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The Best Customer Success Software for 2021

It goes without saying that retaining customers is vital. Not only does it heavily impact revenue in the short term, but it also increases your customers’ lifetime value. It can even play a role in new customer acquisition—as happy customers are more likely to refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues. 

But how do you go about retaining customers, if you don’t know whether they’re content or ready to jump ship?

The truth is, it’s difficult.  A lot goes into a customer’s experience. If you don’t have a way to track, measure and optimize it, you can wind up losing people or missing opportunities to deepen customer loyalty.  

Luckily, there’s a way to see exactly how your customers are doing and how committed they are to your business. It’s called customer success software. 

What is Customer Success Software?

Customer success software is all about helping your customers reach their desired outcome with your products. By gathering data on their use of your products, customer success software enables you to see the health of each customer, find ways to help them better use your products, and uplevel your overall customer experience. 

Why Do You Need Customer Success Software For Your Business?

There are loads of benefits to using customer success software.

For one, it helps you pinpoint customers that have or likely will stop using your product, so you can bring them back onboard. It also shows you how you can improve your products and support systems to increase customer satisfaction. The right software even enables you to identify opportunities for upselling, by showing you which features your customers could benefit from using. 

Why does all of that matter? The answer’s simple. The happier and more satisfied your customers are, the better business will be. If your product or service helps them be successful, they’ll stay longer, spend more money and tell more people about you.

Bottom line, customer success is a game-changer for businesses. But, in order to capitalize on it, you need to have the best software available. That’s why we researched the five best options on the market and compiled them into a list for you.

Let’s get started. 

Best Customer Success Software

  1. HubSpot Service

  2. Intercom

  3. Zendesk

  4. Customer SuccessBox

  5. PlanHat

1. HubSpot Service


As the only 100% free option on this list, HubSpot’s service product is a great option for businesses of all sizes.  

Using its universal inbox, you can keep all of your customer interactions (including email, Facebook messages, live chat, and forms) organized in one place.

This makes it impossible to lose track of communication and eliminates the need to bounce from channel to channel, looking for pieces of customer information. It also helps you provide timely support to your customers, by allowing you to turn an email or live chat into a support ticket and route live chat customers to representatives who can help them.

At the same time, HubSpot is designed to help you close the loop with your customer success efforts. You can build surveys directly into your support channels to get relevant, timely feedback on your customer service.

Pricing: HubSpot’s service features are completely free.

2. Intercom

From data collection to analytics, Intercom is a great tool for managing customers and helping them find success with your platform. Its centralized dashboard collects data on customer behavior and interactions on a daily basis, so you can stay informed and up-to-date on your customers’ needs.

You can also integrate it with loads of external apps to deepen your understanding of your customers and enhance their experience. 

Where Intercom really shines is with its communication features. By leveraging its customer support features, you can interact with customers on multiple platforms from a single inbox, create a knowledge base for customers to help themselves, and build workflows to automate various nurturing efforts and marketing campaigns in your customers’ lifecycle.

Pricing: Intercom is accessible for a wide range of budgets, but pricing starts at $39/month. 

3. Zendesk

Best-known known most commonly as a customer service platform, Zendesk is a great tool for managing support tickets. However, at its core, Zendesk is all about customer success. 

With its Support Suite, you can chat with customers on multiple channels, collect customer data in a single database, and plug that data into different reports to get a 360 view of your customers. You can also customize this space to make it exactly what your team needs, so you don’t waste time getting up to speed or maneuvering around a platform that doesn’t work with your process. 

However, Zendesk offers a lot more than just a basic helpdesk. It also allows you to communicate with customers in a variety of languages on any channel, including social media, email, live chat and more. 

Pricing: Zendesk Support Suite starts at just $5 per agent. 

4. CustomerSuccessBox

As a top-rated Customer Success platform, CustomerSuccessBox offers solutions for every stage of the customer lifecycle, from onboarding to retention and upselling. You can set goals, plan tasks and track milestones to ensure that you make a positive impression on your customers in the first few months they use your product. 

Once successfully onboarded, CustomerSuccessBox is built to help you retain your customer base, by sending you alerts when milestones are reached or certain actions are not taken. 

You can also create tasks and assign them to specific agents, to ensure that all customers are taken care of at the right moment. And all of this data is stored in a single dashboard, where it can be used to score customer “health” based on product adoption, financial, service and relationship factors. 

Pricing: Customer SuccessBox plans start at $499/month.

5. PlanHat

Built for both startups and full-fledged enterprises, PlanHat is an entirely customizable Customer Success platform. Using its various modules and features, you can see everything relating to your customers’ experience, including purchases, support tickets, and interactions with your customer support team. 

PlanHat isn’t only an option for companies with a small customer base or loads of time to manually check in on every customer, though. 

In fact, PlanHat is designed to help teams be as hands-off as possible. By allowing you to design workflows, set alerts and create reminders, PlanHat keeps your team focused on customers that need nurturing and helps you connect with them at exactly the right moment. 

Pricing: PlanHat plans start at $500 per month + $1 per customer/month.


Regardless of what you offer and whom you offer it to, it’s vital to have a plan in place to help your customers be successful. 

However, as with all tools and apps, the Customer Success software you choose should be perfectly aligned with your needs and the needs of your customers. 

Just remember, when one of you wins, you both do. 

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