dumas, the Founder and CEO of the company has over the years built a great brand through his podcast episodes.

In fact, he generates over $150,000 per month from sponsorships, information products and his classic book, “The Freedom Journal” has been really successful.


Remember that content marketing goes beyond the written blog post and articles. Podcasts are perceived by the customers as unique, advanced, and worth every penny placed on them.

Start today, use podcasts to skyrocket your online business. can ride with you all the way.


19. Social Media Examiner

I’ve never seen a marketing company that delivers social media marketing advice and tools like Social Media Examiner.


The earlier you start taking social media seriously, the quicker you’ll build a raving fan base that eagerly awaits your next product.

Most marketers are skeptical. They want to know if social media is right for every business.

I’ll leave you with this infographic from Timmy Sabre which shows that, “76% of businesses are using social media networking for business objectives, and 74% of CMOs believe they’ll tie social media efforts to hard ROI this year.


It’s possible that your competitors are taking advantage of your negligence on social media to grow presence more than you?

The analysis of Social Media Examiner will open your eyes on the best social channels that are relevant to your brand and core goals. Their Reports are timely, in-depth and well-researched.

One of the Social Media Examiner’s Report I came across the other day showed me the impact video content and images on social media campaigns. I was amazed.

As far as social media marketing is concerned, plain texts such as blog posts and articles have limitations. On the other hand, video content can drive up to 40% traffic to your website.



20. Mirasee

Danny Iny, founder and CEO of Firepole Marketing (now Mirasee) is one of the most prolific writers and marketing consultants I’ve ever met.


I’m particularly impressed with Danny’s tenacity and creativity. For example, he used guest blogging alone to grow his tiny blog into a multimillion dollar marketing company.

Do you desire to generate die-hard customers from your audience? That’s what Mirasee represents.

You will be tutored on how to start a new business from scratch and yet make an impact in a crowded world.

Online business is still untapped. So many opportunities available to exploit if only you’ve the right guide.

Don’t be a lone ranger in a field. Third-party consulting companies can beam light on your path in a way you’ll never forget.


21. Moz

Online marketing can be tricky.

I’ve seen online businesses founded over 10 years ago, but they’re still struggling to acquire happy customers. Here are some of the factors contributing to these challenges:


On the other hand, new businesses that are barely 3 months old are growing faster than the speed of inflation.

The difference lies in the Power of Visibility.

Moz is a marketing company that creates powerful and attractive products to power your your online visibility.


Aside the marketing tools that Moz develops, you’ll find advanced SEO content to help you reach your audience faster.

Google is a wonderful tool for website owners, marketers, and online entrepreneurs who wants to attract motivated buyers to their websites.

As a marketing company, Moz shows you how to customize user experience by optimizing your content for engagement.

Moz is king when you talk of SEO Education. But first, you’ll study and know your audience.


Learn how to easily adjust settings so you see opportunities to produce content that answers user questions, create interactions and nudge customers into action.

Keywords are integral part of SEO. If your content pages must rank highly in Google, you need to pick the right keywords and create complementary content around them.


Truth be told, most keywords that convert aren’t visible using Google Keywords Planner.

But the good news is, Moz will expose these keywords, and show you metrics to pair with specific goals – when you’re looking to measure the impact of your content marketing.



22. Vaynermedia

Vaynermedia is a marketing culture with a culture of listening to their customers before developing a content marketing or social media strategy.


With this marketing company, your vision and mission can come alive if they’re at the verge of dying. Vaynermedia had and still help small and multinational brands. They’re a full scale service agency.

With Vaynermedia, you’ll learn how to tell memorable stories of your brand.


23. Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is the Chief Evangelist and social media influencer.


As an author of 13 books, he writes to empower and inspire brands – letting them know the opportunities that social media offers.

Guy services top brands like Apple, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Audi and Breitling.

He also speaks on innovation, social media, enchantment and entrepreneurship.

All in all, content marketing effectiveness is what brands are looking for. As a content marketer myself, what I’m concerned about is how to produce content that my ideal clients will fall in love with.

Several studies have shown that up to 86% of companies invest into content marketing; however, about half of B2B and B2C marketers struggle to measure the ROI of their content marketing campaigns.

In my company, we’re always looking out to improve the performance of our content marketing campaigns. Sometimes we fail. But other times, our success sticks out strong.

In all of these, we’re grateful for relying on healthy marketing companies and influencers like Guy Kawasaki. With a single advice from the, you can make much impact, attract new leads and customers to your business.


24. HubSpot

“When Google says jump, it’s hard not to jump. We often take the words of Google’s representatives as law.” – Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz.


It’s high time you take full control of your marketing. There are various aspects of inbound marketing that produces great, if not better results than search in most cases.

If you continually rely on Google, you’ll be forced to jump when Matt Cutts gives the word.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Does it?

HubSpot is primarily an inbound and sales marketing company. Every software, tool, applications or content they produce wears the inbound marketing robe.


No matter the industry you’re in, HubSpot’s range of software products can up your performance. You’ll never lack leads or customers – if you invest into HubSpot’s.

In particular, HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management Software solution is designed to help you close more deals with less work. It’ll improve your brand image in ways you can never fathom.



I know the online business world is competitive. It’s filled with so-called experts who believes in push button formula for growing revenue. And I don’t have issues with them.

That’s not what this post is about. None of these marketing companies promise overnight results. If you find any, then you’re being lied to.

If you’re small business marketer, creative, remote worker, consultant or coach, none of these marketing companies can guarantee specific results – after all, there are no guarantees in business.

You can keep your pipeline full of new leads if you do the right work. These companies are only a support for your brand.

25 Powerful Small Business Apps You Can’t Do Without

Slowly but surely, small businesses are leveraging apps to automate tasks.

If you consider that operating a small business is such a big deal, especially in this data-driven era, you can no longer ignore mobile apps.

You should set big goals for your business, and work towards achieving them. According to Small Biz Trends, “72% of small/mid-size businesses expect their revenue to increase 10% from 2015 – 2016.

To fully be in control of your business, you need to know enough about social media and SEO, and how mobile apps can help you reach more audience through these channels.

Any small business has the potential to thrive. It all depends on the people managing it. It’s no longer about starting a business with big capital – but managing what you already have.

There’s a good chance that your business is well on its way to the top, where you can build self-sustaining system that runs your business on autopilot – generating sales and revenue at the backend.

No matter the business model, as long as you leverage the internet to drive leads and customers, you need to step up your game – through mobile apps.

If you’re looking to automate your business, you need mobile apps. A survey by Aberdeen Group shows that automating your digital marketing platform boost your conversions rate by 53%.

In fact, a quarter of all B2B Fortune 500 companies are already using marketing automation, along with 76% of the world’s largest SaaS companies.

Looking at the chart below, you’ll see the three most effective sources you can use to generate leads. Each of these channels can be automated using mobile apps to achieve better results – handsfree.


I put together these 25 powerful small business apps to help you navigate your way in this competitive marketing era, acquire new leads and engage existing customers – as well as create more brand awareness via mobile channel.

The first small business app to earn our number #1 spot is…


1. Expensify

Expensify is an attractive one-click expense reports app for small businesses.

The good thing about it is that the reports are real-time, which means that you can rely on it. If you’re looking for an intelligent app to automate your expenses in real-time, Expensify should come to mind.


Do you know the cost of your digital marketing campaigns?

The only way you can have an idea of the cost is by keeping records of your expenses.

Take a look at a scenario: The PR or social media firm that you work for as an employee nominated you to attend a workshop and represent the firm, probably somewhere really far.

On your return, you’re expected to present a detailed report of your expenses. And note, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a chartered accountant or not, you report needs to be clear to your Boss.

I can imagine how overwhelming it would be when you don’t have a detailed report of what transpired at the workshop.


You need to know, not only what you spend on as a small business, but the estimations associated with putting together: a social media project, mobile marketing campaign, as the case may be.

To reach more audience, as a digital marketer, you must know the cost implications of every tactics you may want to implement, the time it takes, at what pace, and more.

And you can have all these details listed out in a single dashboard, but with the right app.



2. LocalVox

Are you visible online?

Your digital marketing success depends solely on your visibility.

The best visibility to have in addition to being active on social media networks is organic search visibility. See, about 87% of consumers find business using search engines.


Yes, we can view LocalVox as an app, because of the specific tasks that you can do with it, but it goes beyond that.

LocalVox is a digital marketing company that provides online marketing solutions for local businesses that fall into these categories:

  • Small businesses
  • Multi-location & Franchises
  • Featured industries

If you want local consumers (e.g., in Las Vegas) to find your business, you need to optimize for geo-specific keywords.

Let’s assume you’re a web developer based in Los Angeles, here are a few geo-specific keywords to optimize your web pages with:

  • Los angeles web developer
  • Best web developer in LA
  • LA web designers blog
  • Where to find web developers in Los Angeles

And so on…

Your business can only thrive online when you’re seen and heard by the right people.

Invesp estimated that if you’re not leveraging available social media, search, and mobile channels in your marketing, you’re likely to miss out on more than 85% of ideal customers who need your services.

As a digital marketing solution, LocalVox can help you in these areas to optimize your content and reach more audience.


It’s high time you keep control of your brand, while increasing your revenue and building a reputation that puts your business at an advantage over your competitors. LocalVox can help.



Why use TweetDeck?

Well, a recent survey by MediaBistro found that if you use Twitter to promote your content and engage your followers, you can increase your business’ growth by 67%.

Here are more benefits of using Twitter:


It’s often said that the life of an animal is in the blood. In the same vein, the life of any digital marketing business is in the use of social media channels.

Twitter is a reliable channel. It’s integrated into TweetDeck to help you manage your accounts and achieve more. With this small business app, you’ll be promoting your business on Twitter like a pro.

A pro knows how to turn ugly moments into best moments. In the midst of the distractions on social media, trust TweetDeck to pull you through.



4. Majestic

Majestic is your marketing search engine and backlinks checker tool.

How good is your ranking on search engines?

No doubt, you’ll generate a lot of traffic if your web pages rank on the first page of Google, for related search queries. The traffic in turn translates into increased sales, loyal customers, and brand ambassadors.

You can also use Majestic to conduct competitive analysis. This way, you’re able to know which keywords your competitors are ranking for, and how where they’re getting their backlinks from.

All you’ve to do is enter your competitor’s domain name into the search box. Then click on the search icon at the right side:


Next, you’ll see your competitor’s backlinks, trust flow & citation flow, and so much more.


There are several ways to rank highly in Google first page.

Most people employ the blackhat techniques. Well, it works but it puts your website at a risk. Because, you may wake up one day and realize that your web pages have been de-indexed by Google.

The best strategy for improving your search rankings naturally is through inbound marketing. Here’s the most relevant and simple definition that Google trusts:


In a nutshell, inbound marketing involves the process of creating exceptionally great content that addresses the pain points of your audience.

Inbound marketing puts your business in such a good light, which makes your prospects and customers desire your brand. This makes it possible for your clients to come to you, instead of you going to them.


Although, there are other alternatives to Majestic. But what I like so much about this small business search tool is how it groups backlinks types.

This is really priceless, especially when you’re aiming to build more educational and governmental backlinks.


5. The Search Monitor

The Search Monitor is a precision ad intelligence tool for small businesses.


It helps you monitor your digital ads. In fact, you can:

  • Monitor for compliance
  • Monitor for ad insights

Keeping track of the performance of your ad campaigns equip you with information of what works or doesn’t work in your industry.

It gives you a detailed report of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. You can’t afford to ignore this tool.

Since search is the most common starting point for mobile research, it means that you’ve an opportunity to reach tens of thousands of mobile users with your mobile ads.

For example, when you advertise on Facebook and target mobile users, Facebook provides a detailed user report. With this report, you can create better ad copy using Google AdWords.


Like the saying, “testing the waters,” you’re now equipped to make very good marketing projections, and thus, reach more audience – because of the discovery you just made.


6. AdGooroo

“Truly, mobility drives agility and efficiency.” – Vala Afshar

Our economy is driven by small, private businesses. In fact, only 1% of U.S. businesses are publicly traded.

If you want to build a thriving and agile small business, you need to leverage mobile technology. Data from Huffington Post found that small businesses project to see triple-digit-growth in mobile apps in 2018.

In turn, this should improve customer experience – which is the ultimate focus of every business.


That being said, you need the right marketing landscape and solutions. And that’s where AdGooroo comes in.

AdGooroo is a small business application that allows you gain complete insight into the paid search marketing landscape.


With AdGooroo, you can understand how your campaign is performance vs. your competitor’s across text ads, product listing ads and search engine optimization on both Mobile Search and Desktop.

Running ads online to generate leads and customers is good. But a detailed update on ad performance is even greater.

You can use AdGooroo to measure the performance of your campaign.

Generally, customers will see your ads at different times, under different circumstances. Therefore, paying close attention to ad performance across these channels while monitoring the timing is critical to your success.

In this era of digitalization, your ideal customers are online, which implies more reach for your business if you know how best to get your ads in front of them.


Your ad campaign may be dysfunctional because of the poor technique you use in tracking them. Notwithstanding, AdGooroo is here to revive your mobile marketing campaign – and provides you with these insights:



7. iSpionage

What are you waiting for?

Isn’t it high time you steal your competitors’ traffic & uncover their conversion strategy?

If you desire that, iSpionage can help you.

iSpionage is an AdWords Competitor Keyword Tool and PPC Intelligence tool for marketers.


Driving targeted traffic is the primary focus on every digital business. Getting the traffic to convert into customers is the ultimate goal.

But no matter the amount of traffic you drive to your website, until you engage them you may not be able to get more sales.

For example, Slideshare is able to average 60 million unique visitors each month, because it engages the users with compelling visual content.


Great content is what results in increased page activities. So, the time you spend producing irresistible content in variety of formats will pay off big time.

For your PPC ads to generate more leads, you must have a way to find profitable PPC keywords lists, as they have a potential of setting you ahead of your competitors. iSpionage can help.



8. SpyFu

One way your digital marketing brand can become exceptional, is learning from your competitors.

As you spy on them, you’ll pinpoint what gives them the edge, and what they’re missing out on that you can take advantage of.


Spying on your competition reveals areas that you can improve on your own campaigns, because you have known the areas where competitors are weak, or not doing so well, and so, built on them.

Do you know the keywords that generates the most traffic for your competitors?

SpyFu is a trusted search marketing app that allows you to download your competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords and Ads for paid and organic search.



9. SEMrush

Are you satisfied with your SEO results?

SEMrush provides service for competitive research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any domain name.


Search engine optimisation is the new fair advantage you must consider as a mobile marketer. On-page SEO is one practice that helps you drive more organic traffic and improve rankings.

If your web pages are ranking highly in Google, then you should see the results in terms of increased organic traffic, more clicks – since 42% of users click the top-ranking search results.


Digital marketing is becoming more competitive as the days go by. As a result, a host of sites are hidden because they can’t be found on the search engines.

If this is the only reason why you execute SEO, then it’s a good one. Remember that when your business is easily seen in the top results pages, you’ll generate more traffic to your website and grow your revenue.


10. Tweepi

Social media is such a great resource that can’t be ruled out in today’s digital marketing. It provides platforms that elevate businesses especially via mobile, since mobile users enjoy accessing their favorite sites using their devices.

One of such social media platforms you can’t ignore is Twitter. And if you’re going to use Twitter to grow your business, you’ll need an app.

Tweepi is a social media app that allows you to get more Twitter followers.


Tweepi is trusted by over 1,000,000 people, who use it to grow their brands and make more impact on social media.

Given the numerous platforms available, social media presents an advantage for small businesses to make more money.

According to Social Media Examiner, “64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy the brands they follow or are a fan of.”


Yes, your mobile marketing results can soar even in the midst of distractions, but you’ve got to arm yourself with an accountability partner. Tweepi is a proven and trusted app to make your investments worth your while on Twitter.


11. Buffer

Most small businesses waste ample time managing their social media accounts?

If you’re one of them, it’s time to make a U-turn. Rather than managing multiple accounts manually, you can use Buffer – a social tool that provides a smarter way to share your best content on social media.


When it comes to social media, your next biggest challenge is scheduling and sharing content, at the right time, across your different social media channels.

You’re probably going to spend more time than necessary, if you choose to share content on Facebook and Twitter manually.

Imagine the time it can take to first log into your Facebook account, then Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Worse, you might get into your account and bump into an interesting image that you may consider checking out.


From there, another fancy quote gets your attention, before you suddenly recognize your purpose of logging into your account.

All of these unnecessary distractions can be taken care of by Buffer. Buffer is your one-shot solution to save time sharing content across multiple social media channels – on both desktop and mobile channels.


12. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is trusted by agencies, and relied on by businesses for scheduling, publishing and analyzing social performance across different channels.

Your ability to follow up on your audience across social media while serving them with compelling content is a sign that you truly care. A timely update on social media can engage them.

According to Salesforce, showing users how much you care has a potential of increasing your sales by up to 29%.


Sprout Social furnishes you with a detailed report of every activity, especially where you’re expected to manage your clients’ multiple accounts.

It takes away the stress off you. Such that comes with searching unnecessarily, and wasting time.

Sprout Social is an app that takes your mobile marketing beyond making most of a good relationship with user, but it gets your visitors engaged, seamlessly manages your accounts on multiple social media channels.

Additionally, the app allows you get a reporting on your conversations, mentions, direct messages, to follower requests and comments.


13. Happy Cyborg

Happy Cyborg is a small business and social media app that uploads your personality to the cloud as a cyborg on Twitter.


In a nutshell, Happy Cyborg is a simple Twitter personal assistant. Once your personality is uploaded, the cyborg acts as you would.

The cyborg initiates conversations, engages people based on your interests, and filters tweets to find the ones that you will enjoy reading. This is priceless.

With billions of active social media users as of 2015, you need to always be there for your audience. You should post compelling content and engage them at all times.


How can you follow up on these people?

You need a Cyborg.

Twitter is one of the social media sites that tops the ranks. And Happy Cyborg is an app you don’t want to ignore as a digital marketer. It’s not a bot per se, so it works with you to say only the things you can say.


14. Pocket

Why use Pocket?

As marketers, we scour the web for relevant information that could help us get ahead in business. While at it, you’re sure to find articles, infographics, photos, videos, and more.

When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.


You can save insightful content for that will help you improve your marketing campaigns on social media and search.

Pocket helps you safeguard your best content, so that you can retrieve and use them at any given time. Avoid losing delicate information or data, as this could affect your business growth in the long-run.

In a survey by Centre Technologies, it was discovered that, “60% of businesses that lose data are more likely to shut down within six months of a disaster.”

Among other things, you can reduce such a loss to the barest minimum.


You’re sure to overcome such an occurrence when you use Pocket, which is proven by hundreds of top brands and marketing influencers.

In addition to the many functions and compatibility, Pocket is free to use. And it doesn’t require you to have internet, in order to view your saved files.


Pocket earned a reputation as the best tool of choice for saving files. It also won the 2015 Webby Awards for best productivity app.


15. RescueTime

Do you want to find your ideal work-life balance and get more productive?

Your small business and social media activities require a lot of time investment. For example, you need to spend adequate time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

No doubt, the frequent use of these social media sites, especially when you’ve a goal can help you generate more leads and make impact.

With so many distractions on the web, RescueTime App, it’s easy to get scattered. But the good news is, RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus on what matters and get more productive.


RescueTime can transform your business life in a dramatic way.

David Reeves, Director of Product Management at Limeade has this to say,

“RescueTime teaches me things about my workday I would never otherwise have the time or perspective to learn. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to be intentional about improving their productivity.”


16. Trello

Here’s why I love Trello:

“Trello lets you collaborate with more people and get more done.”

Executing any project successfully depends on how efficient you organize and communicate with your team members. With Trello boards, lists and cards, you can seamlessly manage a complex project with ease.


Vital information and how you relate it needs to fit perfectly into the project at hand, even as you carry your team along every step of your work system.

So the entire process boils down to effective communication. When the communication isn’t clear, nothing gets done.

A finding by Coreworx reveals that companies risk $135 million for every $1 billion spent on a project and new research indicates that $75 million of the $135 million (56%) is put at risk by ineffective communication.

Trello, is not just a name, but a good friend. It’s got you covered. The dashboard looks amazing.

In addition to the reduced cost, Trello is user-friendly, with enhanced visual appeal.


Update on Trello is done in real-time, irrespective of your business’ location, and every team member gets notified immediately.

This is in addition to the standard setup of Trello, which makes your setting it up unnecessary.


