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How To Amplify Your Content With The Help Of Social Media

Social Media platforms have changed the game of online marketing. Pushing content like blogs, infographics and webpages is imperative to success. And using Social Media for marketing is an extremely valuable capability.

Google has made reaching a high rank nearly impossible without quality content. But to fully optimize your results, you must also reach your target audience. And you need to connect with them at the right time.


To strengthen your content you first need to consider that everybody is doing it. There are billions of posts made every day. Facebook alone has 4 Billion new posts every 24 hours. And WordPress pulls in an average 500,000 posts in the same amount of time.

These numbers are incredible. It’s proof that the world of online content has dramatically grown. So remember, it’s most likely been done before. Find a way to form a unique perspective and to develop your own creative voice. This will be imperative if you wish to use Social Media to its full marketing potential.

Once you have an original idea or topic chosen, you can begin to amplify your trademark. Unless you’re already famous, you should understand that brands are not automatic. You may have produced great content, but you don’t have a cult following. Reputations are built, not given. And a following of substance take time to form.



To truly drive your content to the next level, it will take more than just quality work. Publishing your content to your target audience on the best social media platforms is key. These platforms are high-traffic networks with endless possibilities. And they are the best way to connect with a variety of audiences and wide demographic.

You need a marketing strategy that involves Social Media. To form your content amplification approach, first identify your focus. Remember to take note of what happens after your content is shared. Often people focus on share numbers, but these are not always going to be what drives your business. You may have a low share count on any given social media platform, but there are most likely positive effects with leads, links, subscriptions or sales.



The foundation of marketing content is creating it in the first place. Your posts and articles need to be of substance, well researched and of course, not plagiarized. But writing is not the only category that exists. To reach the largest demographic, you need to use memes, videos, podcasts, infographics, opinion pieces and how-tog’s. In the world of online business there are various ways to connect with consumers. Use all of the resources at your disposal for optimum results.

And Facebook and Twitter are still your best go-to resources. They should be the first stop in developing any successful marketing strategy. The audiences these platforms reach are enormous. They are simply imperative tools in boosting your online content. Companies like Clairol have reaped the benefits of using Facebook for their campaigns and content. To promote their Nice n’ Easy Color Blend Foam, the company launched a multi-day giveaway (on Facebook). Over 100,000 samples were given to lucky users and their fan base grew 944% from that one social media campaign.



Influencers (or the people who control online authority within any given niche) are a great place to start. These will be entities that already exist and have a reputable following. You should identify influencers according to your specific content and build a working relationship with them to expand your audience reach. And don’t focus so much on their number of followers, but more on the amount of comments, feedback and shares they have obtained.

The many types of content can also be overwhelming. Maybe you are more of a writer than a video director, or more of a comic genius with memes than you are an infographic designer. No matter where your weaknesses, there is an online tool or resource that can help. Technology is making it easier than ever before to stay organized and increase your productivity. And without high quality and varying types of content, social platforms can’t do their job. Check out our list of popular apps and software that can aid you in your quest of content perfection.



Evernote App


This app is a content builders best friend. It offers an all-in-one experience. Users can compile information and research from anywhere (online, personal notes, videos, audio files, etc) and form presentations and articles within notebooks. Connect and collaborate as well (without ever leaving the app) for an overall experience that will expand your efficiency.


Essay Writing Service


Essaymama is a professional writing service made up of qualified editors. They provide structure, proofreading and editing assistance within tight deadlines. And their blog and content creation services are choked full of inspiration.


Hemingway App


The Hemingway app edits your work with the voice of Ernest Hemingway himself. Famous for communicating profound ideas with short sentences, the app focuses on hard to read paragraphs or shorter options for multiple phrases and words. Type directly in the app and receive easy to see highlighted suggestions and corrections. This app can be an online writer’s savior. Just like Hemingway, when writing online you want to keep it simple, short and to the point.





Buzzstream allows you to explore influencers and manage outreach in a personalized and efficient way. It deems itself the most advanced influencer outreach platform and it delivers. It can make building meaningful relationships quick and easy.



This site is one of the best available for social media marketing. Small businesses and large corporations can both use Hootsuite to schedule posts, messages and manage all social accounts. They provide ample measurements of your campaigns and content performance to help you better strategize for the future.




This award-winning platform makes it possible to obtain 4 times the return on your content investment, 10 times the increase in your content production and 100% original work. Their technology, talent pool and services allow them to streamline your process and elevate every aspect of social media marketing.




This is a great platform for not only agencies and businesses, but individuals as well. Buffer can guarantee your content is being shared at the best times so that your followers and target audience are engaged more often. They also help to schedule your workflow and manage all aspects of your social media accounts.




Storify is an easy to use platform that helps you find, collect and share what’s being talked about most on the web. Users can search top companies and brands to identify trends, and are able to create sharable stories from their social media content.




This platform focuses on video distribution and will automatically publish your vids to over 20 popular video posting sites. Users can customize niche settings to their liking and Oneload takes care of formatting videos per each site’s requirements. Users also receive analytics and are better able to construct an enhanced video sharing strategy.




Moz tools are built to decipher all analytical data so that you can focus on reaching your site’s highest potential. Companies like Otter Box, Razorfish and 99 Designs have all found great success in using Moz software options. Their “Moz Content” is the best choice for marketers. Users are able to discover what content is engaging audiences in their specific niche and what they should be writing about. The analytics are presented in an understandable and useable way and can help you create content that is always one step ahead of your competitors.

To create better performing content you will also need a more successful sales conversation. It can be a challenge to create a great landing page (this is where writers need to be able to hook a reader). You want to convert new customers, without being obvious. For the best sales conversation, remember to have your writers focus on benefits, not just the product itself. Viewers don’t like to be told what to do. Content needs to reach them naturally. And many of the tools listed above can aid in perfecting this skill.

Social media is a basically a marketer’s new best friend, or at least it should be. Marketers can modestly engage with target audiences to develop a better relationship through posting quality content. Consumers are now at the center of control when choosing what they view or what they purchase. And businesses can develop brand awareness through interacting with their customers and target audiences.

So now that you have the information you need, you can begin building your own social media marketing strategy. Understand to amplify your content; identify your weaknesses and where to start. Develop posts and provide information on real issues to better connect with your audience and to improve revenue generation.

The tools and tips technology has provided are user-friendly and are indispensable to achieve top marketing results. Review the listed suggestions and choose a platform to assist that is right for you and your business. Use them to your advantage and start building better relationships today.


About the Author: Kenneth Waldman is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience and also a Сopyreader at AskPetersen Reviews (read the latest Ultius Review). His expertise includes education, marketing, freelancing.

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