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5 Awesome Offers Your Agency Can Use to Get Clients in the Door

Acquiring ready to buy agency clients is all about authority and expert positioning. Teaching what you know and leveraging that expertise to make the sale. If you can show your prospects that you know more than they do about a particular service and they can learn from you, then you’re the front-runner to provide them that service.

The five offers we’ve compiled all deliver that expert positioning, some more so than others, but all of them are excellent introductory offers to solidify that authority status.

Leverage these offers to teach what you know and get the sale.

Let’s dive in!


#1. SEO Reports

SEO reports are often used by SEO agencies or content marketing agencies as an initial interest offer to show prospects what’s wrong with their SEO and why it matters. Often these SEO reports are also tied to action steps and elements that can be used to establish authority and expertise in that field.

They’re very easily tied to one-time fee services that bring prospects into a position of becoming a client. The most common offering is to fix the on-site issues found by the SEO report. From there, there are infinite possibilities for upsells. Everything from SEO services and content creation, to pay per click while you work on their SEO. All of which can lead to higher ticket services down the road.

Here’s a couple of different tools that you can use to generate SEO reports really easily:


SEOProfiler is a great one and it’s one of the definitive ones out there to generate SEO reports that are really in-depth and branded.


Basically the same thing as SEOProfiler, but slightly different in the data reported back.


Web CEO also provides SEO reports, but in a different format and with slightly better branding.


WooRank is one of the best ones for generating SEO reports, tracking changes and reporting progress back to clients.


#2. Website Assessments

Website assessments are often used as a free review of how your prospect’s website converts or the technical issues found on their site. It could focus on elements like load time, how your forms are converting, how your ads are converting or any number of other elements that help assess the website to tell prospects if it’s converting and turning traffic into sales. Often this is used as an introduction offer to upsell:

  • a new web design
  • a conversion optimization service – if you’re talking about the conversion of the website
  • onsite SEO – if there’s a lot of technical issues
  • or any number or services that relate to the website and the health of the website as it relates to generating sales

It can also lead to a one-time fee service of an in-depth breakdown of action steps related to fixing the assessment’s findings. Essentially giving them action steps to fixing the issues that you found, whether it’s around conversion, technical issues or SEO.

Here’s two great tools to help you generate these types of reports:


Site Analyzer provides a great overview of the technical and conversion issues within a website as well as the key issues that should be fixed immediately

HubSpot’s Website Grader

A phenomenal tool that gives you a really good overview of top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel issues as well as action steps to fix them.


#3. Planning or Strategy Sessions

This is a really low barrier to use offer as it only requires someone with some expert knowledge to be on the call for 20 to 45 minutes. You can use your internal employees and their expertise in the particular areas of marketing to provide value without a lot of preparation beforehand. These calls can be positioned in one of two ways.

One, as a strategy session to determine their needs, and from there be able to move into a service that will fit those needs, or you can position it as a planning session to plan out what needs to be done in order to achieve the goals that they have in their business.

In both cases it’s a really easy way to upsell a prospect by just fulfilling on the services mapped out during the call. The simple way to reach that conclusion is to finish the call with this question:

“Would you like us to help you fulfill on what we just talked about, so you can achieve the business goals we discussed?”

That one question can lead to a one call close, which can save you overhead in trying to close sales and it build’s a lot of trust between your agency and your clients. If you can get them in from a one call close, imagine the possibilities for future upsells just as quickly.

#4. eBooks, Guides, Reports & Other Lead Magnets

Theses are the most common offers you’ll see with other agencies, simply offering knowledge in exchange for an email to bring them into an email sequence and upsell them from there.

For a lead magnet (any type of free information offered for an email address) to work really well, the content has to be dialed in with the key service on offer. Making an offer of a free report on the “10 Common Website Issues That Cost Business Owners Leads”, is not going to help you sell SEO.

Making sure that your lead magnets are paired well to a service and that they are directly relevant to your offer, ensures that the conversion from lead to client is more likely.

Often times, lead magnets also have to be paid with another free offer to make the sale, the “conversion trigger”. The simplest option is a strategy session to cover the business owners specific needs and then make the sale. If the pain experienced across business owners has commonalities this conversion trigger could be a webinar to allow one to many selling.