17. Buildfire

Do you know that you can build mobile apps in 5 minutes, for your small business?

As every small business takes a giant leap to target and acquire mobile users, it would be a misguided decision to disregard building or using apps.

Mobile apps revenue is predicted to exceed $50.9 billion in 2016.


Buildfire is the easiest way to build mobile apps in under 5 minutes, publish to both iOS and Android. While all that is happening, you can retain customers and increase revenue.


Not only do these mobile apps make running a small business stress-free, you can save time and money as you reach the target audience. In fact, 26% of mobile research started on branded apps.


Mobile apps enable small businesses to do a whole lot, from engaging the customers, to organising social media contests, and more.

Interestingly, mobile users spend 80% of time on mobile apps – either on games, messaging, productivity, chatting, and so on.


18. HipChat

How fast does it take your message to reach your desired audience?

HipChat is a group messaging app for team communication. Every small business wants to get the word out and work efficiently with others.


HipChat is such app that equips you with speed to reach more people via live chat. As of January 2014, its instant messaging services handles 60 messages per second. Can you imagine that?

Funny but true, Pingdom Royal predicted that instant messaging is set to get louder and faster with time.



19. Skype for Business

How do you reach more people outside your city, state or country?

Yes, you can send emails, put a call across, but nothing beats a face-to-face communication.

Dan Brutto, the President of UPS International suggests trading beyond the local shores, on observing that about 95% of the world’s consumers are located beyond the United States borders.

In the same vein, you can expand your reach as a small business marketer, no matter the location of their target audience.

Skype for Business allows you to collaborate with anyone on any device. You can make calls, host online meetings, and do much more.

For a small business, the challenge of managing a team at one end of the globe, when you’re domiciled at the other end is now a tale of the past.

With Skype for Business and its rich features, you can communicate with your team, clients, and fans anywhere in the world.


With its instant messaging, voice-over IP, and video conferencing, Skype for Business is integrated and compatible with a host of other apps.

In addition to this, it functions via whiteboard documents, which enables team members to share texts.

Also, with Powerpoint documents, polling lists, desktop sharing, and more.


20. Nimble

Yes, you can grow your small business faster with the right CRM and lead generation tool – Nimble.

Nimble is a marketing CRM application that enables you to turn communities into customers. It provides smart contacts, smart insights, smart results no matter where you work.


Leveraging a marketing CRM is really that important, if you want to make more sales, and win customers that are loyal for life.

According to a study by the American Express, “70 percent of Americans can spend about 13% more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service.”

Excellent customer service is only traceable to what your particular customer considers to be important, especially when their needs are met.

Regardless of what you may think you know as a business, your customer is king.


Nimble, as both an automation app and a social media tool enables your business to keep record of your customers profiles, coordinates social listening, email conversations, and activities across known social platforms.


21. Insightly

Is your customer relationship management effective?

Though your primary goal as small business is to add value and consequently make profit – but at the heart of any thriving business is relationship.

You’re bound to lose it, like the proverb, when you put the cart before the horse. This is similar to counting your gains, before caring for your clients.

Establishing strong relationships with your customers is certainly what would gain your business customers for life.

Insightly is a CRM and Project Management software. Use Insightly to classify your contacts with notes, link social media profiles, and keep you informed of latest happenings.


22. FreshBooks

Invoicing is a major part of any small business.

And if not properly done, it can affect every other aspect of your business. For example, it can result in unexpected debts and credits.


Issuing your clients the due invoice puts them in a position where they’re able to consider their debt, a priority.

Take for instance, a situation where one of your clients owe you for more than the agreed time. Paperless invoicing is the new trend right now.

If you want your business invoicing to be automated and paperless, FreshBooks is your best bet. FreshBooks is a small business accounting software in the cloud.


If you dread accounting tasks, FreshBooks will make them easy and enjoyable to you. Start sending invoices, tracking time and capturing expenses in minutes.


23. Wave

Wave is a free small business application, which handles credit card processing, and payroll management. Small business owners use Wave to run payroll for up to 96,255 times a year.


It won’t be right if you were to pay for goods you didn’t consume. I’m sure such would be labelled an abuse.

Such can be the lot of a small business.

More often than not, small businesses bring this upon themselves. One instance is making purchases you don’t need.

Your expenditure as a digital marketing firm for example should be limited to your status, and such as what your business is in dire need of. But keeping track of your purchases is one way to hold yourself accountable.

It enables your business to service other maintenances, pay employees, draw up a profit margin, plan expansion and more.




Do you want to drive more traffic, build engagement with customers, and discover opportunities to make more money with your mobile apps?

If yes, then you need Tune.


As a small business owner/marketer, you can make more money and impact with Tune.

The future of your small business depends on how you leverage social media and mobile technology.

As you embrace mobile apps marketing, you need to understand your customers.

Tune will track them for you.

There are opportunities to grow your small business, and increase mobile apps engagement.

Don’t be deceived, you need a robust mobile apps analytics tool like Tune to run your small business.

Sure, your your growth may be from mobile ads or organic search – but irrespective of the source, Tune analytic tool will track them all in a single dashboard.

Here are the core benefits of

  • Measure the value of each marketing channel you employ (e.g., social, search).
  • Get authentic reports right on your dashboard.
  • Easily gather all your marketing campaign reports in one place.

You must know that a lot of people using mobile devices are just visitors. According to Localytics, about 4% of them become into qualified leads.

The good news is that with Tune, you can set up the right campaigns to re-engage these casual mobile visitors into customers.


Depending on the size of your market, but 4% of out 100% is small. Hence, the need to track your mobile apps performance and optimize your small business campaigns accordingly.

Tune improves your decision making process, by allow you gain better understanding of your customers and collect more sales data.


25. Admob

Admob is an extension of Google Analytics.

Truly, getting the right can cheap, but tracking performance is usually expensive. For this singular reason, you need to make more money from your mobile apps the smart way?

Admob is a unique tool that displays advertisements from a host of Google advertisers. It generates reports from more than 40 networks through AdMob Mediation.


You can use AdMob to manage 40 Advertising Networks are managed from a single interface. And you seamlessly track the highest paying adverts using AdMob Adverts Network Optimization.

Data like “user destination” and “type of mobile devices” used is monitored by Google’s AdMob Network.

You can also engage users with innovative video ads using AdMob’s native ads. It will in turn preserve your user experience.

We all know that when the users or customers have a good experience, it can lead to sales and business growth.

Compass has authenticated that you can grow faster by 75%, if you engage in Mobile app campaign – and share them on the App Store.


Therefore, consider Google AdMob Network for a smart choice to understand your mobile apps users better, and earn extra income.



Apps have made it possible for small businesses to overcome most bugging challenges.

Yes, starting a small business is easy. Because, managing communications, being accountable, and handling every aspect of your business can be automated.

Behind every successful business is a great automation tool that helps the organization generate leads, acquire customers, and build a great customer experience pipeline.

To get started, look through these 25 small business apps to find the right candidate that fits well with your goal. Easy, right?

All in all, small business app must never entirely replace personal contact. Always remember that intimacy is what your customers want.

23 Powerful Marketing Tools You Need To Generate Massive Sales

You’ll agree with me that building a thriving business takes time and effort.

In my opinion, it’s important to have an open mind and learn new marketing strategies for today’s competitive markets.

The truth is, marketing has changed, and smart businesses are leveraging the power of the internet to drive qualified leads and increase revenue.

Without a doubt, online marketing has taken over the wheel. Does it mean that traditional marketing no longer works?

Actually, no.

However, if you’re looking to build a thriving community and attract loyal customers to your website or brand, even if you use native advertising, you still need content marketing – because it’s the easiest way to build trust, nurture a raving fan base, and get repeat customers.

And no matter how well-crafted your marketing plan is, without the right marketing tools, you’ll fail. These tools can come in different forms.

A recent study from Constant-Contact shows that 98% of small business owners already use their website as primary marketing tool


The traditional marketing methods pose the challenge of engaging the customers. Because the ads tend to be pushy, whereas digital marketing strategies (e.g., content marketing, blogging) is welcoming and drives trust to the roof.

On the web, there are several channels that you can leverage to drive customers to your website, like social media, PR, search, display, authority websites, and so on.

Irrespective of the channel you make up your mind to use, you still need the right marketing tool.

Since the sole objective of every business is to make profit, it’s important to reach out to ideal customers wherever they are on the web.

Your customers are your greatest business asset, whether online or offline. That’s why you need to appreciate and answer their questions with helpful content.

Data from Accenture shows us that 72% of customers have switched providers due to overall poor quality customer experience.


All marketing channels and strategies are effective in their unique ways. The overall success that you get from one channel (say social media) is essentially dependent on another channel (e.g., blogging).

For example, as you generate organic traffic and leads to your business, you need social media to communicate with them, and builds strong relationship via email marketing.

Obviously, leveraging on these lead generation and nurturing strategies only becomes effective and easy when you know and choose the right marketing tools.

As a marketer, do you wish to have “die-hard” customers and fans who will stand for your brand any day?

I know you want customers who will identify with your brand and refer other loyal customers your way. Come on, haven’t you heard that 51% of facebook fans are more likely to buy the brands they’re passionate about?


Building a loyal fan base doesn’t happen overnight.

Trust me, it’s a daunting task. But the rewards are well worth your time.

The 23 marketing tools that I’ll recommend are powerful enough to help you on the path to building trust with your target audience.

Engaging your audience with compelling content is the right step to take.

Create content that your email subscribers will find irresistible. Else, you’ll be overwhelmed at the rate by which several of them unsubscribes from your list.

Recent statistics from Hubspot found that 91% of email users are unsubscribing from a company email list they once enjoyed.

unscub 1

If they must stay, you have to deliver immeasurable value through content marketing.

Of course, content marketing cannot thrive in the absence of marketing tools.

What Are Marketing Tools?

Marketing tools designed to automate repetitive processes, tasks, minimize human errors, manage complexity, build strong customer relationship, maximize effort, and brings your brand to spotlight.

An effective marketing tool should help you achieve either or all of these:


If you desire to be more efficient and productive, then, these marketing tools should be an integral part of your business.

Since you can’t watch over your own shoulders and that of your competitors, manually, these marketing tools does that for you.

Marketing tools cuts across diverse markets. For example:

  • Website analytics tools
  • Social media management tools
  • Conversion rate and funnel analytics tools
  • SEO tools
  • Marketing automation tools,
  • Email marketing tools

…And so on.

In this in-depth article, I want to show you 23 of such powerful marketing tools that you can use to power your lead generation, customer retention, customer service, sales management, and at the end of day, boost your business revenue.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in.


1. Charlie App

Charlie is an attractive marketing tool that helps you create a positive impression when meeting people (especially for the first time).


A positive first impression is critical to winning over that customer, or closing a deal.

In a recent article on Harvard Business Review, by Dorie Clark…

“People may have built up a certain, inaccurate impression of you – you can’t expect to overturn that thinking with subtle gestures, you need a bolder strategy to force them to re-evaluate what they thought they knew about you.”

Truly, you need to work hard to overcome a bad first impression.


If you’re a social person or your job involves meeting with customers and clients, whether online or physically, Charlie App will help you establish a stronger relationship between with customers.

You should know that relationship with your customers is almost everything in business. It can make or mar your strategy.

Charlie scours through 100s of credible sources and automatically emails you a one‐pager on every potential customer/client you’re going to meet with, before you see them. Isn’t it powerful?

This marketing tool (let’s call it app) does this by capturing customer’s bio data, email address, phone numbers for follow up and getting them acquainted with your brand.

Charlie has gone far to introduce personalization in its marketing campaign. This is a campaign where attention are given to customers on-one-one instead of group.

It’s a simple but effective way to answer people’s questions and comments quickly. In fact, 53% of customers want response to their tweet within 1hr.


Don’t make your customers or social media fans perceive you as an unserious marketer, who doesn’t care about them. Use personalization to drive user engagement on social media and during meetups.


2. Oktopost

We’ve all been there – accidentally wishing to make more impact through social media. Yes, we know how powerful social media is, but it seems as though we’re lost.

If you can relate with this, you’re not alone. Oktopost is that social marketing tool you should give a shot.

Oktopost is great for B2B marketers. If you choose a social media tool that’s designed for B2C marketing, your results will be mediocre. Trust me, the plan, approach and features you need are different.

Lee Odden, founder of Top Rank Blog shows the distinction when he said that, “B2B marketers who are goals focused, strategic in planning and action are more effective.”

Oktopost is a B2B social media marketing tool designed to help you power your social campaigns and drive hungry buyers. It enables you to schedule your best posts to multiple social profiles, from a single dashboard.


Stay informed about social media, study the detailed reports on clicks, conversions, and other engagements for each of your posts.

You can also use Oktopost to determine quality contents to share with your audience – and keep them engaged all the time. As you already know, magical things happen when customers derive value for your content and get their questions answered.

An earlier case study by Gallup revealed to us that customer engagement boost sales and average revenue per user.


Truly, it’s difficult to manually determine which type of content your audience prefers you post on social media. But with Oktopost it’s simple. The tool finds relevant conversations and leads you into it naturally.


3. WordPress

If WordPress sounds strange to you, then you’re probably new to blogging, digital marketing, or you’ve been hiding under the Old Harry Rocks in England.

WordPress is a simple and powerful content management system (CMS).

It’s actually a publishing software used mostly by bloggers, authors, digital companies, and content marketers to create and publish content, and build robust website.


These days, starting a business is damn simple. Because you don’t need to have programming skills or hire a professional programmer to build a website for you.

With this free and helpful WordPress software, you can design a website within 20 minutes. There are tens of thousands of free themes and plugins to make your website as professional and dynamic as you want.

The beauty of WordPress is that most authority news channels lives on it. For example, Mashable, CNN, Techcrunch, and more than 60 million other sites started out on WordPress – and I don’t see them switching to Joomla or Typepad anytime soon.

WordPress themes are popular too. Infact, 51% of marketers are now using WordPress themes to power their blogs.


No matter what you’re looking for in a website, I can assure you that WordPress is powerful enough to support it.

Even if you operate a brick-and-mortar business, you can always build a website and use it to attract motivated customers on the web.


4. Crowdfire App

Launched February 2010, Crowdfire is a social media engagement app for Twitter and Instagram. It’s great for managing user accounts. It’s built to generate automated answers to questions often asked by your fans, especially on Twitter.


If you get Crowdfire, you’ll never be intimidated by your Twitter and Instagram accounts irrespective of the numbers of followers.

Email Monday confirmed that getting 70% conversion rate is as a result of using  marketing automation tool like Crowdfire.


You can collect useful data and insights about inactive users and those about to unsubscribe. You can clean up those that ain’t converting and ignite fire inside the inactive ones.


5. Medium

Medium is a community of ardent readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas they’re passionate about.


Typically, Medium is a tool used by authors, publishers, bloggers, and writers.

Hey, these professionals don’t think alike. More importantly, the goal of a blogger is quite different from an author.

For example, a blogger is looking to build an audience via his blog, whereas an author may not even have a blog. He was to get on the bestseller list.

Does that make sense?

Primarily, you can use Medium to amplify your content: reach hundreds and even thousands of people, republish your old posts and garner more social shares.

Medium is very good and helpful for beginners and intermediate writers.

You’ll benefit from the ready-made audience, and this will show in the number of views your first post will generate.

People can subscribe to get updates when you publish new post on Medium. You’ll agree with me that this is another viable way to put email marketing to good use.

Don’t you think so?


6. Wistia

While no two video streaming sites are created equal, the goal and motivation behind using one often are.

If you have awesome video to share, I’m sure that your mind will go to YouTube,  right?

Yes, YouTube is powerful, great, attractive… it deserves all the accolade.

But, YouTube hasn’t dominated visual streamings online. If you aren’t concerned much about views as you’re with conversions, then Wistia is a video marketing tool to rely on.


If you want your audience to spend more time engaging with your video content, then, you have to use Wistia. Because, it has so many controls, features, and welcoming ads which I’m sure your audience will enjoy.

Would you like to know how your videos are engaging your customers? Wistia provides a clearer analytics and serves you the right video metrics on a platter.

Video content still remains one of the most effective ways to engage prospects.

Hubspot stated that 87% of marketers today use videos in their marketing campaign.


In the past, creating a marketing video was difficult. But today, you can create professional videos at an affordable rate. It’s no longer about the cost of purchasing video production equipments, but the expertise.


7. Buffer

I know a few brands that have built thriving businesses, though they didn’t have a Facebook fan page, Twitter account or participate in any form of social campaigns.

As you’d expect, the journey from $0 in profit to $100,000 per year was a hard nut to crack.

Come on, don’t shy away from social media. Millions of active user are waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the like. Social media can play a key role in your customer service.

Jayson DeMers highlighted the 7 reasons why you should use social media as your customer service portal.

In my own opinion, there is no effective marketing today, without social media.

Buffer was initially a simple app for scheduling Twitter posts, but it’s become a more powerful tool that helps you save time managing your social media.


You don’t have to be there physically to keep your social media users engaged.

Buffer will act as your representative, while you make out time for other pressing and urgent matters that will impact your revenue.

Buffer app works tirelessly at the backend to engage your audience. You can schedule as many posts as possible.

You see, as your customers get busy with your brand on social networks, they’ll feel excited about your product.


This engagement strategy enables you to to nurture your leads without coming off offensive or pushy, which is exactly what you need to build loyalty with customers.

8. Hotjar

If you are looking for a website optimization tool, search no more. Hotjar is the all-in-one analytics and feedback tool.

Understanding your web and mobile visitor is critical. Nick Leech listed the 5 proven ways to understand website visitors. One of such is by conducting a Five Second Test.

The test is easy. You could do it manually with your friends and family.

Better yet, enter your URL into the, and let other people will carry out a test on your site for free. To make it win/win, you should return return the favour and do a few five second tests of other people’s websites as well.


The Heuristic test (where you involve your colleagues) is effective too. But the easiest way to pinpoint how visitors are interacting with your website is by using a heat map and recording tool.

Hotjar is a powerful and easy marketing tool that shows you how your web and mobile site visitors are interacting with your website. You can use the tool to find hottest opportunities to optimize for conversions.


As a smart marketer, you need to know what’s trending in your landing page.

From capturing users behaviors with Hotjar, you will get insights of what they truly care about.


9. Simply Measured

Are you tied down by big data?

Simply Measured believes that social marketing should be simplified, and not tied overwhelming with all the data. Ideally, the social data should drive your marketing.

Simply Measured provides an easy social media analytics and measurement solution for small and mid-size companies.


Who are your Twitter followers and what do they care about?

Use the measurement platform by Simply Measured to fuel your social campaigns and gain deep insights in your fingertips.

Simply Measured is provides Facebook analytics, Twitter analytics, and more. You also get to know how healthy your Instagram fans are and what’s trending in your Facebook fan page.

Yes, being sensitive to what is trending in your social media accounts guarantee that you acquire customers from these networks, especially Facebook.


Simply Measured rich features enable you to compare your Facebook fan page with your competitors – to know their weaknesses and strengths. Give it a shot today.


10. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a search marketing tool that enables you to develop a high quality inbound link profile.

For example, OSE helps you research backlinks, find link-building opportunities and find potentially damaging links.


Specifically, you can determine the number of backlinks your website or web pages have generated over a period of time (say 60 days).

Once you’ve found damaging links, the next vital step is to get rid of them. Else, your search rankings may drop.

Optimizing your web pages can dramatically improve your search rankings and drive qualified traffic to your website, especially when your content page ranks at the top of organic results.



11. SumoMe

Website traffic is the fuel that powers your online business machine. Without traffic, you’re going to fail. Sorry.

In a recent article on the Huffington Post blog, Ian Mills summarized the importance of website traffic.

In Mills’ words,

“The single aim of all marketing efforts is to increase sales and in order to achieve this online, your website needs to have traffic to convert into a sale or a lead. You can’t convert anything without traffic, and without conversion your traffic is pointless.”

As you read this article, marketers are actually looking for ways to generate and grow website traffic.

If you’re one of them (well, I am), then Sumome is the simple but powerful marketing tool to leverage.


Adding social sharing buttons on your posts alone can encourage people to share it. However, without Sumome, you’re allowed to customize the appearance of your sharing buttons to blend into your theme.

One of the greatest features of SumoMe is its mobile responsiveness. All of the accompanying tools that Sumome provides will fit into any mobile screen – and engage the audience.

Are your web visitors actually reading your blog posts?

It’s hard to tell. Really.

