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How to Get Your App Submitted to the App Store

All app developers dream of releasing a hit app; the kind that goes viral, receives heaps of critical acclaim, and generates bucketloads of cash.

Of course, this is easier said than done: if you want downloads, you need visibility. With over 800 apps downloaded every second in 2013, Apple’s App Store is one of the places to be.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as uploading an app, then sitting back and watching the money roll in; first, your app has to be accepted.

Today, I want to help you take your first step towards owning a successful app, by providing tips for getting your app accepted by the Apple App Store.

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1. It Should Be Glitch-free

Apple prides itself on providing a great user experience for its customers. To maintain this reputation, all apps are tested thoroughly before they can be downloaded on the App Store.

Apple know that an app full of bugs will disappoint users, and will therefore want it as far away from their store as possible. If your app has glitches, Apple’s rigorous testing will find it, and they will reject it. Before submitting, make sure your app is free of all errors, glitches, and bugs.

2. Follow the Guidelines

Apple has a stringent set of guidelines your app must meet for it to be accepted to the App Store — a key set of criteria Apple believes will maximize user experience. These include rules on advertising, user interface, and objectionable content (violent, racial, pornographic, or defamatory.)

Fail to meet all of these criteria, and your app will be rejected, quickly. Familiarize yourself with all 177 of them, and check them off one by one — only when you’re happy you satisfy them all should you even consider submission.

3. It Should Offer Value

If your app doesn’t provide value for users, you’re unlikely to be accepted. The App Store has over 1 million apps already; if your app offers nothing new, is boring, or outright useless, Apple probably aren’t interested.

Do your market research before you begin developing your app. Make sure there is a market for your idea, the niche is not over-saturated, and your execution is strong, otherwise your app will be rejected by Apple.

4. Make the First Submission Simple

Obviously, you want to build an app that really wows its audience — and an app with all the bells, whistles, and fancy functions is more likely to get people excited.

However, when you first submit your app, keep it simple. Strip the app down to its basic framework, as the initial approval process is the most time consuming, and therefore the most important to get right. After this, your future updates will be passed through much more quickly — if your advanced features are rejected, it will cost you less time.

5. Use an Accurate Description

One common reason for a rejected app is a misleading description — a description that does not match up with the actual experience of using the app.

Of course, you are trying to promote your app, but make sure you aren’t making promises that your app can’t deliver on. Lying about features — or even being ambiguous about your app’s capabilities — is a sure-fire way to earn your app a place on the rejection pile. Make sure the description of your app is clear, and, above all, realistic.

6. Have Patience

Finally, with thousands of apps submitted every day, it might take Apple some time to get around to reviewing your app — you’re going to have to be patient. With all the rigorous quality control procedures employed by Apple, small delays should be expected.

If you want to avoid being stuck in limbo waiting for your app to become available on the App Store, make sure you only have to submit your app once — in other words, get the submission right the first time.

Final Thoughts

Do you have any other tips for getting an app accepted by Apple? Let us know in the comment section below!

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