With lead magnets, checklists tend to work best if tied to an informative email sequence afterwards. If you’re looking for a quick qualifier, aim for a report or longer form guide instead. The more time a lead has to invest in learning about the service or your company, the better qualified they will be to convert quickly.

Here’s some tools to help you create and serve your lead magnets


Beacon turns blog posts into well designed PDF lead magnets. It’s an easy way to make long or short form guides in minutes after you already have the content.


OptinMonster is a behavioral opt-in offer tool that allows you to convert traffic into leads using the lead magnet offers that you’ve created. It’s one of the best out there and quite cheap.

TextBroker or GrowthGeeks

Depending on your needs for creating your lead magnets, TextBroker and GrowthGeeks both offer great platforms to get your content created. TextBroker is a simple content marketplace to connect you with writers to pull together your content. But if you’re after something that is an all-in-one content creation and design service, GrowthGeeks has some gigs offered by top growth marketers to help.


#5. Training Courses

Training courses are a great way to establish authority and expertise in a particular area of marketing and directly relate it to the service that you want to offer. Using free or paid training courses as a means to offer to teach your prospects how a particular service really works, puts you in an authoritative space in their eyes.

A majority of the people who come to those trainings won’t convert immediately, but some will convert right there and then. The ones that do convert will be much more likely to work with you for the long term because they know and understand that you’re an authority and an expert on the service that you’re offering. Those who don’t convert can always be nurtured until they are ready to come into the fold and become a client.

The best way to scale this is to go digital. Create a video course or email-based course to teach what you know. If you stay in the digital realm, it scales really well because you don’t have a lot of one-to-one interaction. That means you can have a thousand people go through your video training courses and never really have to talk to any more than the 50 to 100 that want to convert into a client.

If you want to get a higher conversion, you’ll want to make it a live in-person event. Live in-person events give you a better ability to sell in person, which means a higher conversion rate. The reason for it is that you can handle key objections live in-person while talking to them and convert a lot more of them into a long term service clients. The biggest downside is the time and location restrictions. You’ll have to invest a lot of time in making those prospects convert. Depending on your inclination towards local vs national work, the time investment may not be worth it.

Training courses open up a lot of opportunity to sell digital products after the fact to those who haven’t converted in to your services. If you run live events, you can even sell the training video afterwards as a further upsell.

Here are some tools to help you go down the digital route:

ScreenFlow or Screencast-O-Matic

Both of these tools are very easy to use video recorders and editors to create really professional looking video in no time without a huge budget.

Keynote or PowerPoint

The definitive presentation creation tools, either will work but if you’re in a pinch, use Google Slides to create your presentation to deliver your training. Remember to keep it simple, white background with black text works for a lot of information entrepreneurs who generate millions of dollars a year in sales, it’s all about how you deliver the information and how much value you deliver – not the look of it all.

YouTube or Vimeo

The best tools for video hosting, but if you want an online course feel, you’ll have to go to Udemy or Teachable instead.

If you’re running a live event, be sure to record the training to use afterwards as an upsell to the people who have attended as well as those who haven’t attended. You can do this really easily using a smartphone and a lavalier microphone to pin on your collar as you’re presenting the course.


BONUS: Physical Products

Physical is not yet dead and can still work with when it comes to engagement and activation. People love receiving physical gifts, playing on that feeling is what works best. Many agencies that retain clients for years and years have physical products as one of their key offers either at the retention stage or at the initial stage of bringing in the client.

There’s a lot of opportunity in the physical space to be creative, one of the best physical offers that I’ve found is an information package. Pull together trainings, lead magnets, key information that people should know about the services that you offer and give them a physical package of information to help them understand your services before buying.

Don’t just give them a bunch of promotional material, give them information that actually teaches them about the services that you provide and how they work. Help them get a better understanding of the process that you go through in order to fulfill on those services.

One of the best information packages I’ve seen was from a web design company that pulled together a 5-sheet information package that walked prospects through each stage of a web design along with explanations at each stage.

There you have it, five very actionable offers you can make to cold leads and cold traffic to turn them into prospects and customers. Leave a comment below and let us know what type of offers you make to your leads and prospects!


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