The Content Analytics, a tool in the SumoMe warehouse will give you rich insights in this respect.


When building social media campaigns, there is no room for assumptions. Don’t assume that your posts will be shared. You may not like the end result.

Again, if you place your call-to-action wrongly, you won’t get people’s attention.

To know where to place your call-to-action, you need to analyze user behavior using Sumome’s tools.


12. Segment

Segment is an analytics software made simple.

Segment captures customer’s information through the API and makes them easy to understand and beneficial for your business. Here’s how it works:


The processes done in your website and mobile apps can be captured and kept in the Segment Libraries, for your use.


13. Google Trends

Google Trends is a solution that shows the graphical representation on how a particular keyword or topic is trending in US or globally.

It’s a free Google services for topic analytics. It’s very helpful in market research and web surfing behaviour tracking.

For example, let’s see what’s trending right now around the world.


With this tools you can know what the world is thinking about your product and services.

You definitely need Google Trend.

For example, if you’re a small business consultant and wants to know how popular the market is, all you’ve to do is input the keyword into the Google Trends search box and search it.

Sadly, from the graph below, you can see that the demand for “small business consultant” is constantly going down. It’s now left for you to decide whether to move on or quit.



14. Blog Topic Generator

Do you know what your next blog post topic is?

How do you craft the headline? Truth is, the headline is the most important element of your content. According to Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline.

If you’re stuck right now and don’t know what to write about, you’re not alone. You can use the HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator.

To get started, simply enter your keywords into the blank spaces. Then click on the “Give Me Blog Topics.”


Next, the tool gives you a Week of Blog Topics:


Note: These topics are analyzed based on the keywords. The chances of going viral if you promote your content is high. You can see how clear the headlines are.

Moz confirmed that clear headlines with numbers are preferred by users.



15. Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator functions in a similar way as HubSpot’s blog topic generator.

The tool generates trending and irresistible blog post titles, so you don’t have to. Simply enter your keyword in the space provided and click on the white arrow.


Next, the tool gives you an idea for a blog post. It may not be grammatically correct, hence, you need to tweak it.


Content Idea Generator is your content creation guide, when you’re looking to get more content out there – but don’t have the time to always write headlines from scratch.

When inputting your keywords, avoid CAPITALIZATION. Else, the tool will return headlines that don’t read well.

Moz confirmed that using Sentence Case in headlines convert 64 % while ALL CAPS convert at 21%.


It’s ironic, but despite knowing how powerful content is in today’s digital marketplace, so many marketers have a hard time creating compelling content.

Creating a successful content marketing strategy is almost difficult, without making room for content creation and distribution. Let this tool guide you.


16. Evernote

It’s time to remember everything.

Evernote is a cross-platform marketing app, developed for taking note, organizing, and archiving ideas. These notes can be in form of formatted text, full webpage/excerpt, voice memo, photographs and even handwritten ink.


Jotting down few notes whether on a business call or meeting, helps you remember and make smarter business decisions.

But instead of using pen and paper, use Evernote app on your mobile device and you’ll be fine.

When taking notes, they’re immediately updated on all your devices and stored in the cloud. So accessing your ideas from anywhere won’t be a problem.

A recent study found that 54% of the most effective B2B Marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.

As we all know, ideas rule the world. Lots of successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook started with an idea. I’m sure your business was a simple idea that you’re passionate about.

With the search button on Evernote, it’s very easy to find any note you’ve saved, even words on PDF documents. It also allows you to share your ideas in notes with your team.


17. Buildfire

Buildfire is the easiest way to build mobile apps. And these are not your average mobile apps – you can check out the features.


The use of internet via mobile devices is always on the increase. As a marketer, can your customers access your products through their mobile devices?

According to a statistic by Statista  in 2012, mobile in-application sales was predicted to exceed $36,887 billion in 2017.


In-app marketing is too competitive with over 1.8 million mobile apps already available on Google Play store and Apple store respectively.

If you wish to leverage mobile apps in your marketing, you need a robust drag and drop builder like

Irrespective of what your business looks like, Buildfire has a variety of templates that will suite your business. Funny enough, you don’t need programming skills, yet, your mobile app can be reader in 15 minutes.



18. Buzzsumo

One of the reasons why most brands embrace content marketing is to create brand awareness. And this can only happen when you leverage social media.


But the surprising fact is that only 38% of B2B marketers are reported to have an effective content marketing. How sad?

How effective is your content marketing?

If you’re looking to improve performance, and get your content shared across social networks, Buzzsumo is the right tool.


Buzzsumo is a powerful tool that scours the entire web and shows you content that generated the most social shares – for a given keyword or topic.


You can also use the tool to identify the social media influencers who can amplify your content reach.


19. VWO

Do you wish to get the best out of your web marketing?

With different marketing ideas and strategies available, integrating them into your business can be confusing at times. Because what worked for Mr A. may not work for you.

To eliminate guesswork from your web marketing campaigns, you should split test.


Knowing firsthand what people want from your landing page or ad copy (and why) is a huge step toward implementing a successful content marketing strategy.

That’s why you need VWO – the A/B Split testing software for marketers that work. Use VWO to tweak, optimize and personalize your website with minimal IT help. You can conduct A/B testing, Url split testing, multivariate.

What an easy way to ascertain the best strategy that works for you.


VWO also provides you with real user feedback, and analysis of your landing page performance.

This tool keeps you informed with analysis on your revenue, visitor segment metrics – improves your audience targeting, and uses personalized content to engage your audience.

This case study at Unbounce showcases  several brands that uses split testing to improve their conversion rates and increase revenue.


20. Contentful

It’s always been difficult to get the right CMS that provides seamless word processing tasks.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that Contentful is a content management developer platform with an API at its core. The developers have done a great job – and users are happy with this solution.


It’s clear that content consumption is stronger on mobile than PCs, as more people use smartphones to browse the internet.

Infact, marketers are now creating content in mobile format, hence, multi-device publishing seems to bring good results.


What CMS do you recommend to support true multi-device publishing?

Contentful is an easy to use content editing tool, with the adjustable platform that integrate with the best CMS features. This this tool, you can increase your publishing speed and efficiency.

Top brands like Nike, eBay and Red Bull have succeeded with Contentful. You should try it.


21. Pixxfly

If you’re a marketer whose content needs a little polish to get results, don’t worry. With Pixxfly and some actionable tips from established writers, you can create a truly impressive content that people will love.


Pixxfly is an action-driven tool to power your content marketing. It’s time to unleash the viral potentials of your content.

This all in one solution supports content distribution, syndication, publishing, PR, video, research & content performance measurement.

And talking about the Content Distribution feature, which allows you to upload your marketing videos, images, podcasts, infographics, and press releases and schedule distribution to one or multiple social media accounts with one click.

A multi-tasking marketing tool that simplifies every aspect of your content strategy.

Pixxfly helps you to engage your customers easily directly on the major social platforms. This is so important, because most customers expect to have their brand’s presence on different social platforms.


With over 1,000 top news sites, social sites, journalists, and database made accessible for your content to be shared – from a single dashboard.

Pixxfly keeps tracks and measures the effectiveness of your content across all your social accounts – and notifies you of your most effective campaign, with detailed analysis.


22. BrightEdge

A lot of marketers and brands spend so much into digital content marketing with the hope of generating quality leads and customers.

Sadly, 51% of these marketers fail because they can’t measure content performance.


But with BrightEdge Content Performance Tool, you can plan, optimize and set up campaigns based on actual content performance. Do you know that your content is competing against billions of pages?

In case you don’t know, you need a tool that can target demand, optimize content, and measure results.


With BrightEdge, you can eliminate guesswork from your content strategy, and run content by the numbers. As an Enterprise SEO platform, you can use content insights to optimize your pages and improve search rankings.

According to BrightEdge, last year marketers invested over $135 billion in the creation of digital marketing content.

As you would expect, this content has limited value unless it’s well optimized and distributed. More so, it must be connected to ROI. You can use the Content Optimizer to polish your next content.




Is the money in the list?

Yes, to an extent, that phrase is correct.


However, a list of subscribers means nothing unless you nurture them and make them trust you.

In all, email marketing still remains one of the best ways to engage and retain customers through personalized emails.

According to the 2013 MarketingSherpa Email Benchmark Survey, “67% of marketers say that delivering highly relevant content is a strategic goal their organization wants to achieve through email marketing.”


Several studies have shown that it takes more resources to acquire a new lead than to retain an already existing one.

That being said, you need to get serious with email list building. Start today.

Don’t you think it’s high time to send better emails and sell more products.

MailChimp is an email marketing tool that you should use to build a customer acquisition strategy for your brand.

At the surface, MailChimp looks rather simple, but it’s powerful. Check out how you can use MailChimp to grow your brand.


The tool uses your customers purchase history and behaviors to segment your list – so that you can recommend relevant products to specific segments and boost your conversions rate.

What a powerful way to personalize your email campaigns for your subscribers?

Funny enough, this is what 75% of your customers want you to do.




Digital marketing is thriving for most brands thanks in large part to the different social channels and marketing tools.

Okay, we can’t forget mobile marketing, which has swept the entire web like a rushing flood.

Indeed, when you dig into marketing data, any notion that social media, email, search, mobile marketing, or PR is “dying” with consumers is a joke.

Evolving – yes. Dying, absolutely not.2

Developing and maintaining a good marketing campaign takes time and effort.

When it looks as though nothing is happening to your business, you may need to re-evaluate your strategy and marketing tools.

Because at the end of day, your results is dependent on how you adapt to changes in the marketplace to align with consumer behavior.

24 Useful Social Media Tools To Increase Your Brand Presence Online

Social media has redefined digital marketing.

Are you actively promoting your business and improving your brand at the same time on social media?

If you can’t confidently answer this question, then it’s possible that you haven’t leveraged the right tools – you prefer to do it manually.

Come on, how far can you go with a ‘manual’ social strategy?

No matter your level of expertise as a digital marketer, if you use the right social media tool, you’ll gain more traction online and achieve your sales goals.

Stop struggling to drive targeted traffic and customers to your business. They’re right under your nose. Really!

The use of social media tools have skyrocketed since 2013. According to Cloudswave, 3 billion out of 7.2 billion people on earth have access to the internet, and 2.1 billion of them are active on social media. That’s huge!


With millions of people engaging on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and lots of others, leveraging social media marketing will jet your business to a higher level.

Since customers now interact with brands via social media, it’s a great opportunity for every marketer to develop a good social media marketing plan.

Yes, you need to do this if you want to get customers attention and increase revenue.

The benefits of social media marketing are enormous. Recent study from Dzineclub shows that up to 51% of internet users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social platform.


See, you don’t have to become a certified social media manager before you can benefit from it. Sure, if you have the opportunity to get certified, go for it.

Moving on, I’ve a question for you:

“How do you manage your social media activities?

Activities such as monitoring, posting, updating, analyzing, technical issues, decision making, customer services, and the like.

Trust me, the mere thought of it could scare the hell out of you.

Social media marketing is tedious and discouraging.

However, if properly done, you’ll be amazed at the significant result and impact that your brand would make.

Enough of the praises. Here are the 24 social media tools that will boost your social presence. These tools are quite affordable. Some of them are 100% free.


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How serious are you with social media marketing?

At, we invest a lot of time and money on social media marketing, because it helps us amplify our content reach.

You should embrace social media. It’s worth your time. Except that you need the right tool.

Hootsuite is a project level social media management tool, which enables you to post, monitor and grow your brand on different social media platforms. It’s used by over 10 million professionals.


Now that the internet is widely used to promote a business and distribute content, Hootsuite range of social features will amaze you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re an advanced online marketer, this social media tool might just be your hidden gem.

When you’re business minded and wants to connect with like minds, LinkedIn is the best channel. Could this be the reason why 91% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn and only 34% uses Pinterest?


Truth be told, it’s difficult to see a brand or marketer using only one social media platform. Most brands use 3 – 5 social sites. All in all, Hootsuite supports the major social sites.

Though managing social media campaigns can be tedious at times, but when you leverage Hootsuite, you can simplify the entire process and achieve maximum results.

Specifically, Hootsuite helps you to monitor your posts, and review what your audience are saying about your product/services and brand.

And with these information you can easily optimize your content to suit your audience.



As a marketer, you can acquire leads from different sources other than social media. However, social media is a great source for generating inbound leads.

According to the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing, “inbound delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound leads.”


Therefore, if you’re looking to power your inbound marketing via social media, I introduce another powerful social media tool that has received a lot of love from digital space – AgoraPulse.

If you’re worried about using different apps to manage each of your social media accounts, then choosing Agorapulse won’t be a bad idea.

It’s a simple and affordable social media management tool. And of course, you can view reports on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timelines in one dashboard.


More importantly, you can schedule content for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with Agorapulse.

This app is great for lead generation, because it comes with an unlimited campaign features, which increases your brand awareness on Facebook and other social  media platforms.

And with facebook being one of the largest social platform, which 52% of marketers testified to have acquired a customer from.


It also allows you to organize in-store contests, promotions and offer coupons, through which it collects your visitor’s or lead’s data.

With the rich messaging features, you’ll never miss a comment or message on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

It’s high time you upgrade your social experience. Use AgoraPulse to Schedule and publish content. And get stunning reports.



Socialoomph is a social management app with lots of rich features that will boost your brand awareness quickly. Several brands have testified to boosting their productivity with this social tool.


Like most social apps, Socialoomph enables you to schedule your posts, and track your results. So whether you’re logged on to your social accounts or not, this app ensures that your brand is never asleep.

To a large extent, the more relevant content you post on different social media sites, the more chances you’ve to drive more traffic and leads.

Similarly, consistent posting will keep you in touch with your customers, as 93% of customers expect their preferred brands to always be online on social media.


Socialooph comes with extra features for monitoring your tweets. Based on your settings and keywords, it periodically sends you relevant tweets.

But that’s not all. It also alerts you when your brand or website is mentioned in a tweet or post, including people who replied to your tweets or posts.



Sprout social is a widely used social media management app, because it allows you and your team observe, reply, gauge and work together in order to achieve your set goals.


When it comes to customer service, Sprout Social provides you with the most influential tools. Through these, you can connect and communicate with your leads and social fans easily, resolve issues, and create brand advocates.

For your convenience, Sprout Social organizes information in six areas:

sprout social navigation menu 570x53

And messages from your social fans and followers appear in one stream:


You can easily reply a tweet or comment from the message stream faster.

It’ll shock you to know that customers are likely to recommend brands on social media that offer quick response even when it’s ineffective compared to brands that offer slow, but effective response


This is an indication that your social fans and customers want to hear from you as quickly as possible – and they are likely to make purchase again, if your response is effective.

As a social media marketer, Sprout social app will redefine how you connect and communicate with the target audience. Because it helps you manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place.



Do you want to make smart social media decisions?

If yes, then you can count on Crowdbooster. Armed with this social tool, rather than analyzing your social media reports manually, it automatically updates it automatically and periodically.


CrowdBooster provides you with the most important social media real-time reports, such number of likes, comments, shares, retweets, replies, potential impressions, reach, followers, all in time for your use.

In order to get the best out of your post on social media, it’s important to understand social timing, as this would boost or mar your engagement.


Crowdbooster gives you deep insights on the best time to tweet or post on Facebook.

It guides you on emerging opportunities to engage your followers and influencers who often retweet your tweets.


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6. Edgerank Checker

Do you know the direction that your social media campaign is going? Being cautious can help you identify this path. In search marketing, you split test your campaigns.

“EdgeRank is the Facebook algorithm that decides which stories appear in each user’s newsfeed.”

Edgerank checker is a free tool you need. It sets the bar high, giving you an edge over your competitors. It enables Facebook marketers to check their page’s exposure within Facebook.

A sure path to optimizing your Facebook pages effectively.


Since Facebook currently has the highest social media users, leveraging on it and tracking your progress along the way is a sure path to acquired targeted leads and customers.


With the Ads analytics that allows you to gauge your ads, page and content performance on facebook, alongside your competitors’ in order to ascertain how effective yours are – you need this tool.

Edgerank Checker will checkmate your performance against regional benchmarks with the use of flexible multi-compare feature – giving you ideas about the best strategy to integrate into your social marketing to attain optimal results.



Tailwind is an official partner for Pinterest marketing, so it’s the most attractive tool to boost your social marketing through Pinterest.


Though Pinterest is a fairly new social media platform, but it currently has over 100 million active users.

Most brands are still skeptical about Pinterest advertising, because it’s new. Yet, they forget this is the core reason why they should leverage it.

In fact, Pinterest users are targeted buyers. What attracts them to this social network is its visual appeal. Guess what? social posts with images receive 94% more page visits than social posts without images.

A study by Shopify revealed that 96% of Pinterest users research what they plan to buy on Pinterest. And 87% of sales are made on Pinterest.


Tailwind gives you the opportunity you to schedule multiple pins, bulk uploads and calendar, for consistent audience engagement.

Use the social tool to optimize your pins, by suggesting the most efficient time to send your pins in order to maximize your engagement.

Yes, you can get detailed reports for your published content – to determine what’s effective and what’s not.



With over 1 million users, you can’t go wrong with Buffer.


Buffer is a social media scheduling manager that allows you to schedule your social posts, update your timelines, giving you the opportunity to reach new fans and engage existing fans and customers.

Buffer currently supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

With  the constant use of social media by internet users, leveraging on each of the social platforms will boost your chance of increasing your brand awareness.


You see, even if your blog posts are great, if you don’t distribute them effectively, no one will read them. That’s where Buffer comes in.

As you schedule your posts to go out as a tweet, Facebook share, or pins, you can measure performance through the user-friendly dashboard.



If you’re a B2B marketer, don’t make the mistake of choosing a social media tool that’s designed for B2C marketing. Trust me, the plan, approach and features you need are different.

According to Lee Odden, founder of Top Rank Blog, “B2B marketers who are goals focused, strategic in planning and action are more effective.”

Oktopost is a B2B social media management tool designed to help you generate qualified leads for your business. It helps you to schedule your post to more than one social profiles, from a single interface.


Oktopost keeps you informed about your social marketing, with reports on clicks, conversions, and other engagements for each of your posts.

This social media tool helps you to determine quality contents to share with your audience – and keep them engaged at all times. Magical things happen when customers are engaged.

According to a case study by Gallup, customer engagement boost sales and average revenue per user.


Truly, it’s difficult to manually determine which type of content your audience prefers you post on social media. But with Oktopost it’s simple. The tool finds relevant conversations and leads you into it naturally.



Meet Edgar is a social media tool manager which you can use to categorize your posts and specify which social sites you wish them to be posted on. It also creates a posting schedule based on the category.


If you find yourself constantly replacing old posts with new ones on your blog, it’d be difficult to squeeze the most results out of your best posts.

But when you leverage social Edgar, you can still your target audience to enjoy your old posts.

Data from Wiselytics shows that the Your tweet half-life is 1 billion times shorter than Carbon-14’s, the Half-life of a tweet is 4x shorter than a Facebook post tweet, and that of your blog post is 10 days.


This simply implies that a post can only receive its full traffic if exposed for 20 days after being published. Tell me: do you’ve enough time to tweet 20x per day?

I know, it’s daunting.

That’s where Edgar comes in. Use Edgar to schedule both your old and new posts for your social fans.

This gives you an edge over your competitors, as well as help you gain more traction and build social influence.

So unlike other social tool manager, Edgar tries as much as possible to optimize each post for optimal performance.

After publishing posts, Edgar kicks into action and queue them up to the bottom of your schedule library, to republish them in the event that no new post is added.

It keeps your audience engaged, giving your useful posts another exposure to drive more traffic to your website or blog.


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Socialflow employs a data-driven approach to social media marketing.

As a social management tool, it helps you replace illogical scheduling with actionable data about the best times your target audiences will be active and monitors their activities when they’re online.


Monitoring your social fans is the most effective way to guarantee that your posts and messages reaches the right people.

It allows you to schedule your posts accompanied without jeopardizing your brand culture. In other words, you get to keep your cool.

More so, your audience can view your social updates via mobile. Data from Adobe on Mobile Consumer Survey found that 71% of people use mobile devices to access social media.

With its recent update, new features like calendar and content classification have been added to Socialflow – to improve your posting.


The best social media marketing strategies are informed by data and one of the most versatile social app to supply user data for developing your strategy comes from has amazing features to power your social media campaigns.

If I were you, I would give it a shot. You can easily download the Chrome Browser Extension to see information from social networks as you browse.

image20 enables you to preview all your social accounts from a single interface. It provides essential information on the performance of your posts across different social channels.

