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Ignite The Gears Podcast: Making The Most Out of Your Website

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With us today is Jon Dykstra, the creator of FatStacks.com. He will be talking to us today about Content strategies, Website monetization and the different ways of bringing in traffic.

Content Strategies

Start a blog:

Starting a blog is a great way to help your business bring in traffic. Your customers have questions and they will usually turn to Google to find answers to their issues. When they do, you want to be sure you are their first option. By creating a blog you are able to answer many those unanswered questions. Your users are still experiencing. This not only brings real value to your customers but it also acts as

Choosing a vertical to pursue

The greatest motivator you are going to have when building out your website and your content will be a genuinely love for the work you do.. The vertical you choose is extremely important for outlining the type of business and content you will be creating. You want to make sure it aligns with both the company’s interest and your own mission.

The type of vertical you want to choose should have the potential for millions of people per month to come across it. This broad approach will allow you to have the space you need to grow. You can narrow your vertical down to only include specific topics but it might just limit your growth opportunities. By focusing on a vertical that covers several niches you are able to diversify and offer a wider range of content to your audience. Ultimately you are choosing a space that will allow you to grow every day, week, month, and year.

Create image-centric articles

With image-centric articles, you generally have a gallery of 30 images and you write content that pertains to those images. Image centric articles are very easy to write content for because you only need about a paragraph of content for every pic.

An image-centric article allows you to post the same article but have it visibly seem different every time. You do this by using a different pic for the thumbnail every time you post the article on social media. This type of system allows you to promote the same article 30 times because each time you promote the article, you do so with a different image.

If you decide to create image-centric post, make sure you are getting permission for using all the images. You do not want to go around the internet and take random pictures. Reach out to the creators and ask if you can use the image.

Transform you existing content across various platforms.

If you have a completely text-based article, consider making it a list. If you have a list, consider making it into a gallery. If you have a galley, consider making it into a short video. If you have a video, consider making it into an audio file. Experiment with your content and see what works best for your business.


The reality is that you won’t be able to always do all the work yourself. There are millions of things to do when running a website and you want to make sure your time is being used wisely. There are many task which can easily be given to someone else who is more experienced and who has a lot more time in their hands. Outsourcing allows you the choice to bring in skilled professionals or train newcomers to carry some weight off your shoulders. Examples of task you can outsource are content, video creation, social media and outreach.

Traffic Strategies


Be careful when you are building out your website. As you build out your links and authority, you want to make sure to avoid being penalized by Google’s Penguin and Panda The Google Penguin update will penalize websites for unnatural link building. These are usually in the form of fake links aimed at achieving high rankings. The Google Panda update will penalize websites with low-quality content. Follow this link to see Google’s standards of “High Quality Content”.

Organic traffic

This is the natural way of building up your media profiles. You create post which slowly build up your audience. Those post get likes and comments which are then shared around the web. The exposure drives traffic back to your media profiles. After which you can redirect visitors to your website and capture a sale. The trick to organic traffic is you have to create really engaging media to build up your social media channels. This process takes up more time than the paid route but if done right can help you capture a loyal audience.

Paid traffic

Most of the social media platforms are for advertising. Meaning you can pay to boost up your ads and post to capture your desired audience. If you decide to go down this route you need to test various types of content and ads to effectively gain the most traffic for your money. The benefit to paid traffic is the paid post looks like a regular post, so you generate fans quickly while gaining traffic.

Go for long tail traffic.

Long tail keywords are specific keywords, usually in the form of phrases, that your visitors use to focus their search. Instead of just trying to rank for “speaker” you could instead try to rank for “triangle shaped wireless water speakers”. The traffic you bring in will be more stable and faithful because it is specialized to your audience’s needs.

The downside of long tail traffic is you have to publish a lot of content to get any real significant traffic from it. You have to be extremely patient but once you start to capture an audience you will be well on your way.

For those of you who are not very patient, you want to launch with the potential to use paid traffic. Facebook ads and Native ads are a great place to start. Just be careful with properly planning and budgeting for paid traffic because it requires a lot of testing before you get the results you want

Monetization Strategies

Affiliate promotions:

Monetization through this process starts with finding an affiliate program. Once you sign up for the program you will be given a link for products or services on their website. You then build this link into your site and drive traffic towards it. You receive money when people click the link and buy something from the site, fill out a form, or complete a download. You are given anywhere between 4-10% when a customer completes the sale.

Display ads

These are the digital banners found in websites and apps. They commonly include images, videos and audio to promote a product and brand. Ad networks will typically give you banner and codes for you to integrate the ads into your website and app.

You can get your own display ads by applying to google’s adsense program. Before you do, make sure your site matches their standards and that you read the terms of condition so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Another program to consider is “Exoic” which is the program Jon talks about in the podcast. With this program he is able to customize the ads such as the colors and locations. Particularly he enjoy the program because it allows him to A/B split test his ads to see which of them will perform best and in which location. Exoic then takes the highest ranking spot and puts it up for auction in which companies are able to place bids for control of this space. The higher the bid, the more money he receives.

Sponsored content

With sponsored content, a brand will reach out to a website owner whose audience matches their product. They then offer to pay the website owner to mention their product in an article or video. The article or video does not have to be a review but it does have to direct the reader towards the sponsor’s product.

Create recurring systems

These are standardized systems of exactly how you want your content to be created, formatted, and distributed. These can be created into a document or into a video and their main purpose is to train employees.

Two pieces of advice

Be careful of expanding too early

Once you start to make some money with a site it can be very tempting to want to launch a few more. Launching a new site or buying a new site takes a lot of commitment. You will have to relearn all the rules and what may have worked for your past site may not work for your new site. Your time will be heavily divided so you will not be able to give all your sites the same care and attention you were only used to giving your first site.

Be patient

The longer you stay in your vertical, the better you will be at knowing what works and what doesn’t. Experiment constantly before you start to put down large sums of money into any strategy.

Till next time…

Today we covered three main strategies for building out content, monetizing your website and lastly driving traffic back to your website. We covered the importance of having a blog and even learned how to choose what type of vertical you should be in. We talked about organic and paid traffic along with warnings on how not to get penalized. Lastly we went over how to use affiliate promotions and display ads to monetize your websites. As you continue building up your business we encourage you to keep coming back for more actionable steps and explanations. Until then we wish you the best, remember to be patient and always bring value to others. Till next time!

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