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We helped Wienerschnitzel build an app that improved communication from corporate to franchise owners, which in turn helped them streamline their communication from management to franchise owners.

Children's National Hospital

We developed an app that improved patient education. Gamifying the experience leads to living a healthier life.

University of Kentucky

We developed a mobile app that provides new sport recruits with information they need while touring the University of Kentucky Campus.


We developed an internal mobile app that streamlines communications, encourages employee engagement and provides analytics to measure success


We developed a mobile app designed to facilitate membership benefits to customers. The app helps connect users and customers with their benefits through a secure portal, as well as providing valuable information about the program and the benefits they are entitled to and can utilize.


We built a custom app that helped Paypal drive attendees to their events. Users liked the ease of use and simplicity of the app, which in turn lead to more registrations and attendees.

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How It Works

Our proprietary methodology allows us to create and manage custom apps faster.

App development is never as simple as you think, in this video we cover some of the things you'll need to consider when you're building a custom mobile app.


Separate Budget, Designers, and App Developers Per Platform

You need to allocate a design and development budget for each mobile platform as well as hire a different developers for each one. Then whenever you update your app, you’ll need to update each platform separately, driving up your maintenance costs.





Non App Development Related Costs Needed Need To Pay For Mobile App

The average annual cost of hosting and maintenance is 20%to 30% of the original development cost. This includes monthly hosting costs, licenses cost, and maintenance.

Monthly hosting costs

Licenses cost



Prevent Potential Lawsuits and Fines

Security is a big concern for mobile apps, and you’ll pay for firewalls, encryptions, and compliance. A data leak can leave you fined in the millions in court.





Will Your Mobile App Crash or Scale Successfully?

When your app becomes a big success, can it scale? Scalability is a major factor for any successful app. If an app is built with a single server and database, instead of with load balancers and autoscalers, you're going to have a single point of failure which could result in a massive loss of data or a poor user experience.

Single points of failure

Redundancies, live replications

Auto scallers and load balancers


Budget to Build a Desktop App to Manage Your Mobile App

You're going to need a CMS (Content Management System) or a developer to update even the most simple changes, this can cost $200+ an hour or have minimum engagement fees.

CMS (Content Management System)



Budget for Analytics and App Maintenance Reports

You're going to want to know how your app is performing so you will need a way to track and monitor user activities. Track Analytics, Uptime, and Alerts. Building this from scratch will drain your budget significantly.



Alerts (when there are issues)


Budget for User Communication Feature

Most creators of applications spend so much time building the other 6 features into the app, they forget the most important component. They have no way to gather feedback or communicate with their users to iterate future versions. This means that user retention is non-existent in most apps.

Feedback loop

Push notification drip

Push notification triggers

We take a completely different approach with BuildFire

The features that are in blue are readily available to you - developed and maintained by our highly skilled engineers. The majority of your budget will be spent building the custom features that you need.

The BuildFire Rapid App Development Framework

We simplify the entire app-building process, enabling you to build your app far more efficiently in a fraction of the time.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to create an amazing custom mobile app. But you don’t know where to start.  You’re not alone.

Speak with one of our app consultants today. Let us help you build an amazing app more efficiently.

With Buildfire, you’re never alone.

You’ll follow the exact framework that has been tested and proven by Fortune 500 companies to build their apps.

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