Creating a strong brand awareness goes beyond focusing on one social platform.

With more than 176 million users already active on social sites and each user having more than one social media account, maximizing your brand awareness can be  confusing, when trying to reach these people.

But with, managing multiple social media account is child’s play.

From a single dashboard, you can schedule posts, post to your timelines instantly, track performance, engage your audience, and do much more.



Trust me, social media marketing goes beyond updating your Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

Way more!

If you look the ROI of social media chart below, you’ll see that 74% of CMOs believe they’ll tie social media efforts to hard ROI this year.


You also need to drive conversions. With Sniply, you can add a call-to-action to every link you share.

Sniply is one of such powerful social media tool that allows you to engage your followers through every link you share.

image42 generates a clean call-to-action into your content, in such a way that your readers can easily see it. This is a powerful way to increase lead generation.

Even Tandberg, a leader in the field of teleconferencing, increased its lead generation by 50% from a simple homepage CTA, which perfectly blended with the headline, subtitle and images.

Since you’re likely to get more traffic from social media and authority sites, by exposing your post link more, is the tool you should grab with both arms.

image21 monitors your links click-through rates, conversion rates, and collects loads of  data to determine how engaged your audience is with the link you shared.


14. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho is an all-in-one platform tool that facilitates live chat, analyzes and track visitors’ behaviors, and powers your social marketing.

This attractive tool collects essential information like user location, web path, and so on are monitored and captured by Zoho tool.


Zoho is good for building a strong customer relationship that will in turn lead to build trust and customer loyalty.

As you already know, your customer’s information is the most valuable asset for your business. Hence, you’re advised to capture email addresses and phone numbers of your ideal customers.

With the deep insights Zoho delivers, you can differentiate between casual visitors, qualified leads, and customers. That way, you can filter those who are still on the fence.

Remember that building a sticky online presence boils down to interacting with your audience. In 2012, the rate at which consumers interact with brands via social media increased from 19% to 36%.


Through Zoho, you will receive notifications from prospects and chat with them real time.

The strength of Zoho SalesIQ to integrate language translator has broken language barrier. No matter your customer’s country or language, you can still engage them.


15. Pablo

Using visuals in your social media marketing is guaranteed to bring you better results. One of such visuals is images.

Generally, social media users love images. Interestingly, Buffer tested the effect of images on tweets, and found that tweets with relevant images get about 198% more clicks than tweets without images.


Using the right images for your social engagement is critical. But not everyone is design-savvy. But don’t give up.

Buffer designed Pablo to help marketers like you who have no professional training in graphic designs.

Pablo is a simple app that helps you design compelling images for your social media campaigns. In less than 5 minutes, you can have a great image for your Facebook ad copy.


It has an image bank or library with over 50,000 free royal photos that you can choose from, or upload your own custom background image from your computer.

Then, the rest is fun: Simply select a tool, add text and logos that will best suit the social media you want and post it. Pablo will do the resizing for you.

Till date, visual is still king. According to Promoworx, 40% of your audience will respond better to visual content rather than written text.



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16. AtomicReach

Content marketing is the lifeblood of your online business.

If you want to get ahead quickly, and build deep and lasting loyalty with your target audience, you need to invest money in creating compelling content.

When done correctly, you’ll be amazed the the results that content marketing will deliver to your business.

Though it takes dedication and skill to replicate one-time success with this marketing strategy, but 42% of B2B marketers say they’re effective at content marketing already.


What makes people love and read one particular article, but ignore the other?

The truth is, you can’t run your content marketing on assumption. You need a tool to help pinpoint where you’re getting it all wrong with your content.

This is why you need Atomic Reach.

AtomicReach is more than a social media tool. It helps you grow your sales with smarter content.

All you’ve to do is input your content URL into the search box, then click on the “submit” button.

Note: You need to sign up first.

Atomic Reach will analyze your content and give you deep insights on what your audience expects.


If your content isn’t well optimized for your readers’ enjoyment, the tool will likely return a score less than 50% – and show you how to quickly fix the errors.

Atomic Reach is built to help content marketers produce compelling content.

Posting compelling content to the wrong audience is one deadly mistake that most content marketers make.

Sadly, when your content gets to the wrong people, Moz confirms there’s a 96% increase of customers abandoning a page without completing the right actions.




Without a doubt, Twitter marketing, when done correctly, can help you acquire new leads and customers to your business.

There are several tools that you can use.

For example, Marketing Land shared a case study: How Adobe used Twitter Lead Gen Cards to drive enrollments for a brand new online college.

That being said, TweetDeck can help you achieve so much when you’re marketing on Twitter.


TweetDeck enables you to:

i).   Create a custom Twitter experience: You can easily organize and build collections, track your lists, searches and other activities.

ii).  Find exactly what you’re looking for: At the top of each timeline, TweetDeck allows you to create searches to track events, topics, and hashtags.

iii).  Manage multiple accounts: Follow new accounts, tweet new posts, manage your accounts, and do much more.

It’s a real time Twitter app, good at tracking, organizing, and engaging your customers.


Read: The Beginner’s Guide To TweetDeck

Your customers’ experiences on social media are created and profiled individually.

Manage your timelines, track sites visited, searches made, all the activities, and user behaviors are summarized in a single interface.

All these are meant to strengthen customer relationship with your audience. And this is so vital, because building relationship with customers will improve customer satisfaction by 74%.




Twitter has numerous apps but Tweetcaster is exceptional. Many believe it’s the best that has happened to Twitter.


You’ve got a lot of Tweet Options when using TweetCaster, such as Popular tweets, Private tweets, Tweet history, Retweet, Reply, Zip It, unique tweets, themes and many more.


If you need multiple Twitter accounts, maybe for business and personal purposes, TweetCaster will be a perfect idea because it can manage and sort account details for clarity.

TweetCaster also has a feature called “Zip It”. With this Zip it, you can mute a user for a period of time.


For example, users’ who are passionate about football and basketball tweets can be monitored and controlled when such tweets aren’t needed.

TweetCaster lets you schedule tweets at the right time. As you already know, the success of a tweet depends on the timing.



Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social influence, performance and social graph. It does this in 3 simple steps:

  • It finds trends
  • Analyze the trends
  • And optimize them for social growth.

With Followerwonk, you get to truly understand your followers, and their preferred time to tweet. You can use the “Twitter analytics” a sub tool of  Followerwonk to manage all of that.

Influencer marketing is another reason for using social media. Knowing your influencers is critical if you want to amplify your content reach.

“Super actionable visualization” is a sub-tool under Followerwonk that distill out industry experts and influencers for you.

Also, Followerwonk plots a graph that differentiate users from super influencers in your niche, and easily shares your reports with them.

According to cognique, this idea of satisfying your customers and identifying your influencers will help your business gain 88% retention rate and loyalty.



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Manageflitter is trusted by more than 3,000,000 users globally. It’s claimed to be the most powerful Twitter bio search on the planet. You should give it a shot.


If you’ve multiple Twitter accounts, you may run into muddy waters trying to manage all of them at the same time. Sorting and filtering your accounts with a mediocre tool will complicate the issue.

Connecting to relevant people increase your chances of reaching out to influencers that will grow your presence online.



If managing your Twitter accounts looks daunting, Tweepi can help you.

Tweepi is a simple Twitter tool that you can use to get more followers and engage existing ones.


Use the tool to cleanup your social media accounts. It’s necessary to flush out inactive users that aren’t responding to your tweets – so that you can pay more attention to loyal Twitter followers.

Your influencers and new prospects who indicated much interest should be given due attention to cement the relationship. This is important.

Therefore, keeping your accounts clean and active at all times is a process good social media managers must employ.

Remember that your Twitter followers (which consists mainly of your customers) need to be engaged, else, they will jump to another brand.

Listening to your loyal fans, answering their questions, and making visible your valuable content is the best way to build customer engagement.

According to Followup Boss, 78% of customers will be loyal to a brand if the content is compelling and relevant.


Tweepi will capture followers indicating interest on your topic and headlines.

Your brand needs Tweepi. If you’re yet to get aboard, now is the time.

Pauline Cabrera of Social Media Strategist said that, Tweepi is “an incredible tool for analyzing the activity and sociability of your Twitter followers.”



Can I be honest with you?

Okay, I know that Socedo has a weird name, but it’s one of the most attractive social media tool out there. If you’re a B2B marketer, you need this tool right now.


According to Eszter Szikora, the Social Media Manager at Apigee, “Socedo helped increase the number of leads following Apigee on Twitter by more than 50% while connecting those leads directly to our Marketo system.”

What will Socedo do for you as a digital marketer?

Isn’t it obvious?

It’ll help you discover your best prospects, capture their data, interests and pain points.

You know, when prospects are looking to buy your products, but lack the confidence to move on, you need to understand the stage they currently are, eliminate the objections and persuade them to add an item to cart right now.

Socedo monitors real-time user’s behavior before qualifying them as leads. The user’s interests are strategically filtered to give room for motivated buyers.

Motivated buyers will not only buy your product, but also promote your brand.

Socedo helps you save time and get productive, as you focus on the core aspects of your social media campaigns – without getting drowned by the latest shiny object.



To a large extent, your customers don’t want more content, but a few content that truly helps them. Publishing generic content consistently is not a good content strategy.

Do you know that aggressive marketing could run you down?

Sure it can, especially when you’re pushing sales messages down your customer’s throat.


It’s always ideal to understand your audience first, before creating content. Because, whenever you push great content to the wrong audience, you’ll dent your brand image.

You need Post Planner to help plan your content strategy. The tool operates on the simple premise:


Post Planner plays a key role beyond social post scheduling and management. The tool is designed to boost your engagement.

With Post Planner, you can easily FIND, PLAN and POST content that is irresistible, valuable, and scientifically proven to increase social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

Without a doubt, publishing more posts will not bring you success. You need to publish and promote the right kind of posts.

That being said, since it’s generally daunting for both B2B and B2C to create engaging content, Post Planner can help you.


Data from SuperOffice found that 68% of customers will leave a company if they’re not catered for. On the web, the only way to engage people is through content marketing and customer service.


Having sleepless nights about the type of content your audience will read and share shouldn’t be your concern. Let Post Planner handle it for you.



How do you know the type of content that your audience loves?

Buzzsumo can help. Use the tool to scour the entire web and find most shared content and key influencers.


Not every content (e.g., articles, blog posts) is created equal. Some topics have the capacity to go viral, while others will suffer. Hey, there’s nothing you can do about it!

Before creating your content, use the power of Buzzsumo to find these hot topics. Get to know how many social shares a particular post has garnered on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.


Here’s a summary of the benefits of using Buzzsumo:


You can also use Buzzsumo to track your competitor’s domain name and determine which of their posts are generating the most social shares.


You can leverage on competitor’s data to improve your content and get massive social shares.



If you’re looking to build a stellar brand online that gets noticed, you’ll need the right social media tools.

Setting up a social media campaign without leveraging tools is like trying to melt an iron with your bare hands. How possible can it be?

All these social media tools are essentially great in their unique ways.

In order to choose the right social media management tool for your business, you need to have a good understanding of what your business goals are.

Do you really need to use all the tools at once? No, you don’t.

All you need is one or two to kickstart your social media campaigns. As you scale your business and your needs increase, you know it’s time to consider another tool.

16 Social Media Apps To Build Your Online Presence Quicker

Are you struggling to get the best out of social media?

If yes, you’re not alone. Most brands and marketers are just confused when it comes to social media marketing.

But I’m confident that if you have the right social media app or tool, you can achieve tremendous results that you would ordinarily wish for.

It’s one thing to select the right social media application, but an entirely different ball game when you understand how to use it.

The truth is that understanding how social media works, and leveraging the right social apps can help you achieve dramatic results.

For example, the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” was one of the most successful social media fundraising and awareness effort we’ve seen in a long time. The ALS challenge helped the Association raise $115 million.

Towards the end of 2014, the campaign had resulted in 1.2 million videos on Facebook and 2.2 million references on Twitter.

Also, the President of Smirk New Media Mike Koehler said that, “Ice Bucket Challenge” awareness campaign is the most successful social media campaign effort he has ever seen.

If this success story appeals to you, the question you should be asking yourself is, “How will I make my social media campaign work?”

You’ve got to understand the process, not the end result.

Regrettably, a lot of small businesses are not leveraging on the potentials that lie in social media to its fullest. Although, the target audience can’t do without these apps.

According to Statista, 74% of respondents use mobile apps during break to keep busy. This shows how desperate users need apps to socialize.


What Are Social Media Apps?

Social media apps are basically small and unique programs that handle various needs of customers, such as chatting, watching videos, filming, playing games, online payments, and documenting traveling expenses.

The growth of Messaging and Social apps actually exploded in 2013 by 203% – and till date, it’s been on the increase.


Before I share the 17 apps with you, remember to select the social apps that will help understand your customers better, collect essential data, and make smart decisions.

In summary, here are the benefits of using social media apps:

  • Reach your customers far and wide. You’ll keep in touch and build strong customer relationship, no matter where your customers live.
  • Build customer loyalty and engagement: There are several ways to engage your customers and make them stay. For one, when users pay online without stress, it brings them satisfaction that generates unflinching loyalty to your brand.
  • Gathering user contacts, locations, and buying habits: These information will help you to understand customer behavior perfectly.

Social media is the most viable channel for achieving these stated results. Yes, you may try to get all of these through search, email, or PR, but with social media your results will stand out.

If you’ll leverage on any of the social media apps below, then get ready to experience a boom in your business.

Social media apps are too numerous to mention.

This is where most brands and marketers fall into a ditch, since they don’t know how to choose the app that fits their business.

I hope this extensive list helps you. Let’s begin with my favorite:


1. (formally is a smart social intelligence app that helps you uncover and connect with the right audience.


You’ll find everything you need to understand people, connect with them, get into the conversation so that you can think and talk like them – and finally, influencing them to say “Let’s do it.”

And for you to maximize this powerful tool, you need to set a clear business goal? It may sound common, but it’s a fact. Funny enough, even graduates don’t set goals.

Here’s an excerpt by Mark McCormack:

“In the book What They Don’t Teach You in the Harvard Business School, Mark McCormack tells a study conducted on students in the 1979 Harvard MBA program. In that year, the students were asked, “Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” Only three percent of the graduates had written goals and plans; 13 percent had goals, but they were not in writing; and a whopping 84 percent had no specific goals at all.”

Make no mistakes about it, as it’s with graduates and students, so it is with small businesses all around the world.

They forget that without a goal, the destination is “nowhere.”

Do you’ve long-term goals for your business?

Where do you want your business to be in the next 3, 5, or 10 years?

Without a doubt, I know that you’re involved with content marketing.

With the integration of social media into your content marketing strategy, which seems to be a better way of engaging your customers, you can trounce your competition and grow your business.

When it comes to social media networks, Twitter stands tall. In fact, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the top 3 social media sites used by marketers. Why?

Because, if you get serious with these three networks, you can reach tens of thousands of qualified leads, and convert them into customers easily.


Audiense is a versatile social media app that allows you to find the tweet your audience responds to.

DHL Africa launched a Twitter campaign “HaveYouHeard” and use the use of Audiense’s powerful Twitter analytics tools, the brand found over 65,000 Twitter influencers in 45 African countries. [source]

The campaign hashtag #AfricaAsOne reached over 1,200,750,000, with an advertising value equivalent of £12,112,867.

Since your product sales depends heavily on your customers, it’s very important to know what your customers/audience are saying about your brand.

With Audiense, this information like full name, location, level of education and nature of job are made available to you.

It also helps to segment old and new customers, and identify influencers whom you can leverage on to further amplify your reach. With this social media app reaching out to new customers is never a tedious task.

It supports organic and paid search. It monitors the effect of your ad placement, and gives you insights to optimize ads performance.



Often times, I see digital marketers who lament bitterly that they’re not getting feedback from their audience on social media.

Truth is, you need this feedback, no matter how ego-boosting or an outright social backlash it is.


People are often weighed down with thoughts on how best to engage their audience, in order acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Truth is, it’s difficult to get people’s feedback on social media, especially when you’re not an influencer. You need to listen more (popularly referred to as social listening).

According to Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins, from the Harvard Business Review, “As your role grows in scale and influence, so too must your ability to listen. But listening is one of the toughest skills to master — and requires uncovering deeper barriers within oneself.”

However, there is good news – Trendspottr.

Trendspottr is a predictive trend intelligence platform, globally recognized and used  by brands, marketers and digital and PR agencies. Use the social media app to find key influencers for any topic and identify viral content.


Trendspottr app has a technology that identifies upcoming trends, with the potential to go viral in a short time.

It helps you monitor your campaign on Twitter and other social sites, even hours  or days after they have gone viral.

With the app, you can easily determine the most relevant content to share with your audience at the appropriate time. Because, the right timing to an extent is more important than the content you share with your audience.


Trendspotter shows you possible threats to your business. If I were you, this is a powerful feature to grab with both arms.

Come on, the benefits of using Trendspottr to monitor trends and predict what the future holds for your industry are enormous. Isn’t it time you begin to optimize audience experience, track emerging trends, and consumer sentiments?

Leading companies such as Marketwired, Edelman, Ogilvy, Dynamic Signal, Deloitte, State Farm and Ipsos use Trendspottr to get the best of their content marketing efforts.



There are so many reasons why people use social media, and Twitter in particular. With LeadSift, you can mine your social data for over 70 types of commercial intents.

You need to understand user intents. Otherwise, you’ll be hitting your feet on the rock – and your competitors might gain the upper hand.

With LeadSift, you get notified whenever a prospect engages with your competition. Successful businesses are always at the forefront.


Do you know that when your ideal customers are engaging with your competitors more, that your brand is suffering?

The consequence is that you may end up generating traffic to your website, but these people will likely not respond to your offers. Because, until they convert, you don’t get the sale. This is why lead nurturing is so vital.


With this social media app, you’ll find and follows up potential traffic that are likely to become customers.

It’s not as difficult as it seems. You can do it, provided that you focus on nurturing your audience.

LeadShift is designed in a smart way to detect the exact language spoken using powerful natural language filters – which integrates with your keywords to categorize your customers based on their specific behaviors.

As a powerful social media monitoring tool, you can integrate it into your lead generation, content marketing, and customer support systems to further boost your bottom line.



Can I be honest with you?

Okay, with your permission, I can boldly say that I haven’t seen a more powerful social media app like Zuum. The app helps you generate accurate insights about your ideal customers quickly.


Truly, Zuum has no rival. Because the data it gives you is reliable. The new perspective that it brings to your analytics is something you can’t ignore.

This perspective cuts across content performance analysis, full competitive analysis, social media reporting system, Facebook analytics, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram analytics.

You can’t afford to ignore Zuum. You should integrate it into your content marketing strategy.



If you’ve been looking for ways to determine your content performance across several verticals, this might just be the tool you need.

Do you know why it’s important to know the content that your audience mostly engages with?

Well, it’s obvious. You’ll get better results. According to a recent ecommerce statistics, engaged customers demonstrate over 90% purchase frequency.


So if you can identify the exact content that your audience are more engaged with, you can consistently deliver great customer experience and solve their specific problems.



Are you ready to grow your business faster?

First, I want to bring to your consciousness that social media marketing isn’t limited to desktop computers and users, but also to mobile users. If you focus on desktop users alone, you may not get the meat of your audience.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a plan to build customer loyalty, or get quick sales, you need to reach your audience where they are.

Nimble is one of the best social app that’s suitable for engaging customers on social media networks, irrespective of the device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Laptops) they’re logged on. The tool equally acts as a social sales and marketing CRM software.


Nimble is an intelligent app that gathers your relevant contacts and provides you with relevant content ideas you need to establish a deeper relationship with your prospects and customers.

The Smart Contacts App provides the context you need to connect intelligently, and take action from any social site or business app. So you’re more likely to attend to customers at any given time, and eventually build up your customer’s trust.


Nimble has an automatic self-updating feature, which combines relevant data about your visitors and lead from variety of sources.

It provides you with important data like customer’s place of work, school attended and location, where they’re from and what you share in common with them.

In turn, this information will help you in segmenting your email list for best performance.


Nimble is also great for keeping in touch with your team. Of course, when there’s effective communication, staff interaction and productivity are the byproducts.

Use this social media app to collect and store your team’s contacts, manage calendars, set up your email and social interactions with social profile details, and access all of these information at any time.

Nimble’s powerful relationship intelligence makes it easy for you to spot your major contacts, and build up a relationship by engaging them with relevant content – which you’ll eventually turn into proceeds.



