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Great mobile apps, at a great price.

However big or small your need, we’ll build you a beautiful mobile app that’s tailored specifically to your business needs.

Most people looking at mobile app development have to choose between high quality and an affordable price.

We say, “why not both?

Nobody wants to make tradeoffs between quality and price. Or speed. Or features.

The good news?
We’ve found a way to minimize them.

“I open the app and I feel so happy. People just love it.”

“I really appreciate the people at BuildFire helping us make things possible. I feel like we’ve come to them with what I think are crazy ideas, and they’ve really thought about them and helped us bring them to life.”

Vanessa Weisbrod, Education Director

Our Secret Sauce: The BuildFire Platform

We’ve already built the components used in the majority of mobile apps.

That means:

More app for your money

Because you can take advantage of features and infrastructure we’ve already built

Faster timelines

Because we can focus on just the components unique to your app

Fewer tradeoffs

Between quality, speed, and price


Curious how much money you could save using BuildFire for custom app development? Try our App Cost Calculator.

Plus, the BuildFire team is behind you at every step.
We just really love making our clients successful.

Our US-based team will work with you directly to take your mobile app from idea to reality.

They’ve earned rave reviews from Fortune 500 companies down to local businesses.

“I was looking for a company who was willing to take the vision that I have, and say ‘This is possible. Let’s do it.’ ”

“If we discovered obstacles, they’d say ‘You know what? I know what you're trying to do, here's how we can solve it in an effective way.’ That's what BuildFire's done for us.”

Patrick Hardy, CEO

Beautiful apps with high-end functionality.

Trusted by trustworthy brands, large and small.

Custom App Development Doesn’t Have to be Painful

Our approach eliminates the headaches and guesswork from large projects.

What You Can Expect

To know you’re getting exactly what you want before committing to development.

The ability to test drive your app ahead of time, because it’s normal to have new ideas come to mind once you see it.

A price and timeline for development that won’t change once we give it to you.

What You Shouldn’t Have to Worry About

An app that doesn’t work for you, because your developer misunderstood what you needed.

A price tag and time frame that keep growing after you thought you had a firm commitment.

Continual change orders as you refine your thinking about the user experience or functionality of your app.

Save money *after* your app is built, too.

Ongoing costs for infrastructure, maintenance, and content management can run up to 300% of initial development costs.

Lower risk

Because our load balancers and autoscalers eliminate single points of failure.

Lower ongoing costs

Because we cover ongoing hosting, license, and maintenance costs in our low monthly fees.

Ongoing updates are easy

Using our CMS, instead of having to go through a developer for each content change.

Powerful app builder

iOS, Android & PWA

Unlimited customization