Worried that your next content may not go viral or build trust with your target audience?

If so, then bother no more. Because Contentgems has the features that will handle that for you.

Even successful digital marketing companies run from pillar to post when it comes to creating the right content. Both B2B and B2C are finding it hard to crack the nut.

In particular, Content Marketing Institute conducted a study and found that 50% of B2C marketers are faced with the challenge of creating engaging content, and 44% struggle with creating this type of content consistently.


Contentgems app is a discovery engine that crawls hundreds of thousands of authority sites to find relevant and timely content that you can plug into your next campaign.


If you think that the app is difficult to use, think again. It’s actually the simplest and easiest you can think of. Just fill in the blank spaces and you’re good to go.

It has database sources which are automatically selected. And you can edit, add or remove and set your own preferences.


You can enter your keywords, and set the social social signals and advanced filter settings to specify the exact type of content you want as shown below.


Based on your input and settings, the app will deliver the most relevant content you need on a daily basis.



Buffer is the #1 social media app that I know. It may not be your ideal app, because every business has its objectives and goals.


If you don’t want to waste time managing all your social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more, you need Buffer. Period.

Are you a full time or part-time blogger? One thing is certain, you want your content to reach the right audience when they’re ready to consume it.

In case you’re still skeptical about blogging, start today. Because, according to HubSpot, companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not.


HubSpot’s study further revealed that you’re likely to generate more traffic when you blog consistently.

That being said, you’ve got to know that creating and posting articles regularly is never an easy task. It’s easier said than done.

Sadly, it gets more difficult when you’re not getting results from the content you’ve put out there.

But the good news is that with Buffer you can fall in love with content creation and marketing.


Getting the best out of each of your post depends heavily on how well you distribute it. Buffer helps you post your content at the most convenient time in the day and during the week.

Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day, so that your followers and fans see your updates more often – and take action.

Posting at the right time is critical to your success. This is one core reason why you should leverage Buffer – because it gives you insights on the best time to send out your social posts.


Buffer has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you arrange your scheduled posts accordingly. You get to see your analytics in plain text, without the need to sieve through complex data.

After the recent upgrading of buffer app, new features were also added to it for better user experience.

Using the Buffer mobile app with the web browser extension is now easier than it used to be. And you can rapidly add web page links, titles and images to your Buffer schedule.



Hootsuite is a globally recognized app for social media management. It offers a range of settings and features that support lots of social platforms.

It enables you to post and monitor your content on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.


Hootsuite has an in-built analytics system, which makes it possible to monitor selected keywords, schedule a post to be sent out at the right time and track everything.

Hootsuite sets the bar high among the top competing social media management tools.

Several top brands have found their marks by using it. For example, Orange delivers personalized service for more than 230 million mobile customers.


What do people say about your product? You can’t guess correctly.

However, with Hootsuite rich features, you can gain deep insights about the customer. Better yet, you can monitor reviews, since positive and negative reviews affect customer’s opinion of a local business.

According to Search Engine Land, 88% of online buyers trust customers review. As you can see, what customers says about your product/service has an effect on your brand.


The analytics feature gives you an in-depth idea about your brand’s activity on social media and how effective it is.

You can use Hootsuite for free, but you also have the option to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to enjoy advanced features, like the premium app access, multiple users, real-time analytics, and priority support.



Do you want to see a social media app that’s trusted by agencies, and relied on by businesses?

Well, look no further. Sprout Social is the answer. Use the app to Schedule. Publish. Analyze.


Sprout Social allows you to create and maintain your network in 3 simple steps:

  • Starting a conversion.
  • Monitoring a conversation.
  • Joining a conversation.

I manage a handful of web properties, and Sprout Social has enabled me achieve tremendous results – in terms of gaining social influence quickly.

I’ve also been able to acquire new customers by posting engaging content. But what I’ve come to realize is that customer retention is more important.

Truly, when customers are engaged, up to 55% of them will stay on your website longer, and take the right actions. Overall, posting relevant and compelling content is a step towards delivering a memorable experience for users.


The most interesting fact about this app, is that it allows you respond to your  audience’s feedback as quickly as possible. And this is what 53% of customers expect from your brand, according to Receiptful.


Irrespective of the social media platform, speed is critical to your success.

If for example a potential customer leaves a comment on your Facebook post, and wants to purchase your product the moment you reply – but you’re not there, you’ve lost money and an inspired customer.

A real business doesn’t hide or neglect its customers. Listen more than you talk. This is priceless.



“Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds” – The Magistrate

How do you work efficiently with your team when it’s hard to predict someone’s behavior?

Truth is, it’s difficult.

You can only get ahead by having a system, which is what Trello provides. Trello uses Boards, Lists, and Cards to simplify your complex daily activities and achieve dramatic results.


Trello is a simple app with a user friendly interface. With Trello, you can collaborate with others and achieve great results. If you’re looking to boost your productivity, you can’t ignore Trello, seriously.

Adam Steele, founder of The Magistrate achieved a 200% increase in productivity level through the help of Trello and Scrum.

Trello board is made up of cards to be used by you or your team. With the card you can accomplish a lot.


You can post on these boards and list and get instant feedback from your team members.

Of course, you can upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Onedrive, and share with everyone you’re collaborating with. This makes it easily accessible from anywhere at any time.

It has a notification system that calls for your attention whenever there’s a new update. As expected, you can get this notification while using the app, via email, desktop, browser, or mobile push notifications.


This notification can be synced with your mobile devices. That way, you can invite as many people as you deem fit to your board and start off a discussion.


11. The Roll

Are you looking for a social media app that’ll boost your brand through visual marketing?

Search no more, “The Roll” is all you need.

The Roll is a social media app that’s popularly referred to as “a magic image maker.”

It organizes your camera roll and finds your best photos – so that you can share them with your ideal customers and build strong rapport.


The Roll uses image recognition technology to highlight best photo content. It automatically categorizes image content, tags it for easy search, and sends it without clutter.

As you already know, social media is all about images. According to Buffer, 74% of users can retweet because of images.


Therefore, integrating image content app like “The Roll” into your marketing campaign is a sure way to get massive social shares, acquire new leads and grow your business.

With the help of “EyeEM Vision,”  The Roll incorporates in its image content physical objects like emotions and moods. Trust me, this is a 21st century smart innovation.

Introduce this app in your customer relationship management and social media marketing today. I bet you: The feedback will overwhelm you.


12. Tuurnt

Social media platforms were designed primarily for people to connect, share, and communicate with other people, as well as discuss topics that are relevant to them.

If you approach Facebook for example, with the mindset of making quick money, you’ll fail. The same applies to every other social media site out there.

Focus on “socializing” with people and every other benefits will follow.

The Tuurnt social media app is special. It gives you the opportunity to turn up with friends, share fun videos with your groups.


Social media is all about socialization. Don’t think otherwise. The days of watching videos all by yourself in your little hut are long gone.

The beauty of Tuurnt is that it allows friends to connect 24 hours and participate in a project; share video content, comments, and create video sequence with family members.

Videos are popular on social media. Data from Global Web Index shows that 82% of users visits social media to watch videos on “YouTube”.


Here, you don’t just leave a comment or like a picture. No, you’ve got to participate. You’ve got to get into the conversation and relate with people like a human being that you are.

That’s the rule of Tuurnt.

It irritates to watch pictures and videos alone anyway!

But with friends from various cities, countries, or continents, it’s a fun filled experience.



Storytelling. Is there an app for it?


Although there are several of them, but is one of my favorite.

image02 is a social media slash storytelling app that helps you tell your story by putting words on a picture.

It capitalizes on the fact the the human mind responds 60,000x faster to visual content than plain text.

Are you ready to show the world how you really feel?

With this social media app, you can tell awesome stories with multiple pictures. Better yet, you can use one picture and a few words. This is ideal for marketers developing the skill of storytelling by saying a lot with few words.

The truth be told: Any marketing content devoid of visuals is likely going to fail.

Super has brought together “storytelling” and “images” for online users. Armed with these two elements, you can dazzle your target audience.

With this app, you can take a shot from your Flickr, Dropbox, Instagram, and phone camera roll and tie a good story to it.

It has an interesting presentation style and features a visual editing interface that you’ll love. Super has rich features to make your storytelling phenomenal.




Share what you love. Perhaps, your audience will love it too.

Sharing of content with your friends has been simplified with Rex.

Yes, you can share videos, books, TV shows, music, movies, travel adventures, restaurants and other causes and subjects that interest you. With a single click, you can make it happen.


Rex is an open door to view what is making waves in your social network.

Chris Smith, an American Movie Maker developed Rex. Why did he develop it? Well, he wants to know what his friends are watching, restaurants they visited, and music they’re listening to.

Rex is called a recommendation app. This means that you can recommend and share what you’re reading, watching and listening to with friends on social media.

When recommendation is coming from a friend to watch a particular movie he’s watching, to you, the movie must be interesting.


Wouldn’t you want to know the movies digital marketing experts like Pat Flynn, Brian Clark, Neil Patel and others are watching, books they’re reading, and music they’re listening to?

I bet you would.

Because, through this medium, you could understand and glean from their experience, and follow the same path to achieve your own success.

Rex also has apps map that gathers together all the recommendations made by your friends to you.


A lot of travellers out there are actually looking for information on how to get to their destination and which hotel will best suit them. Recommendation with Rex will draw  customer’s satisfaction.

When recommendations are posted with Rex, it furnishes friends with desired information to make better decisions.

Levinson of Manhattan-Based Service said it all that “Everything posted is actionable.” That’s the idea.

You can watch it, eat it, or go there.

Rex is just an app that will create an online presence for you and bring to a STOP your marketing struggle if you consider it today.



With, you can plan your most important moments in one simple and elegantly designed app.

When people tour the world, they like to take pictures, learn new languages and cultures and document them. Sometimes, other people reference this documented experiences for insights.

That’s what represents.

The tools to capture events along the way as you travel. It acts as a guide. More so, a comprehensive documentation is made for reference purposes.


When you want to travel, the big question is “where?”

However, will furnish you with the insights that you need to choose the city, country or continent to go.

It’ll guide you on the best place to eat, shop, play, drink and lots more. It has editorial teams that write on awesome places to visit and what to expect when you get there.

This is impressive if you ask me.

When you tick some of the places displayed, it highlights in summary what you need to know about the destination, hotels, bars, and restaurants that are available.

Indeed, it’s a perfect app for travellers!

It details the weather you should be expecting if you eventually travel. Some of the passive moment you’re not careful to document will be covered for you.

According to E-Strategy Blog, 70% of users prefer using mobile app while alone. Therefore, traveling alone inside train or by air will not be boring again. The social mobile app will keep you company.


At the end of your travel adventure, there’s a comprehensive documentation of your trip, experience, and shots. Interestingly, an infographic poster of the trip is outputted and framed.

This infographics and documentations can be shared with friends and family members as a postcard.

How about sitting down with your family in your living room to watch the infographic of your last trip? It’ll be a great experience. Don’t you think so?



Often times, when you’re running a social media campaign, your loyal customers might be interested in making a donation or purchasing some of your products.

If you have always wanted to process payment easily, Venmo is what you need.

Venmo is powerful. Forbes has called Venmo “the crown jewel of all finance apps,” so if you’re still skeptical about this app, it might be time to get rid of that cheque book and see the Venmo light.


Are you still using cheque book for your customers, maybe I should laugh? Come on, you’ve got to flow with the trends.

Here are a few benefits of using Venmo:

  • Pay anyone anywhere through Venmo instantly using a link to your bank or debit card.
  • Do your online shopping with Venmo from your mobile. One click is all you need and the product is yours.
  • You can transfer funds through this app to your account directly. The only step you need to be “ON” is to create your account. That’s all.

Online transactions are popular these days. According to Tatango, 87% of users are actually shopping and making payments online. That’s what is trending now.




There are a host of metrics to look at when you’re running a social media campaign. Most brands make the mistake of looking for social shares, tweets, pins, comments, and ratings online.

However, these metrics aren’t as important as user behavior data. In fact, it’s the effect of customer behavior that often leads to social shares, and more. Understanding this will help you make more money.

In all, you can’t possibly use all of these 17 social media apps to power your campaigns. You should choose one or two, and use it to build your online presence faster.

26 Mobile App Analytics Tools For Digital Marketers

Your customers are mobile, are you?

Mobile technology has revolutionized digital marketing already. Now, imagine what business would look like five years from now.

Knowing how your target audience consumes content is critical, if you want to build a thriving business.

Truth is, the competition will keep getting stronger. Why?

Because it’s very easy to start a business.

Anyone with an internet-enabled computer can start a website, and leverage the same social media, Google AdWords, and content marketing that top brands use right now.

See, the level ground has been leveled. These days, if you don’t have money to buy traffic, you can get it with your time.

So, it’s either you’ve money or time.

These two are the most essential factors for growing a new business.

However, with mobile apps, which seems to be a better way of engaging your customers – you can make a small business big.

According to Nielsen, the use of mobile phone in accessing the internet is on the increase. It’s also the reason why most brands and marketers are striving tirelessly to integrate mobile apps into their marketing.

Since it has become more tedious and tasking to keep up with customers’ demands, coupled with enormous marketing activities, you can now use mobile apps to get ahead faster.

Mobile app marketing is now the most cultivated strategy for most marketers. According to Statista, “Mobile app store revenues worldwide are projected to grow to US $76.5 billion in 2017.”


That being said, a smart step to take in your business is to measure your mobile marketing progress. Is this not the whole essence of “analytics?”

If you’re going to use mobile apps to market your business online, then you need to know the right mobile app analytics tool.

There are several of them, but don’t be tempted to use more than two or three.

If you desire to improve your brand image consistently, then your marketing campaigns must extent to mobile devices and their applications.

What Are Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are tools or software that runs on handheld devices (i.e., phone, tablet, e-reader, iPod, and more). These Apps facilitate easy access to internet using mobile devices.

You can create a mobile app about anything. There are even mobile apps for churches.

It’s ideal to know how your audience is using your product and services. It may be difficult to achieve using desktop computers, but a lot easier when you integrate mobile apps.

A recent research shows that marketers are sure of 40% increase on ROI, if they integrate mobile app in their marketing campaigns. Isn’t that wonderful?


As a digital marketer, you need to know how your audience consumes your content. What we’ve come to know is that most readers prefer to read articles and watch videos on mobile apps than desktop.

How do customers feel about your products and services?

To track and monitor all these, you need “Mobile App Analytic Tools.”

You can easily collect these user behavior data from a mobile app analytics. Truth is, some of these analytics are integrated in a mobile app builder, like

Specifically, with these mobile app analytics tools, you can:

  • Track your online business progress.
  • See how your ad campaigns are converting.
  • Know the number of apps downloads.
  • Know who, where, and how your products and services are being used.
  • Access the most recent opinion concerning your brand.
  • Quantify ROI on every mobile project launched.
  • Determine your most profitable customers.
  • Personalize your online campaigns.

…And so much more.

You might be at the back door thinking that your product is actually engaging your audience, but, it may shock you to realize that your audience isn’t making use of your product.

How would you feel about that?

An effective mobile analytics tool will show you facts about your online business. It’ll distill out every piece of information you need to know.

Engaging with your audience is critical. Data from SlideShare revealed that customers spend 86% of their time online on mobile phones and their applications.


It’s high time you begin to reach out to your ideal customers via mobile apps. These people are already in love with mobile apps. Why don’t you take advantage of it?

Okay, let me show you the 26 mobile app analytics tools that you can choose from.

In no particular order, let’s go:



You need if you want to drive traffic, build engagement, and discover opportunities to make more money with your mobile apps.

Tune believes that the future of marketing is mobile.

But come on, the future of marketing is already here.


As you embrace mobile apps marketing, you need to know which of the customers you can rely on.

Tune will track them for you.

And the opportunities to grow, and the various aspects of mobile apps engagement that you can track with Tune are enormous.

Make no mistakes about it, you need a versatile mobile apps analytics tool like this, because your growth may be from mobile ads or organic search. But irrespective of the source, this analytic tool will track them all-in-one place.

Here are the core benefits of

  • Measure the value of each marketing channel you employ (e.g., social, search).
  • Get authentic reports right on your dashboard.
  • Easily gather all your marketing campaign reports in one place.

You must know that a lot of people using mobile devices are just visitors. Data from Localytics found that about 4% of them converts to leads.

However, with Tune, you can set up the right campaigns to re-engage these casual mobile visitors into customers.


Depending on the size of your market, but 4% of out 100% is small. Hence, the need to use mobile apps analytics tool that’s developed to help grow your business. can articulate a report that will influence your decision making process, so that you can gain better understanding of your customers and get more sales.


2. Google Analytics

About 86% of digital marketers don’t enjoy Google Analytics. To them, it’s just a website analytics tool.


Most of these people have never used it to track mobile app engagement. But it does that as well. The truth is, a lot of brands have are getting ahead – thanks to Google Analytics data.

Here’s what the Senior Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic, Mia Vall said about Google Analytics:

“Google analytics products helped us improve engagement by 33% and click-throughs by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.”

If you’re determined to turn insights into action, then you need to use Google Analytics, not only for tracking website visits and pageviews, but also for your mobile apps performance.


Here are the benefits that Google Analytics provides for you:

  • It reports the brand of devices mostly used by your audience.
  • Gives insights about your target audience for informed decision making.
  • It shows reports of users’ behaviours.
  • It gives authentic reports of your new app users.
  • It gives report of returning customers
  • It track events happening on your mobile landing pages and apps.
  • It outputs rate of conversion in your website.
  • It reports performance value and projects that aren’t converting.

Google Analytics is a powerful desktop and mobile analytics tool.

It doesn’t matter the size of your market, how many mobile apps downloads and traffic you generate, this free tool can help you track performance seamlessly.


3. Admob

Admob is an extension of Google Analytics.

Truly, getting a smart mobile app designed and hosted can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to make more money from your mobile apps the smart way?

It’s a unique tool that shows advertisements from a host of Google advertisers. It also generates reports from more than 40 networks through AdMob Mediation.


With AdMob, 40 Advertising Networks are managed from one interface. And you seamlessly track the highest paying adverts using AdMob Adverts Network Optimization.

Data like “user destination” and “type of mobile devices” used is monitored by Google’s AdMob Network.

You can also engage users with innovative video ads using AdMob’s native ads. It will in turn preserve your user experience.

We all know that when the users or customers have a good experience, it can lead to sales and business growth.

Compass has authenticated that you can grow faster by 75%, if you engage in Mobile app campaign – and share them on the App Store.


Therefore, consider Google AdMob Network for a smart choice to understand your mobile apps users better, and earn extra income.


The first time I heard of, I wasn’t excited.

Maybe because of the domain name.

However, as I explored it, I was amazed. If you need detailed performance statistics of your browser, operating systems, and issues encountered by visitors to your website, NetBiscuits will be a smart choice for you.

NetBiscuits is a friendly tool for mobile users. Very efficient, easy to create and manipulate. Viewing your Reports is fun.


This mobile apps analytics tool gives accurate report of users experience on every mobile device.

Mobile usage is growing at a faster pace. If you extend your campaigns into mobile and specifically use mobile apps, there’s no doubt that you’ll grow your business.


If you neglect mobile campaigns, you are deliberately avoiding growth.

NetBiscuits is a perfect tool that helps you deliver personalized content to your visitors cutting across multiple mobile devices.



Do you really want to “adjust” your mobile apps performance from average results to spectacular results?

You might need to give a try.

More than anything else, this is so vital. After all, statistics from Tatvic found that 48% of customers abandon a mobile app if they’re dissatisfied with the performance.


This mobile apps analytics tool was recommended by Brian Han from Hotel Tonight:

“With adjust, we can track and measure whatever we want in real time. It’s a fully flexible solution that gives us insight beyond just click and install: we can investigate all our downstream events and optimize towards our goals.”

“Adjust” is a platform mobile app for insight into your marketing campaign.


Without a doubt, when you’re armed with your user’s feedback, it becomes a great tool in your hand to build a strong brand that’ll stand the test of time.

Adjust Analytics tool will uncover your customer’s’ behavioral patterns and report to you for onward policy making to increase sales.

Platforms and frameworks like Cordova, Androids, iOS, Windows and lots more can be integrated, tracked and insight reported to “Adjust” dashboard within minutes.

Using Apps like “Adjust” will generate loyalty on your brand according to You can now have ardent users that visits your site 21x more. Great, isn’t it?


Leave your Mobile analytic review to “Adjust App”, it will summarize for you what’s happening in your landing page with detailed insights.

But don’t take my word for it. Give it a short today.


6. Apple App Analytics

Apple App Analytics is a free tool in the iOS platform. It’s introduced in 2005 to handle three basic set of data on your website:

  • Usage data
  • Sales data
  • App store data

This mobile apps analytics tool does weekly update, shows dropping-off users through user retention information right on the dashboard.


As a digital marketer, the information you’ll find in the app store page will inform you about the number of returning users, numbers of downloaded apps, statistics of uninstalled app, and how many people watched previewed videos.

Trust me, you can’t study these user insights closely and not make smart mobile marketing decisions that will increase sales.

It’s impossible.

Don’t sit at the fence and watch other businesses benefit from mobile apps marketing. I dare you to use it. It’s already gaining ground. In fact, since 2011, the demand for mobile apps has been on the increase.


You may be tight on budget right now, and may not be able to pay money for a mobile app analytics tool, which is why the Apple app analytics tool comes free.

So you’ve absolutely nothing to lose.



Heap Analytics is a mobile apps analytics tool that’s powerful enough to upgrade your mobile users’ experiences.

Primarily, in your web iOS app, it automatically captures user’s information and outputs it on your Heap Analytics dashboard for easy viewing.

You can get instant results with Heap Analytics. It’s plainly stated in the homepage.


With a simple user-friendly interface, processes and events can be captured instantly without stress. How about that?

According to its founder, there had never been a trace of data loss with Heap Analytics. Event Visualizer makes sure tasks at any given time don’t get out of hand – thereby leading to loss of data.


With this mobile apps analytics tool, users’ data are secured. And you can retrieve them anytime, no matter where you’re logged in from.

When new users signs up, Heap Analytics predicts whether they will be coming back again or not, based on their behavior.


If you’re struggling to manage a lot of issues associated with mobile apps marketing, Foxmetrics might be the right solution for you.

All of your customer’s pain points can be handled easily. Because, once you take a grasp of what people truly care about, you can design and create campaigns suitable for them.

Foxmetrics is a mobile solution that helps with in-depth analysis, user targeting, lead conversion. With this tool, you can customise your customers experience and boost sales.


One of the secrets of Foxmetrics is personalization.

What is Personalization?

Personalization is a marketing strategy that helps you interact with your customers individually, send content that seeks to eliminate their fears and challenges – because you understand their specific needs.

When you personalize user experience, they’ll be excited, especially when they see their first name or full name in your content to them. Mobile users hate boring apps and content.

Unfortunately, the #2 reason why people stop using mobile apps is when they get bored with the app.


Great content is no longer enough. Your mode of distribution is vital.

For example, you could distribute your content via desktop (on Facebook, blog, LinkedIn, etc.), however, when you diversify into mobile apps, you cut through the noise on desktop computers and capitalize on the growing mobile trends.

Foxmetrics is a highly choiced app that eliminates poor sales. Just make sure you study the user data and make smart decisions.

When customers are looking to make purchase decisions, Foxmetrics convinces them and generate revenue for you through personalized email campaigns.


Bring your digital mobile campaign to spotlight with Clicktale.

Do you desire value through insight from your customers behaviour?

Do you desire value through insight from your customer’s behaviour? Do you desire to know what motivates your customers, and what brings them satisfaction?

This mobile apps analytics tool can help.

Clicktale is a perfect match for you. It’ll deliver value and touchpoint to your credit.


Tracking customer’s journey reduces churn. You can easily enhance customer’s satisfaction using clicktale.

Instead of guesswork, why not try visualization and usability features that Clicktale provides.

Lay your hands on insights about customers intent, behaviour, and increase in design process. This way, you can improve their shopping experience via your mobile apps.


Without full knowledge of your customer’s behaviour, satisfaction will never be attained. Clicktale will help your business to excel with its unique and effective self-service experience.



This analytics tool is a perfect platform designed to boost customers communication and interactions. And you know how important this can be when you’re marketing via mobile apps.


GoSquared is all-in-one marketing analytics platform. It handles your live chat, manages customers relationship and integrate other apps that will boost effectiveness on your landing page.

Currently, more than 50,000 businesses depends on GoSquared for their business growth. You can join them today.


You need insight for effective performance to grow your presence online. GoSquared integrated “Real time websites analytics” will help you get ahead.

Through your website and mobile apps, you can now cater to your numerous customers at the click of a button.

Attracting numerous guests to sign up using GoSquared is fun. GoSquared is a complete digital marketing suite that you need to grow your presence online. You should give it a try.



It’s high time you go beyond traditional analytics and truly understand your customers. Woopra is a versatile mobile apps analytics tool that allows you do just that.

The traditional method of understanding customers has its downsides. Woopra takes it a step further, and provides you with the customer intelligence features that you’ll love.


With Woopra, you are sure of a well-rounded profile of your customer.

It’ll track customers activities using email, help desk, and live charts. This way, you can know their behavioral pattern over a period of time.

The behavioural change of your customers are tracked, segmented and automatically updated in real time. Therefore, leveraging on this report to make decisions will impact your customers.

Talking of the flexibility and simplicity of Woopra, it’s matchless.

The ability of this mobile app to track the very point where a customer starts developing cold feet, will help you know areas in your processes that are lowering conversion in your  funnel.

Woopra brings everything onto your dashboard for instant viewing and analysis.


Leveraging on “user retention mechanism” to know how fascinated your customers are over your product and services, will help your campaign a lot.


In one hand, seeking for customers attention is a step you must take if you want to build a thriving business online. On the other hand, retaining these customers requires a strategy plan.

Truth be told, your audience’s attention is worth more than the clicks.

With Chartbeat, you can tell which of your content is pulling your customers in. In turn, this guides you on what type of content to create – especially when you’re reaching out to mobile users via mobile apps.


Engaging your visitors every step of the way and tracking their activity is the best way to convert them into customers.

Use Chartbeat to know which of your content mobile users prefer. For great content will always generate traffic.

As you lay your hands on your best converting content, you can create more of it and send to your customers regularly in order to engage them.

Chartbeat is also about personalization (i.e. one-one-one marketing). According to statista, personalisation is the fastest growing app categories in 2015 – so far, it’s true for 2016, too.


You’ve got to learn what’s really working. Personalization delivers content to the ideal customers one-on-one.

Read what the multimedia Editor, The Journal News said about Chartbeat:

“The follow-up articles helped us nourish traffic and grow our audience. We would’ve missed this entire story cycle without Chartbeat.”

See, it’s easy to know exactly what’s working for other multinational companies today, and apply it to your business and get better conversions.

If you incorporate Chartbeat into your mobile apps marketing campaign, you’re sure to boost referral traffic by 34%.


In wrapping this section up, Chartbeat distills your customers locations, frequency of visits, referral source, and devices used in accessing your website. All these vital information are organized on your dashboard for your convenience.

As it stands right now, you can’t afford to sideline Chartbeat when you’re looking for a mobile app analytics tool.



Do you know that having a deeper insights on how your customers are engaging with your website via mobile sources is a powerful way to help them?

Sure it is.

Reinvigorate is a mobile apps analytics tool that will furnish you essential data about your audience.


With the speed with which content spreads across the web today, you can’t afford to sit at the fence any longer. You need a real-time and flexible solution.

Reinvigorate displays current active pages, active visitors, traces the rise and fall of your traffic for the past 1 hour.


The “Overview Page” tracks visitors live, and get users and their usernames displayed. Honestly, this is one area where Reinvigorate outperforms other mobile apps analytics tools.

More important is the fact that Reinvigorate tracks the traditional behaviour of each of your mobile guests to your landing page, and tracks time spent on your page to determine how engaging your content is.

Going mobile in business is like boarding an airplane to your destination. Getting home early is the focus.

14. is a mobile analytics tool that enables both mobile and web analytics developers to to get the most out of their mobile apps.

If you’re sick and tired of complex mobile apps analytics, then you need to try


Of course, generating traffic to your site is such a good news in marketing, but it gets better when they’re converted to lead.

This is why as a marketer lead nurturing is a vital tactic in lead conversion. HubSpot generated 1,200 leads in 4 every week through lead nurturing.

The tool imports customer’s historical analysis – and you can ascertain which stage of the conversion funnel the visitor is and leverage on it for better lead nurturing.



Flurry being one of the oldest and influential mobile app analytics tool, from the Yahoo! Developer Network.

It’s a free mobile app analytics tool for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and mobile web.

With Flurry, you can measure and analyze activity across your app portfolio to answer your hardest questions and optimize your app experience.


Use the tool to view your user’s experience in real time, users’ sessions, session lengths, frequency, retention, audience persona and demographic.

It also notifies you how effective or otherwise your ads are performing, in order to take actionable measures.

With the availability of so many advertising platforms, it’s very important that you know how effective the platform you’re using is. In order to maximize your earnings from mobile apps, you really need to be at the top of your game.


Apsalar helps you to track, measure, segment, and analyze your mobile app performance and reveals opportunities to earn more money.

With this tool, you can tell which marketing campaigns are effective so you don’t waste resources chasing shadows.


The truth is that you can know the actionable metrics to track in your mobile app.

Because, when you create any campaign and target mobile users, you want to measure click-through rate, mobile app downloads and installs, revenue generated, in-app events, and ROI.


If you’re going to give Apsalar a shot, you’ve got to know that it offers free service basically for iOS and Android devices.


17. is an open source mobile apps analytics tool for iOS, Androids, Windows phone and BlackBerry platforms. With the cloud edition it’s easier to host it on your server.

The user friendly dashboard displays sessions, new users, event served and time spent.

image14 does a great job at helping you retain your customers.

Because it’s not enough to acquire them. According to Harvard Business Review it’s 25x more expensive to acquire new leads, so retaining them will be more critical.

But how best can you retain your existing customers with the right tool?

Honestly, it can be difficult.

Engaging your customer is a strategic means of retaining them, which is more attainable when you know them.

And gives a better review about your customers by monitoring their actions to ascertain their experiences with your app.

It has the world’s leading mobile app platforms supported, like SDK and Appcelerator, titanium and unity3D SDK. And it comes with a fast, light and responsive user interface.

You can use the free version for 10,000 sessions per month. However, pricing starts at $69 per month if you want to expand.



Localytics offers a variety of features for profitable mobile marketing. If you love your customers, then you should be using this tool.


Each of your mobile app users deserve and unfeigned relationship. You can’t afford to shy away from this – if you do it would only be to your own disservice.

Localytics is an ideal app analytics tool equipped with great features that will assist you with every facet of your marketing.

It comes with in-app messaging, push messaging, life-time value tracking, A/B testing, segments, funnel and whole lots of other features.


Through effective segmentation, it’s pretty easy to personalize messages. I can’t sing the praises of personalization enough.

Co-operative Travel saw a 95% increase in visitors and 217% increase in revenue once it started implementing personalisation on their website.

This is another easily adjustable tool your developers can work with, as it focuses more on goal conversion, with detailed analysis on mobile app performance.


19. is a powerful mobile apps analytics tool that offers the user the major analytic usage, retention and engagement. It also provides you with information about the device and demographics, as well as track custom event.


When it comes to gaining a customer’s trust, customer reviews is best for it. This tool unlike others also boost your app rating which psychologically tells visitors how effective your app is.


MixPanel is good at real time data, funnel analysis, in-depth analysis and cohort analysis. The amazing thing about this tool is the fact that it combines both web and mobile analysis. Isn’t that wonderful?


With MixPanel, you’re able to connect both the web users and mobile users, so as to ascertain your website retention statistics.

If you wish to retain your existing customers, this tool will help you with it. Customers who made a purchase are more likely to return for another purchase. So retaining your customer won’t only boost your sales, but your overall revenue.

Pricing starts with$150 a month, but there you can get started for free.



WebTrends is another powerful tool that gives you analytics features on both mobile web and application. With an easy dashboard, it provides real time campaign report. If you’re looking to build the ultimate customer data warehouse, try


With the high increase in social media users, you stand a chance of reaching out to a massive number of people, when building your customer warehouse.

WebTrends provides a real-time social metrics, heatmaps, visits, next pages, traffic sources and countries for the mobile web.

While the mobile app is provided with revenue/downloads, session duration, new user acquisition reports, screen views per session and number of sessions, it equally provides app analytics for iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone.




Upsight was formed by the merging Kontagent and PlayHaven. This tool being a unique one provides you with core acquisition, engagement and revenue metrics.

Unlike other tools, it gives you bottomless analysis of mobile apps metrics, weekly revisit rate, funnel analysis and with customers history, it’s able to predict the amount customers are willing to spend in your app.

With this tool, you stand a better chance of optimizing your customers history for better remarketing, and funnel analysis for lead nurturing.



AppSee is a tool with an easy to integrate SDK that offers some unique features like touch heatmaps, crash recording, recording with playback and in mobile app analytics.


It’s also multi-tasked to provide more than one customer’s experience.

The fantastic thing about AppSee is that it makes use of past user data to develop events, which is vital for conversion funnels. So using this tool you stand a better chance of increasing your lead conversion.

Because it allows you to target your customers by creating events that are relevant to each of your customers, based on gathered data about your user.

According to Digital marketing and Analytics, you’re more likely to increase your sales with audience targeting.


Buildfire is the easiest way to Build Mobile Apps. Additionally, the tool has analytic features that will help you get the best out of your mobile apps.


With, you’re able to invite your mobile app users and customers to events by manually inputting them into your app or automatically syncing your calendar.

Unlike other analytic tool, Buildfire also helps to integrate your social media platform to your mobile apps. This makes it one of the most powerful mobile apps builder online.


25. Amazon Mobile Analytics

Amazon is a true brand. From ecommerce to cloud hosting, and now mobile apps performance tracking, you can’t by any chance run a successful online business without leverage any of Amazon’s.


Often times, marketers notice decline in sales without any significant reason. You may be wondering why this happens, but in my personal experience, if some of your customers aren’t active, your sales will dramatically drop.

Since acquiring new customers is too expensive – reactivating the existing ones is the best way to beat the odds.


Use the Amazon Mobile Analytics tool to reactivate your dormant customers. You’ll be amazed at the result.

Amazon’s Mobile Apps Analytics provides you with daily active users, monthly active users, new users, sticky factor, number of sessions, average sessions per DAU, average revenue per DAU.



You deserve better mobile apps analytics, don’t you?

With Amplitude you can track your active users and still get information like retention, type of device, platform, location, language, version of app, etc.


Amplitude provides real-time analytics, cohort analysis, retroactive funnels and user segmentation. That’s impressive!

It’s an easy mobile app analytic, which can work with a single line of code to your app.

It provides offline saving mode on phone and uploaded when the user is back online. The free version is available. But pricing starts at $299 per month.



This is the best time to develop a mobile app for your business.

But more than that, you need to track performance across all mobile channels. If monetizing your mobile apps is your priority, then you should make it easy for users – by simplifying the entire process.

As you track your mobile app performance, you’re opening new doors of opportunities for business growth and expansion.

Remember that understanding your desktop and mobile visitors, and how they interact with your content is a major aspect of what constitutes an effect marketing strategy.

Can I be honest with you?

Okay, neither of the above mobile app analytic tools is better than the other. So choosing any one to leverage on, depends on the features you need for your business and your specific goals.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Which of these mobile app analytics tools have you used?

23 Best Small Business CRM Softwares To Increase Your Sales

Running a business is hard.

But the right tools make it easy. From lead generation to getting your first sale, you need to leverage software. The days of manual marketing are long gone.

An extensive study by Magestore in 2013 shows that up to 79% of entrepreneurs are already managing their marketing with the use of some kind of software.

When you’re armed with the right skill and software, it becomes easier to automate your marketing process – and in turn, build a successful business online.

Good customer relationship is the heart of every businesses. Econsultancy revealed in its recent post that it’s more difficult to acquire a new customer, than to retain existing ones.

Furthermore, the research team found that a 5% increase in retention rates generates up to 95% increase in profits.


Good customer relationship leads to high customer retention rate and revenue increase. Treating your new and existing customers with so much appreciation and value will inspire them to pay more.

According to GrooveHQ, 86% of customers, are liable to pay more for better customer experience.

Responding to all customers’ complaint is stressful, but with the use of automated marketing software, it’s been made easier and more efficient.

No matter the industry you belong, or your business model, you can leverage CRM software to build strong engagement with your customers.

Salesfusion revealed that 62% of 700 small to mid-size companies now make use of marketing automation from 40 different countries. Isn’t that wonderful?

Have you for once asked yourself, “why 8 out of 10 businesses fail within their first 18 months of operation?”

A post by Eric T. Wagner on Forbes, stated that the number #1 cause is “businesses don’t really in touch with customers through deep dialogue.”

In support of Eric T. Wagner’s fact, Larry Alton in a post on Entrepreneur said that lack of revolution contributes also to business failure.

If that’s shocking to you, here’s what you should know:

You’ll never get to satisfy your customer, if you continue to use old method of customer service; methods used way back in the early 90s. You’ve got to flow with the trend by using a CRM software to automate it.

Sprinklr also forecasts that “by 2020, customers will manage 85% of its relationship without interacting with a human.”


Isn’t it high time to embrace modern technology and turn your business around? The choice is yours to make.


A quick overview of CRM software

CRM software is a technology used by both large and small businesses to organize, automate, and synchronize every facet of customer interaction, as well as the marketing, sales, customer service and support.

Here’s a more in-depth definition from Webopedia:


Collecting data about your customer helps you identify their pain points. It also helps you speak the language they understand most.

Whether you are running a small or big business, use a marketing automation software to build a hassle-free business online. It’s possible!

Before choosing any CRM software, it’s wise to study it. Because, the moment you know the features and benefits of each automation software, picking the most appropriate one for your business is pretty easy.

For example, the CRM software for a real estate company will be different from the one an educational company will use.

To get you started on the right note, I’ve compiled the 23 best small business CRM software that you can select from.

Are you ready?




Oncontact is my number #1 customer relationship management software. It’s mostly suitable for small businesses that want to measure everything from lead generation, to customer segmentation, and getting repeat sales.

Have you used the software before? Do you know a business or marketer who has used it?

Growing a thriving business is all about documenting your strategy. When you do that, you make it easy to replicate your success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re inbound marketing, or traditional advertising, having a documented strategy is critical.

According to MarketingProfs, lack of an effective strategy is responsible for 46% of the obstacles experienced in inbound marketing.

Use Oncontact to collect useful customer behaviour data. This important user data will help you produce engaging content, which is actually what 60% of B2B content marketers struggle with.


Oncontact offers you the opportunity to communicate seamlessly with your customers, across various verticals – hence, you’re in a better position to resolve your customer’s complaints.

The Oncontact CRM solution allows you to access your customer’s vital information, even when you’re on a call using this same software.

Though it has a limited user space of 2Gb, but you can buy more if you’re dealing with thousands of customers.

With a lot of success stories recorded already, Oncontact has redefined customer relationship building and management. As a globally used software, it’s recognized and applauded by top retail brands.

Don’t hesitate to use, if you’re serious about making lasting impression on your customers – and expanding your business via digital marketing.

Use it with confidence. After all, TopTen Reviews ranks in the third position in the top ten CRM software reviews with 9.3 out of 10.



Truly, it’s a different kind of CRM software.

A lot of small businesses have increased conversion rate by up to 53% by automating their marketing activities with

If you’re tired of not addressing customers’ complaints as you’re expected to, and knowing fully well how answering your customer’s questions can help your business (both in the short and long-term), then you should give Sugarcrm a shot.


Interestingly, Sugarcrm is known to be the global largest open source CRM software. The company currently has more than 500 employees. Trust me, that’s big for a small business solutions company.

Use the CRM software to simplify customer service, inspire your sales personnels, manage customers’ contacts in one database, and deliver a great customer experience.

But that’s not all, another unique feature of Sugarcrm is the availability of the source code to both the user and the developer, so that users can configure the platform to suit their own business.

Security has always been of great concern to every IT personnel, most especially when it comes to multi-user software.

Sugarcrm uses a high security protocols to protect its users. Here’s how it looks like:


As a small business owner, Sugarcrm will save you time. Puente revealed how they succeeded in reducing time spent on targeted list creation by 80%, improved sales and customer service using Sugarcrm.

In like manner, our favorite and globally recognized beverage drink company Coca-Cola, testified of how they continually use the software to grow their business.

This is what one of the customers said: “The main goal was to get a global solution that combined e-commerce, CRM, and logistics into one package that everybody could standardize on. With SugarCRM and Synolia, we accomplished that and more.”

You can read more credible testimonials from their page.



Maximizer is all all-in-one CRM solution, combining sales management, marketing automation, customer service, and business productivity. It’s further spiced up with outlook, MS Word, Excel and Sharepoint.


Maximizer is a reliable and affordable CRM software, which can be installed both on premises and on cloud. It has over 120,000 active users.

The software allows the user to develop intimate relationship with their customers, by creating personalized customer experiences that get people responding to your offers.

If you’re into email marketing, you’ll agree with me that personalization is key to increasing click rate and open rate.

Recent data from MarketingSherpa shows that personalised emails are more active than non-personalised.


With Maximizer CRM, you’ve the opportunity to leverage personalized emails to communicate more effectively with your customers. The software is equipped with campaign planning, email campaign, and marketing analytics.

Using specific criteria, you can focus on your leads and nurture them into loyal customers. More so, you can segment your customers’ data using the list management feature.

Here’s what Better Labour Inc, one of the businesses that use Maximizer had to say:

“Maximizer has freed us up to do what we do best, which is helping clients solve their common labor and productivity issues. We are far more efficient now that we are using Maximizer to manage our applicant and client data and Maximizer is making a significant impact on our bottom line.”

– Anthony Spiros, Account Manager, Better Labour



Soffront is a CRM software for both small, and mid-size businesses.

It helps companies to simplify and optimize most of the customer related issues – virtually in every aspect of their business, like marketing automation, customer communication, sales promotion, etc.


With this software you can enhance your customer service, and help improve productivity as you work with your sales team. Your marketing campaign can also be strengthened, using this software.

Soffront has a live chat feature that you can use to engage your customers. Trust me, live chat is a powerful tool for building trust with your customers.


In an exclusive study, Econsultancy found consumers prefer live chat in customer service. So with the live chat portal in this software, you’re more likely to satisfy your customers.

There’s a forum for users to ask questions and interact with other users. In all of these, the Soffront software helps you manage sales order and help desk requests more efficiently.



Commence small business CRM software enables you to customer customer experience from the top of the funnel (TOFU) to the bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

You can also nurture new leads and increase sales with this simple tool.


It features modules for marketing automation, lead management, help desk functionality, a customer portal, reporting and project management.

Can you beat that?

Do you know that customers will leave a company when they feel they’re no longer cared for? With the Commence CRM, taking care of your customers is pretty straightforward.

The dashboard displays up to date activities of your customers – which you can use to execute a more personalized campaign that yields dramatic sales results.


Several small and mid-size businesses that use Commence CRM software testified that it’s become an integral part of their business. Give it a shot, if you want to develop trust with your audience.



Have you use Infusionsoft?

Maybe not.

But I’m sure you have heard of the marketing software from blogs, at conferences, and media sites.

Infusionsoft is designed to help grow small businesses that want to see better results for their hard work. The testimonials keep pouring in. For one, TITIN grew its business by 400% via Infusionsoft.


With Infusionsoft, your daily business activities are automatically taken care of. It helps you to organize your customer’s contact, and resolve their problems smoothly.

Your customer’s data are organized serially for easy access whenever the need arises. You can as well tag and segment imported contacts.

And you know how much impact email list segmentation will bring to your business, don’t you?


Engaging your customers based on each customer’s profile is critical. That’s why you need some form of segmentation marketing.

You can read this Case Study on Performance Solutions Group, LLC, from the East Tennessee State University by Jordan Brian.

Use Infusionsoft to develop deep relationship with your customers, by collecting customers’ behaviors data and rate them based on their responses.

Iron Tribe Fitness has this to say “Since our business implemented the Infusionsoft platform, it has grown to over 18,000 members with additional locations slated to open throughout markets across the United States.”

There are still a lot of success stories from businesses that use this software. Even if you end up not using Infusionsoft, be sure to learn how other businesses used it to drive their content marketing campaigns.



Reallysimplesystem is a cloud CRM software, which is very easy to use.

This software will provide a huge source of leverage for sales marketing, customer service and support. It’s developed specifically for small and medium B2B organizations.


When you’re building your brand using the internet, one of the core steps to get quicker results is to respond to your customers on time.

According to Hubspot, you’re likely to generate 7x the conversions if you respond to customers within an hour. Whether you’re logged in on your mobile phone or desktop PC, you can easily attend to your customers and deliver happiness.

It will interest you to know that most internet users wish to receive a response from a brand within the same day.


This is really the core reason why you should try Really Simple Systems. It provides an interactive platform, and seamless sync with several third-party software. And security is guaranteed – since it’s a cloud software.

Similarly, since the software is compatible with any device; desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, you can login from any device, anywhere, any time, and attend to your customers as soon as possible.

The most exciting part of it all is the email marketing feature, which makes it easier to build your email list and send out useful newsletters.

Hello Scotland and several other businesses have benefitted from the less annoying customer relationship management software –



With millions of active social media users, small and midsize businesses can’t ignore social media marketing.

“It’s clear that social media is an effective platform for customer conversion,” says Glen Williams.


You may be wondering why I’m talking about social media marketing in this section, right?

Okay, I’ll tell you…

Insightly, the marketing automation software under review is integrated with social media marketing capabilities, which makes it easier to market on social media platform.

Insightly is an easy to use effective CRM system for mostly small businesses. It’s integrated with Google Apps, Office 365, MailChimp, and major social media sites.


As an online CRM system, it has over 800,000 users in 100 different countries. The company uses strong server to avoid disruption. In addition to this, there are 247 engineers available for your optimum satisfaction.

It further ensures that your data are safely stored, using military grade AE-256, which are backed up daily. For high customer service, they provided monitoring units, in 14 different places in 4 different continents.

Brandtree recorded 20% increase in their business productivity using Insightly. Why not give it a try today?



Mobile usage has taken over the world.

You can’t imagine how much people of all ages cherish mobile phones.

According to, 83% of internet users are on mobile, and this number will continue to rise. Likewise, mobile application (or mobile apps) for short has revolutionized how business are done today.

The growth of mobile apps downloads is staggering. It’s estimated to surpass 200 billion by 2017. Hence you’re likely to get more customers, with mobile applications.


That said, are you going to embrace the new way of reaching your ideal customers and building loyalty?

If yes, then mobile apps is your surest bet.

Buildfire is a CRM software that will help you build your business app in under 5 minutes. You’re likely to increase your sales with phone applications, because it’s user friendly.


Trust me, mobile addiction is a good signal for small business. For one, when ideal customers spend more time on their phones, they’ll feel obliged or persuaded to purchase a product.

In fact, it’s now obvious that mobile purchase is on the increase. With, all you’ve to do is select a template, fill in your details, click the button, and boom…

Your mobile app is ready for your customers to download and use. Go give it a try. Get started for free!



This software is perfect for small businesses that want to manage and improve on their customer relationship. Come on, who doesn’t want that?


With Batchbook, customer’s details are stored in one location for easy access by your management team, as long as they’re connected to the web.

This small business CRM software will perfectly track and manage your customers’ previous conversations, contacts, orders, segmenting and task managements.

Take a look at the Marketing Technology Strategy Survey, and you’ll notice that automation is now an integral aspect of running a successful business.


In essence, a good CRM tool should be able to handle all these marketing activities. With BatchBook, you can do it without going through trial and error mode. That sounds cool to me.

Irrespective of its simplicity and user friendly interface, Batchbook is very efficient in performance.

Armed with the tool, the management of customer services, sales and marketing will flow graciously.

Remember that one of the ways to get more customers and boost sales is by improving in customer relationship. Hey, this is Batchbook’s ideology.

A survey by HubSpot show that 70% of customers will tell others about your brand if you treat them well. More so, 70% of experiences are based on how the customer feels they’re been treated.


And one of the best ways to treat customers well is introducing CRM like Batchbook into the mix.

Batchbook is a small business social CRM that builds links between you and your customers. It bridges the gap that exist when you sign up new customers. It can handle unlimited number of users.

Automation isn’t a new idea to marketers. It’s now a welcome development. Therefore, I encourage you to welcome it also to your business.

Getbase confirmed that 15% of businesses have replaced manual with automated processing methods.


With Batchbook, you can easily motivate your customers to stay. The fear of losing customers will be eliminated in no time. BatchBook can assign ‘To Do’ lists to your team members for urgent follow up.

It’s very important that you follow up on your leads, else you’ll lose them.

You can query the database to get information on any customer of your choice within seconds. That’s BatchBook for you, very robust in performance.

Sure, we all agree that marketing hasn’t changed, but the technology to achieve significant result is seriously changing. Don’t you think so?



Don’t get overwhelmed by the plethora of CRM software out there.

If you’ve to make up your mind today, and begin to maintain relationship with your clients – may just be your best shot.

It provides email marketing tools and customers database portal where information is stored.


Small Biz CRM is an online Manager that carries customers information. It’s a web-based CRM tool for small business’ needs.

With this tool, you don’t need any IT know-how – it’s very simple and user-friendly.

A click can send newsletters, emails, approve or reject requests, query customers information within seconds.

With a very creative user interface, a first timer can quickly fall in love with



It’s not another small business CRM software. This is powerful!

Zoho CRM will help you link and manage your customers efficiently. This tool can handle customer service smoothly.

It can assign jobs and handle any overflow of incoming requests through workflow rules.


There is what is called web-to-case forms: It’s used to get each customer’s cases through website. Zoho CRM tool can also handle this perfectly.

Zoho CRM tools help a lot in delivering unfeigned customer satisfaction. It merges sales and post-sales support management which helps in resolving problems.

If you want 15% increase in productivity or more, use the Zoho CRM.


With web to case form, Zoho generates customer cases through email, phone or website.

Zoho is very perfect for a business looking for all-in-one functionality in CRM software.

Workflow automation, analysis, generating customers, managing customers information and social collaboration are the core features of Zoho.

It’s also perfect for a business that has multi users. This tool can handle your annual budgeting.

Zoho CRM is very good in Analysis. It measures employees performance and track sales with a  robust reporting capability.



Marketing using Salesforce CRM software will change the face of your business. It’s a strong CRM tool used to convert leads into customers and motivate loyal customers.


Just a click with this software and every vital aspect of your marketing is automated. There’s no need of IT expertise here, because, there’s nothing to setup or manage.

The Design is simplified and user-friendly.

With the help of Salesforce, your customers may think they’re the only customers you have because of your regular communication via mailing.

The database of this Salesforce helps in solving problem faster because you can query the database and get results within seconds.

Its analytic ability can capture your VIP customers and store contact serially.

It does a lot of things at onces. For example, marketing automation, services, sales monitoring, easy to use mobile app builder, contact management, analysis, etc.

The Salesforce is truly a “force” behind top brands that understands how to make smart choices – which consequently results in 41% increase in results generated.


Salesforce will help you close more deals, increase customer’s loyalty and trust.

It helps treat customers individually, not as a group on social media. It can analyze using previous customer behaviours to know next line of action for the customers.



Onepagecrm is another powerful web-based tool for small business. You can execute several marketing tasks in just one page (i.e., dashboard) just as the name implies.


One Page CRM  is a very simple CRM software that can manage your daily sales and convert casual visitors who entered your funnel into paying customers.

According to Tanya P. Roberts of Structured Chaos, LLC, “It has transformed my workflow and success. It is a tool I recommend to others every opportunity I have. The customer service is unparalleled.”

With this tool, you can sort customers contact and make necessary decisions on each contact. This is what I call “efficient organization.”

Email Monday confirmed that conversion rate is can be up to 70% if you automate marketing processes in your organization.


If you desire high conversion rate, you need CRM.

Do you want a 100% boost in sales and contact management, try OnePageCRM.

All contacts are stored in database. It filters out duplicates so that messages sent will not be repeated.

It works with other online applications easily to generate lead, email marketing, nurturing and control in your sales funnel.

If you want this tool, the success team (fancy name of customer service support) are ready to educate you on what you need to know through webinars.



Most small business CRM software are difficult to use. For one, you’re required to download an application for your desktop or mobile.

But with AddressTwo, you don’t have to do that. There is no need for update, upgrade, installation CD, or downloading any third-party app.


AddressTwo has integrated email marketing potentials. Send postcards and letters to build relationship with customers.

AddressTwo offer all-in-one features. It’s used in contact management, sales forecasting, project management, email marketing, autoresponders, task management, and lots more.

This is simply amazing.

More so, 53% of marketers have not fully integrated their marketing technologies.




Capsule CRM is a good choice if you really want to capture customers contact, manage and analyze customers communication, track and process user data – and make them accessible to the management team members.


Capsule will also manage and track how your leads are converted to sales.

This software tool can contain and manage 50,000 contacts, classify the data with tags. From this, a contact list is created. It uses this contact list to send mails.

It combines Google apps in its features so that its functions will be diversified to a wide range.

It’s very easy to use and straightforward. The interface is user friendly and clean. Therefore, new users don’t need training to manipulate Capsule CRM automation solution.

Here are some of the merits of using Capsule CRM Software:

  • It’s affordable compared to other small business CRM online.
  • It’s user friendly.
  • It’s integration with Google App is an advantage.
  • Multiple contacts and email list can be created with ease.

The ease of use is the most valid feature Capsule has over other CRM tools.



Highrisehq is a complete customer relationship and marketing automation software. It’s magical!

It provides the best means to keep track of your customers, tasks and conversations, which are the main ingredients of business relationship with customers.


With Highrisehq, you can track and view status of communication between you and your customers anytime.

During dialogue, it distributes tasks and related projects together. If you need certain information to be kept a secret for security purposes, it’ll be made private by Highrisehq.

A forecast was made and captured by Superoffice that by 2017, CRM with similar features like Highrisehq will generate $36,509 million.


Increase in ROI is geometrical with CRM tools.

It allows viewing and restricts viewing when necessary. When this tool tracks information, it sets reminders necessary to such information.

Highrisehq is great for assigning task to team members, send mails to contacts, and manage communication.

Get Highrisehq and you will rest your nerves.



Intouch CRM, is a great marketing tool for small business and managing feedback from customers.


Intouch CRM makes provision for updates and photos – it allows links with ease. It also incorporate email templates so that you can make a smart choice before mailing.

In our company, processes are delivered faster because of Intouch CRM.

Intouch CRM features includes: File storage, email marketing, task pad, social CRM, mail merge function, calendar, and lots more.

Ease of use is what 55% of users look out for in any CRM software. And guess what? That’s what Intouch CRM delivers on a platter.


The interface is user friendly. Your team members would master it in less than 5 minutes.

Your daily processes will be well managed by Intouch CRM if you make it your smart choice.



Tactile CRM is a powerful web-based contact and marketing automation software you can rely on. It’s very efficient in sales pipeline, contacts, notes, and email management.


Information sharing is made very easy to customers, team members, and employees alike from one spot.

Main features of Tactile CRM are:

  • Email tracking,  phone calls, notes, activities and meeting records. Even when  team members are not together, through online, they can view reports from Tactile CRM.
  • Online Address book, sales & pipeline management, activities and reminders, tagging, and file management are the various features of Tactile CRM.

These features will convert process to leads and make sales for you faster.

This tool is simple, user friendly and integrates third party services, such as Campaign Monitor, ZenDesk, etc.



Lessannoying CRM is majorly for small business owners. With this tool, sales pipelines can be built within minutes.


Here’s what you should know:

Business software designed for big companies will not fit into small business. Because, most of the features will not be used in small business marketing.

You don’t just any tool to grow your business, but the right tool.

That’s why Lessannoying CRM is specifically built to support your small business marketing.

To use this CRM software, IT expertise isn’t required, installation and training of team members aren’t necessary, because Lessannoying CRM is interactive and has a user-friendly interface.

It’s affordable and simple to use, free and enjoyable customer support and low cost. Setup will be in few minutes, since it’s installed in a cloud-based platform.

The customer’s information with Lessannoying CRM is centralized to be accessible to the entire team anywhere in the world. Thus, you can expect to increase productivity through this medium.

Data from Superoffice confirmed that with CRM software, sales productivity are improved to 30% increase.


It has features like: task management, note taking, calendar, lead tracking, sales process monitoring, and lead conversions to sales.

What comes to mind as you read the awesome features of Less Annoying CRM?



Do you know what the number #1 goal for content marketing is?

Your guess is as good as mine – lead generation.


Contactme is equally classified as a small business CRM software tool that’s used to capture and organize leads, and gather vital information from website and social media for lead generation.


Contactme consolidates contacts, manages and controls customers relationships, attracts leads, and so on. It’s fast in tracking specific tasks, deadlines, meetings and lots more.

It can handle and manage your appointments, promises, and correspondence. This tool will help you grow your business because of its efficiency and performance.

You can automatically create ContactMe button and web form. Add this web form or button anywhere (website, blog, facebook profile, forum, etc.), to start collecting visitor’s personal information.

With its workflow monitoring, reports are generated and distributed to team members.

It’s interesting to know that everything is in place while you rest and take care of other pressing issues.



Workbooks helps you to work with a team and become more productive and successful. It support sales leaders, marketers and salespeople with tools to generate customers and manages sales pipeline.

This software helps organizations automate processes in their business. It increases traffic and sales.


WorkBooks will unite your finance, marketing and sales team’s operations – in one place.

From your landing page, Workbooks will give you the privilege to manage existing leads, capture sales leads, using web-to-lead tools features.


This software adds form automatically to your sites to generate leads. The lead generated through this form will be assigned automatically to your team members for follow up.

A lot of marketers taught they do not need CRM. You’re doing your business a disservice if you continue to ignore it.


Nothing is worth deterring you from CRM. An automation tool that makes your presence felt by your customers and competitors isn’t what you should do away with.

It’s possible to see cases, track of activities, emails, opportunities and financial transactions made with clients previously.

This allows you to have complete knowledge of your organization and people you deal with. This is a huge advantage.



Pipedrive CRM is a good solution for sales professionals. It plays a key role in sending instant updates to your sales team.


It has an easy drag-and-drop editing interface. In fact, over 10,000 users globally have confirmed the efficiency of Pipedrive.

As a simple standalone CRM solution, the workflow of sales pipeline is visually seen in its user interface.

At a glance, with the help of Pipedrive, the manager of a business can see the performance of his company and campaigns visually. This is priceless!



All in all, small business CRM software isn’t a shortcut to hard work. I don’t think you can truly succeed in business without working harder and smarter.

It’s time to register your presence online strongly, hone your skills, create engaging content, and establish a strong one-on-one relationship with your customers.

Thanks to these CRM software tools.

Above all, stay consistent and keep an open mind. Real businesses aren’t built overnight. Time and experience are required.

39 Mobile Marketing Strategies To Boost Adoption

Mobile is becoming the first choice for younger consumers. Business owners now more than ever have to think about what type of experience they are giving to their potential customers when they are experiencing your website or app on mobile. Is it usable, does it load fast enough, is the same experience on a laptop translating to mobile?

With those questions in mind, we’ve spoken to 18 experts in the mobile marketing and mobile strategy space to help you decide where to focus your time and efforts when it comes to mobile marketing.


BONUS: 39 Mobile Marketing Strategies To Boost Adoption Get My Bonus

Vincent Vitale – Fount



Get Beta Testers!

Apply on beta.list and similar sites. These sites allow people that love beta testing to find out about your app before pre launch and submit their email to be notified about your launch. This is a great way to have a built in audience upon launch!

Target Social Sharing Communities

Plenty of groups on Reddit, slack communities, and Facebook groups are centered around beta/early stage releases. These are the channels you want to target for early release. But don’t just post and leave the group. Make sure to post into the right channel and then answer any questions. If you don’t know the right channel, ask the moderator/admin first. These communities hate marketers, so do it the right way.

Get Featured On ProductHunt

This is literally a site where people go to find out about new websites, apps, etc. This is a perfect place to start. And have other people that you know submit on your behalf as well. More traction!

Create Your Own Facebook Group

Create your own Facebook group and invite all of your friends to it and have your friends do the same. I have roughly 1500 Facebook friends and when I invited them all to like my Facebook group that was centered around my app(not business page) on Facebook I had 400 people in the group. After my friends did the same for me I was up to 1000 people in the group. I then posted the link to download my app in there and got over 800 downloads!


Mike Catania – PromotionCode



Optimize Your App

You’re not going to market anything if your app or site is slow.. It can’t go fast enough so re-restructure those SQL queries, lose the third-party ad trackers, and strip out all the whitespace between your tags because the 50 milliseconds you knock off your load time absolutely makes a difference in how responsive users will be to your marketing campaigns.


Naresh Vissa – Krish Media & Marketing



Optimize Everything For Mobile

All businesses should make sure their sites, products and features and optimized for mobile. A clunky or discombobulated site on mobile will result in a high bounce rate.

Eventually, everything will find a way to mobile. Over the long-term, it won’t be necessary to sit in front of a computer to waste time. It won’t be necessary to have an office phone. In fact, it won’t even be necessary to go into an office to work.

Approximately 40% of all e-mail is viewed via smartphones and tablets today. If 40% of people are getting their messages through these channels, then you MUST find ways to not only optimize your sites to mobile, but also tailor your e-mails and sales messages in such a way to entice these specific users.

Another takeaway is that ads need to be optimized for mobile. For example, Mobile Marketer found that 970×250 banners are great for desktops and laptops, but 320×50 work best on smartphones and tablets.

Nielsen reported that mobile APPLICATIONS (apps) now account for 90% of all time users spend on their smartphones. Mobile ad tracking firm Medialets found that advertisements in mobile apps perform significantly better (0.56% click-through rates) than ads on the mobile web (0.23% click-through rates). The click-through rates aren’t as high as they would be for e-mail advertisements, but the data nonetheless is an encouraging sign for mobile advertisers moving forward.

Some large brands are already testing ad campaigns on mobile applications. For example, during Valentine’s 2014, Domino’s in the United Kingdom used dating app Tinder to reach users. Anyone who matched with the Domino’s Tinder account had the opportunity to get a discounted pizza.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP)also found Facebook to be the most used mobile app. This presents a tremendous advertising opportunity within Facebook.

It’s important that all businesses – including brick-and-mortar, man-to-man shops – keep the mobile trend in mind for the future. Those who adapt to these changes will be ahead of the curve.


Lisa Chu – Black N Bianco Kids Apparel



Optimize The Experience For Mobile

When developing a shopping app for my webstore I did not underestimate the importance of having a great user experience. Mobile devices are so sophisticated a lot of users are no longer even using a desktop computer. In order to expand into the mobile market I had to ensure the customers received a similar shopping experience. A simple but modern and user friendly dashboard was a must in order to expand our mobile presence. Once I had our mobile app up and running I started analyzing my customer data. I knew customers shopping on an app would require a more personalized shopping experience. Using the customer data I was able to integrate a more refined shopping experience by only advertising to a certain demographic. Sending only relevant SMS alerts and notifications to consumers who have the highest chance of converting into a sale. Mobile marketing is still a fairly new market and we are always trying to find new and innovate ways to target our customers in an organic fashion. I believe in the near future social media will play a huge factor in mobile marketing.


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Jonathan Levey – Flexjet



Growing Without Paying

App Store Optimization (ASO) is essential now than ever before, because search in the app store is the most used method for new app discovery and installs. Optimize your app title, maximize the keywords field, and write a description that persuades the visitor to download the app.

Drive Installs With App Store Search Ads

App Store Search Ads will offer the most applicable method of driving paid app downloads. Mobile marketers will have an answer to the immense demand in install-based marketing campaigns for applications which have been dominated by Facebook in its app advertising and monetization ecosystem.

Promote Your App The Smart Way

Use Branch’s Smart Banner to convert your website visitors into app users. Branch offers this to marketers for free and it’s better than Apple’s Smart App Banner, because it’s fully customizable. You have full control of the button text and color, plus you can choose to add ratings and review counts. Branch also just launched a new feature called Journeys, which you should check out if you want to personalize the experience of converting web visitors.


Terence Channon – SaltMines Group




Get Personal

A consumer’s mobile device is their most prized, individual possession. The user expects the same from any marketing messaging. The message needs to be geared towards them – almost exclusively – as a 1-on-1 conversation. Avoid mass marketing – consumers on their devices wish to be spoken to as if they are in a private conversation with you – not a lecture hall.

Invest in Detailed Analytics

Merely tracking impressions and clicks is not enough. Use the analytics platforms available today to engage the user throughout the customer journey and lifecycle. The right message at the right time based on where the user is in the buying cycle.


Pamela Wagner – Ajala Digital


Use Google App Install Campaigns

One of the best mobile marketing strategy is to use Google App Campaigns to promote the app. Those are super efficient and very targeted campaigns to promote your app in a budget-friendly way. When using this strategy, make sure you got Google Analytics set up within your ad to track everything and use several other cool features such as remarketing.


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David E. Strickler – DES Marketing & Branding




Develop A Marketing Plan for Launch

This is undoubtedly the biggest mistake app developer’s and marketers alike make. Before launching an app, a strategic and thorough marketing plan should be put in place including placement, competitor analysis and a detailed calendar that highlights the rollout of the app. A marketing plan is not optional-it’s a necessity.

Improve your App Store Optimization (ASO)

You can improve your app’s visibility in various app stores by focusing on a few key items. First, make sure the App’s description contains keywords that are applicable to your audience. Make sure the language and description fit the key demographic you are trying to reach.

Create a Reason for Retention

Many individuals leave an app shortly after downloading it so; give your customer’s something to want from it. Create valuable content, exclusive deals or something to encourage them to come back to the app. Coupons are one way to do this however, depending on the app’s nature you can scale this marketing tool to your specific needs.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of PR

One of the easiest ways to get an app “out there” today is the power of PR. Get included on lists, featured on blogs and cater your pitches to specific outlets who cover your category. This earned media is low-cost but incredibly valuable when and if it gets picked up. Make a list of outlets that fit the bill and build a connection with editors. One trick is to use Twitter. Many editors have their contact info in their description- use it! I fall else fails, send a Tweet. Who knows? You may get a Re-Tweet that results in an uptick in downloads!


Derric Haynie – Rebrandly



Use Mobile Optimized Pop-Ups

If you’re using them there is one thing you should know: sometimes they don’t work on all mobile devices. Before setting up a pop-up, make sure that the user can easily X out of it on all mobile devices. There is nothing worse than finding out all of your android users are leaving your site because they hit a pop up that they can’t seem to close.


Mae Demdam – Digital Edge



Use Advertising & Targeting

Advertise on Mobile through Google Display Network and Facebook. You can target specific mobile apps, devices, and create a hyper-niche strategy to gain qualified traffic. You can also control you ad spend and monitor the campaigns closely.

Take advantage of the variety of Ad Types. With all of the social channels out there, there are more opportunities for just the basic banner ad. Take TrueView for example, it allows advertisers and marketers to use 30 second video to display an ad and capture audience members attention. Similar to display, video engages a user more and is interactive

Leverage Special offers

Utilize online offers/specials through coupon codes, or any type of paperless offers. It improves engagement and promotes your audience to share and convert.


Daniel Nathan – BidMotion



Spray-and-Pay vs Sniper User Targeting Approach

Traditional advertising goes for the spray-and-pray approach, in an attempt to maximize impressions and visibility. In mobile advertising, this approach is futile, as it results in wasted impressions on users with little promise and low engagement. Targeted mobile ads exploit vast pools of mobile user data in order to create granular audience segments. This sniper approach instead opts to target engaged users with high LTV potential. While impressions may be less, conversion rates increase to acquire a long-term engaged user base.

How does it work?

Let’s take the concrete example of a food delivery app launching in a new city. Traditional advertising would plaster ads all over the city in order to reach the maximum number of potential users. However, applying data-drive insights tells us that the app’s user base in other city tend to fall within the 20 – 32 age range. These busy young professionals are also 3 times more likely to order food delivery on weeknights than any other time. Proper audience segmentation would target this user group during this timeframe and on zip-code basis, near large business sites and young residential areas to target the precise moment when they want your service. Such audience segmentation serves to boost conversion rates, optimizing each impression, as you already prove your added value to the user at the moment when they are most receptive to your message.

Make sure it’s engaging

To ensure your mobile advertising strategy reaches receptive users, make sure it is engaging and responds to the users needs within a precise moment. Taking the same example, we know that User A, 25 years old, is most likely to order food delivery on Wednesday or Thursday evenings during his commute home from a busy commercial area. Instead of simply displaying a generic ad creative with a link to download your food delivery app, mobile advertisers should instead ensure they provide added value. In this case, this would mean not only an ad to download the food delivery app, but a discount offer to a local pizza shop via the service or other localized promotional offer.


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Todd Swoope – Snyxius Technologies



Every App Has Its Price

Arguably the greatest hurdle to getting your app in the hands of users is the cost. Choosing the right price model for your app can also contribute to its success. There are many price models out there for apps, such as freemium, completely free, free with in-app purchases (most profitable) and paid.

Do some market research of your niche industry to give your app the right pricing. Then it’s time to have fun. Celebrate anything and everything, and put special offers and discounts on your app, but only for limited periods. This will boost your downloads, for sure.


Madison Benveniste – Rain Local


Find Success In The Niches

As mobile marketing becomes the next generation of advertising, it is important to make yourself stand out. You must find untapped markets that can help your brand grow to its fullest potential. This means putting the time and possibly money into investigating how your product can reach its target market in the most successful way. Where once mobile and smartphone usage was seen as primarily used by the younger generations, it has truly penetrated the market and you can almost reach anybody via mobile. Each market has key benefits which you must weigh out and find what is most important to help your company grow.

Build a Brand

Make your product appealing. Give it a story people can get behind and relate to. Use the modern trends to draw people in and make them want more.

Product Placement

Get the backing your app needs. Use the most influential sites and people to represent your product to convince others they need it. Market your app compared to competitors. See who your competitors are already targeting, target them and MORE.

Track Conversion In Way Of Successful Users

It is important to not only track how many people are using your app, but how many people become loyal users and keep coming back. Once you are able to find what type of people are interested in your product, you will be able to better build your target audience and find markets that you must further penetrate..


Gilard Bechar – Moburst



Help People Find Your App with App Store Optimization (ASO)

The number one way users discover new apps is through searching the App store. Few people scroll down or see past the first 10 apps in most searches, so it’s very important that your app be visible at the top of the charts. First, you need to conduct research using more than one ASO tool. No one tool will give you accurate data. When you choose your keywords, integrate them into your content strategy (title, description, captions, etc.) so users searching for your exact product can find you. Effective ASO is the best way to outshine your competitors and increase organic downloads by loyal, engaged users, especially if they can find you for the right keywords. The average user decides whether to download an app within 3-6 seconds, so in addition to being highly visible, you need to be highly persuasive. Craft a creative and engaging logo, and well designed screenshots that tell the story of your app, and encourage downloads.

Get Your App Featured On Relevant Blogs or Websites

Another way to gain organic downloads is through blog reviews. There are millions of apps in the app store, so it’s important for your name recognition and ASO efforts to have your app appear in a variety of online publications, with links to the app’s page in the app store. This process is called link building and can help your app not only acquire organic users through the increased visibility, but also index better in the search engines. Although it can sometimes be possible to have your app featured for free on a blog, often sponsored reviews are a relatively inexpensive and effective way to increase organic downloads.

Reach A Huge Amount Of People Out Of The Gate With A Burst Campaign

To reach the top of the App store in the US, for example, an app must be downloaded a minimum of 120,000 times a day! That’s an enormous number, so a targeted, aggressive media buying strategy that lasts 24-48 hours, called a burst campaign, is necessary. If you have the budget for it, a burst campaign is one of the best ways to launch an app and create a huge buzz within a short period of time, which will increase the app’s discoverability. Aside from the massive exposure, Burst Campaign’s ensure a high number of organic viral downloads – a direct result of the high placement in the top download charts. If you prefer to spread your media buying budget out over time, you can run a hyper targeted campaign – pinpoint the right users for your app using targeting method.

Create Social Buzz And Encourage Sharing

Good old fashioned word of mouth is still a powerful form of marketing. You can create buzz with your social strategy by creating a Facebook / Instagram /page and building a base of Twitter followers even before your app launches. Once you’ve launched, sharing features that encourage people to share your app with their network will lead to an increase of active, loyal, and organic users.


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Max Robinson – Aims Media Design



Use Reddit

Say what you want about the Reddit community, but they absolutely love helping out startups. This makes the platform the perfect place for you to generate some buzz around your app, especially if it is providing something that people will find useful. Join a subreddit like /r/AMA (Ask Me Anything) and introduce yourself as a startup business owner who is launching an app. You’ll not only get a lot of attention and traffic to any websites or social media profiles that you’re promoting, you’ll also get some genuinely insightful feedback from the community who are renowned for their honest advice.


Sam Binks – Cool Gifts for Dads



Never Underestimate The Power Of Reviews or Testimonials

Getting testimonials and reviews can be challenging, but if you have even a couple then you can use them. Think big- include them on your site, see if you can follow up for videos, build relationships with people who have submitted their thoughts, and if you’re doing paid ads on Adwords get some review extensions up and running!

Outreach, Outreach, Outreach

Want to get an app out there and generate a buzz? Talk to the RIGHT people, and build relationships with them- it can help a ton. Think bloggers who review software or even mom bloggers if your app is family appropriate. Look on social media for communities to get into, search Google for websites that match your criteria. Show off a demo, give them access to a beta test show them why and how your app is worth talking about!

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Duh, right? If you’re promoting a mobile app, be 100% positive that your website and user experience is sublime on mobile devices. If it’s not, who’s really going to trust that your app is up to scratch? Make sure everything from load times to navigation is set up to be responsive, and if you can get a bit creative with the design. Your SEO performance will get a boost, plus you’ll probably get more downloads too!


Alexander Grosu – inSegment



App Store Optimization is Crucial

This is the absolute foundation for successful app marketing. Each store has its own algorithm, so it is essential that you do some research and see what every store takes into consideration when ranking apps. In general, though, the name of your app is considered to be a universally-valid factor – so try to use keywords in it (as much as it is possible and natural, of course). To search for suitable keywords, use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (but do keep in mind that you should change the device setting to “mobile”).

Get Some Social Media Help

Nowadays, social media is everywhere – and app marketing makes no exception. Page promoted posts, sponsored stories that target the mobile news feeds, pages (used as ads and also targeted at mobile users), using different tools to segment the ad demographics, a balanced use of high-resolution images and attractive URL posts – these tactics can be very helpful when it comes to getting your mobile app out there. Likewise, promoted Tweets can also have a positive impact on your app marketing campaigns.

Attract Reviewers

App reviews have a great effect on users, as well as on how the app stores perceive your product. Therefore, it is very important that you attract as many reviews as possible – and one of the best ways to do this is by offering something in return (e.g. giving away free credits for those who post a review of the app).

Create Microsites

Although this is one of the more time-consuming methods to promote an app, it can be very efficient. Creating a microsite based on what your app is offering and optimizing it for the search engines can draw a lot of users to your site (and, as a consequence, to your app) – so the time and financial effort will be more than worth it, especially if you rank for highly-searched keywords.


Blair Nicole – Media Moguls PR



Focus On Personalization

Most people spend their days glued to their phones, posting on Facebook, taking selfies, etc. Consider that when it comes to your mobile marketing or app marketing strategy. A prime example is how Coca Cola began personalizing their bottles with people’s names. Prior to that people had no reason to take photos with a bottle of Coke, but now people are uploading selfies with their soda because it’s personalized.


Feel like our experts missed something? Comment below.

Loved what you read and plan on implementing some of it? Comment below and share!

15 Useful Digital Marketing Books Every Marketer Should Read

Smart digital marketers read every day.

How many digital marketing books have you read in the past week? What about this first half of the year? Is your business and life being impacted by digital marketing books?


If you want to grow a thriving online business, you can’t afford to be an island. You need to dig into the minds of other experts. For digital marketing strategies, content marketing, case studies, social media marketing tips, the marketing books in this guide have everything you need to succeed.

Don’t conform to the way the uninformed marketer communicates. Get specialized knowledge through reading.

Reading makes you a better person. It makes you live the experience of other people. Interestingly, scientists have proven this to be so.

According to case studies by ScienceDaily, “When we read, the brain doesn’t make a real distinction between reading about an experience and actually living it.”


One of the major ways to get in-depth digital marketing knowledge is through extensive digital marketing book reading. It should become your lifestyle?

Without a doubt, there are influencers and leaders in your industry and niche. Find these people, and get into their minds. How they think, behave, and do business are usually laid out in books.

Most digital marketing influencers and social media marketers have been in the trenches long before your grandma bought you a Computer.

Not only are they better positioned to help you, but they can guide you to avoid certain mistakes they made while starting out.

No wonder, in a review of Reading History by Alberto Manguel, A.C. Grayling spoke of reading as taking a flight when he said, “To read is to fly: it’s to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience, and the fruits of many inquiries.’’

To a large extent, your effectiveness as a digital marketer is dependent on what you had read, what you’re currently reading, and would read in the future.

In turn, this would determine how valuable and premium your offers will be.

If you must stand out at digital marketing, here are 15 books that you need to read:


1. Email Marketing Demystified: Build a Massive Mailing List, Write Copy that Converts, and Generate More Sales

If your online business isn’t where you expected it to be. Don’t fret. There’s one aspect of running a successful digital marketing business that you must embrace.

Email list.

In reality, if you don’t have an email list, you don’t truly have a business.

Since digital marketing is the process of reaching targeted email leads at the right time, with the most relevant content and offers, you can’t afford to joke with it.

Email Marketing Demystified is the book to read, if you’re looking to sustain your business through email marketing. The author, Matthew Paulson in this amazing book shows you how to build massive list using 15 of the most effective techniques – that have worked for several brands.

Trust me, email marketing is much more powerful than most folks think. In case you’re thinking, “well, people don’t like getting emails from businesses,” think again.

A research by ExactTarget showed that 77% of customers prefer getting information on brand’s products/services they use through emails.

This is truly a huge opportunity to reach out to targeted customers. It’s a relief from the incessant rush for organic traffic. Once you master email marketing, you may as well forget about Google. That’s because email marketing costs are inexpensive.

The ROI on email marketing is staggering. According to Adobe, a $1 investment in email marketing can yield up to $40 in ROI?


Get your hands on Email Marketing Demystified if you want to see your site visitors in another light.

These people are not bots or blind folks who wandered and stumbled on your site. They’re real people with specific questions in their hearts.

Aside from learning how to build your email list faster, you also get firsthand knowledge that will help you set up your first funnel. This leads to higher profits.


2. The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly

Yes, the rules of social media marketing may have changed, but the concept hasn’t – and may never change.

You must never neglect publicity, if you want to grow your digital marketing company/brand.

David Meerman Scott in this marketing book doesn’t just show you real-world examples of social media marketing tactics that work, he goes even further to guide and equip you with the right marketing virtues that will help you gain massive publicity for your content, product, and brand.


When it comes to PR, you may have a system that works for you already, but what if there’s an up-to-date system that guarantees a double output from smart moves that you take, would you be glad to know it?

Or, would you rather stick to the one you know?

I doubt.

As marketers, we’re always looking for that out-of-the-box strategy. Truth is, you would get it from the New Rules of Marketing and PR. This can be a free promotional strategy. Grab this digital marketing book for more insight.


3. Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

The rave created by this book was impressive.

Prior to the launch of Go Pro book, network marketing had a really bad reputation – both online and offline. On the other hand, Successful network marketers have several things in common, which help them thrive at those times:

They think alike, amongst other attributes.

In this book, the author Eric Worre shows you how to ‘glide through the wave’ of the internet, to build untold wealth through networking with the right people – even if you’re a newbie to digital marketing.


There’s a better way to position your offers, and draw the attention of your prospects as well as those customers that may already be sold out to your competition.

When you read this book, you’ll master the art of networking. No, not in a pushy or annoying way, like some so-called network marketing professionals approach, but you’ll literally become the go-to-brand in your niche.

In reality, every business is in some form a network marketing model. For example, bloggers have to build a tribe. And the smart blogger inspires loyal readers to refer their friends, family members, colleagues, and fans. Isn’t this network marketing in practice?


The digital marketing space is an industry worth multiple billions of dollars. As such, it offers such opportunity that even the dumbest of persons can reach out and earn a slice of it.

After hitting a benchmark in profit of $167 billion a couple of years ago, network marketing is set to get even bigger as more digital marketers embrace it.

You would agree that network marketing is now something worth the interest of entrepreneurs outside of the internet marketing space. And the number of people getting involved will increase.


That said, remember that getting the most results from network marketing requires a lot more than reading books.

You also need to embrace social media, paid advertising, mobile app lead generation strategy, and using the right tools.


4. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

What makes some brands outstanding?

You may never be able to figure out what your competitors are doing better. But you don’t need to.

It’s all about positioning.

In Hooked: