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26 Mobile App Analytics Tools For Digital Marketers

Your customers are mobile, are you?

Mobile technology has revolutionized digital marketing already. Now, imagine what business would look like five years from now.

Knowing how your target audience consumes content is critical, if you want to build a thriving business.

Truth is, the competition will keep getting stronger. Why?

Because it’s very easy to start a business.

Anyone with an internet-enabled computer can start a website, and leverage the same social media, Google AdWords, and content marketing that top brands use right now.

See, the level ground has been leveled. These days, if you don’t have money to buy traffic, you can get it with your time.

So, it’s either you’ve money or time.

These two are the most essential factors for growing a new business.

However, with mobile apps, which seems to be a better way of engaging your customers – you can make a small business big.

According to Nielsen, the use of mobile phone in accessing the internet is on the increase. It’s also the reason why most brands and marketers are striving tirelessly to integrate mobile apps into their marketing.

Since it has become more tedious and tasking to keep up with customers’ demands, coupled with enormous marketing activities, you can now use mobile apps to get ahead faster.

Mobile app marketing is now the most cultivated strategy for most marketers. According to Statista, “Mobile app store revenues worldwide are projected to grow to US $76.5 billion in 2017.”


That being said, a smart step to take in your business is to measure your mobile marketing progress. Is this not the whole essence of “analytics?”

If you’re going to use mobile apps to market your business online, then you need to know the right mobile app analytics tool.

There are several of them, but don’t be tempted to use more than two or three.

If you desire to improve your brand image consistently, then your marketing campaigns must extent to mobile devices and their applications.

What Are Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are tools or software that runs on handheld devices (i.e., phone, tablet, e-reader, iPod, and more). These Apps facilitate easy access to internet using mobile devices.

You can create a mobile app about anything. There are even mobile apps for churches.

It’s ideal to know how your audience is using your product and services. It may be difficult to achieve using desktop computers, but a lot easier when you integrate mobile apps.

A recent research shows that marketers are sure of 40% increase on ROI, if they integrate mobile app in their marketing campaigns. Isn’t that wonderful?


As a digital marketer, you need to know how your audience consumes your content. What we’ve come to know is that most readers prefer to read articles and watch videos on mobile apps than desktop.

How do customers feel about your products and services?

To track and monitor all these, you need “Mobile App Analytic Tools.”

You can easily collect these user behavior data from a mobile app analytics. Truth is, some of these analytics are integrated in a mobile app builder, like Buildfire.com.

Specifically, with these mobile app analytics tools, you can:

  • Track your online business progress.
  • See how your ad campaigns are converting.
  • Know the number of apps downloads.
  • Know who, where, and how your products and services are being used.
  • Access the most recent opinion concerning your brand.
  • Quantify ROI on every mobile project launched.
  • Determine your most profitable customers.
  • Personalize your online campaigns.

…And so much more.

You might be at the back door thinking that your product is actually engaging your audience, but, it may shock you to realize that your audience isn’t making use of your product.

How would you feel about that?

An effective mobile analytics tool will show you facts about your online business. It’ll distill out every piece of information you need to know.

Engaging with your audience is critical. Data from SlideShare revealed that customers spend 86% of their time online on mobile phones and their applications.


It’s high time you begin to reach out to your ideal customers via mobile apps. These people are already in love with mobile apps. Why don’t you take advantage of it?

Okay, let me show you the 26 mobile app analytics tools that you can choose from.

In no particular order, let’s go:


1. Tune.com

You need Tune.com if you want to drive traffic, build engagement, and discover opportunities to make more money with your mobile apps.

Tune believes that the future of marketing is mobile.

But come on, the future of marketing is already here.


As you embrace mobile apps marketing, you need to know which of the customers you can rely on.

Tune will track them for you.

And the opportunities to grow, and the various aspects of mobile apps engagement that you can track with Tune are enormous.

Make no mistakes about it, you need a versatile mobile apps analytics tool like this, because your growth may be from mobile ads or organic search. But irrespective of the source, this analytic tool will track them all-in-one place.

Here are the core benefits of Tune.com:

  • Measure the value of each marketing channel you employ (e.g., social, search).
  • Get authentic reports right on your dashboard.
  • Easily gather all your marketing campaign reports in one place.

You must know that a lot of people using mobile devices are just visitors. Data from Localytics found that about 4% of them converts to leads.

However, with Tune, you can set up the right campaigns to re-engage these casual mobile visitors into customers.


Depending on the size of your market, but 4% of out 100% is small. Hence, the need to use mobile apps analytics tool that’s developed to help grow your business.

Tune.com can articulate a report that will influence your decision making process, so that you can gain better understanding of your customers and get more sales.


2. Google Analytics

About 86% of digital marketers don’t enjoy Google Analytics. To them, it’s just a website analytics tool.


Most of these people have never used it to track mobile app engagement. But it does that as well. The truth is, a lot of brands have are getting ahead – thanks to Google Analytics data.

Here’s what the Senior Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic, Mia Vall said about Google Analytics:

“Google analytics products helped us improve engagement by 33% and click-throughs by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.”

If you’re determined to turn insights into action, then you need to use Google Analytics, not only for tracking website visits and pageviews, but also for your mobile apps performance.


Here are the benefits that Google Analytics provides for you:

  • It reports the brand of devices mostly used by your audience.
  • Gives insights about your target audience for informed decision making.
  • It shows reports of users’ behaviours.
  • It gives authentic reports of your new app users.
  • It gives report of returning customers
  • It track events happening on your mobile landing pages and apps.
  • It outputs rate of conversion in your website.
  • It reports performance value and projects that aren’t converting.

Google Analytics is a powerful desktop and mobile analytics tool.

It doesn’t matter the size of your market, how many mobile apps downloads and traffic you generate, this free tool can help you track performance seamlessly.


3. Admob

Admob is an extension of Google Analytics.

Truly, getting a smart mobile app designed and hosted can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to make more money from your mobile apps the smart way?

It’s a unique tool that shows advertisements from a host of Google advertisers. It also generates reports from more than 40 networks through AdMob Mediation.


With AdMob, 40 Advertising Networks are managed from one interface. And you seamlessly track the highest paying adverts using AdMob Adverts Network Optimization.

Data like “user destination” and “type of mobile devices” used is monitored by Google’s AdMob Network.

You can also engage users with innovative video ads using AdMob’s native ads. It will in turn preserve your user experience.

We all know that when the users or customers have a good experience, it can lead to sales and business growth.

Compass has authenticated that you can grow faster by 75%, if you engage in Mobile app campaign – and share them on the App Store.


Therefore, consider Google AdMob Network for a smart choice to understand your mobile apps users better, and earn extra income.

4. NetBiscuits.com

The first time I heard of NetBiscuits.com, I wasn’t excited.

Maybe because of the domain name.

However, as I explored it, I was amazed. If you need detailed performance statistics of your browser, operating systems, and issues encountered by visitors to your website, NetBiscuits will be a smart choice for you.

NetBiscuits is a friendly tool for mobile users. Very efficient, easy to create and manipulate. Viewing your Reports is fun.


This mobile apps analytics tool gives accurate report of users experience on every mobile device.

Mobile usage is growing at a faster pace. If you extend your campaigns into mobile and specifically use mobile apps, there’s no doubt that you’ll grow your business.


If you neglect mobile campaigns, you are deliberately avoiding growth.

NetBiscuits is a perfect tool that helps you deliver personalized content to your visitors cutting across multiple mobile devices.


5. Adjust.com

Do you really want to “adjust” your mobile apps performance from average results to spectacular results?

You might need to give Adjust.com a try.

More than anything else, this is so vital. After all, statistics from Tatvic found that 48% of customers abandon a mobile app if they’re dissatisfied with the performance.


This mobile apps analytics tool was recommended by Brian Han from Hotel Tonight:

“With adjust, we can track and measure whatever we want in real time. It’s a fully flexible solution that gives us insight beyond just click and install: we can investigate all our downstream events and optimize towards our goals.”

“Adjust” is a platform mobile app for insight into your marketing campaign.


Without a doubt, when you’re armed with your user’s feedback, it becomes a great tool in your hand to build a strong brand that’ll stand the test of time.

Adjust Analytics tool will uncover your customer’s’ behavioral patterns and report to you for onward policy making to increase sales.

Platforms and frameworks like Cordova, Androids, iOS, Windows and lots more can be integrated, tracked and insight reported to “Adjust” dashboard within minutes.

Using Apps like “Adjust” will generate loyalty on your brand according to fueled.com. You can now have ardent users that visits your site 21x more. Great, isn’t it?


Leave your Mobile analytic review to “Adjust App”, it will summarize for you what’s happening in your landing page with detailed insights.

But don’t take my word for it. Give it a short today.


6. Apple App Analytics

Apple App Analytics is a free tool in the iOS platform. It’s introduced in 2005 to handle three basic set of data on your website:

  • Usage data
  • Sales data
  • App store data

This mobile apps analytics tool does weekly update, shows dropping-off users through user retention information right on the dashboard.


As a digital marketer, the information you’ll find in the app store page will inform you about the number of returning users, numbers of downloaded apps, statistics of uninstalled app, and how many people watched previewed videos.

Trust me, you can’t study these user insights closely and not make smart mobile marketing decisions that will increase sales.

It’s impossible.

Don’t sit at the fence and watch other businesses benefit from mobile apps marketing. I dare you to use it. It’s already gaining ground. In fact, since 2011, the demand for mobile apps has been on the increase.


You may be tight on budget right now, and may not be able to pay money for a mobile app analytics tool, which is why the Apple app analytics tool comes free.

So you’ve absolutely nothing to lose.


7. HeapAnalytics.com

Heap Analytics is a mobile apps analytics tool that’s powerful enough to upgrade your mobile users’ experiences.

Primarily, in your web iOS app, it automatically captures user’s information and outputs it on your Heap Analytics dashboard for easy viewing.

You can get instant results with Heap Analytics. It’s plainly stated in the homepage.


With a simple user-friendly interface, processes and events can be captured instantly without stress. How about that?

According to its founder, there had never been a trace of data loss with Heap Analytics. Event Visualizer makes sure tasks at any given time don’t get out of hand – thereby leading to loss of data.


With this mobile apps analytics tool, users’ data are secured. And you can retrieve them anytime, no matter where you’re logged in from.

When new users signs up, Heap Analytics predicts whether they will be coming back again or not, based on their behavior.

8. Foxmetrics.com

If you’re struggling to manage a lot of issues associated with mobile apps marketing, Foxmetrics might be the right solution for you.

All of your customer’s pain points can be handled easily. Because, once you take a grasp of what people truly care about, you can design and create campaigns suitable for them.

Foxmetrics is a mobile solution that helps with in-depth analysis, user targeting, lead conversion. With this tool, you can customise your customers experience and boost sales.


One of the secrets of Foxmetrics is personalization.

What is Personalization?

Personalization is a marketing strategy that helps you interact with your customers individually, send content that seeks to eliminate their fears and challenges – because you understand their specific needs.

When you personalize user experience, they’ll be excited, especially when they see their first name or full name in your content to them. Mobile users hate boring apps and content.

Unfortunately, the #2 reason why people stop using mobile apps is when they get bored with the app.


Great content is no longer enough. Your mode of distribution is vital.

For example, you could distribute your content via desktop (on Facebook, blog, LinkedIn, etc.), however, when you diversify into mobile apps, you cut through the noise on desktop computers and capitalize on the growing mobile trends.

Foxmetrics is a highly choiced app that eliminates poor sales. Just make sure you study the user data and make smart decisions.

When customers are looking to make purchase decisions, Foxmetrics convinces them and generate revenue for you through personalized email campaigns.

9. Clicktale.com

Bring your digital mobile campaign to spotlight with Clicktale.

Do you desire value through insight from your customers behaviour?

Do you desire value through insight from your customer’s behaviour? Do you desire to know what motivates your customers, and what brings them satisfaction?

This mobile apps analytics tool can help.

Clicktale is a perfect match for you. It’ll deliver value and touchpoint to your credit.


Tracking customer’s journey reduces churn. You can easily enhance customer’s satisfaction using clicktale.

Instead of guesswork, why not try visualization and usability features that Clicktale provides.

Lay your hands on insights about customers intent, behaviour, and increase in design process. This way, you can improve their shopping experience via your mobile apps.


Without full knowledge of your customer’s behaviour, satisfaction will never be attained. Clicktale will help your business to excel with its unique and effective self-service experience.


10. GoSquared.com

This analytics tool is a perfect platform designed to boost customers communication and interactions. And you know how important this can be when you’re marketing via mobile apps.


GoSquared is all-in-one marketing analytics platform. It handles your live chat, manages customers relationship and integrate other apps that will boost effectiveness on your landing page.

Currently, more than 50,000 businesses depends on GoSquared for their business growth. You can join them today.


You need insight for effective performance to grow your presence online. GoSquared integrated “Real time websites analytics” will help you get ahead.

Through your website and mobile apps, you can now cater to your numerous customers at the click of a button.

Attracting numerous guests to sign up using GoSquared is fun. GoSquared is a complete digital marketing suite that you need to grow your presence online. You should give it a try.


11. Woopra.com

It’s high time you go beyond traditional analytics and truly understand your customers. Woopra is a versatile mobile apps analytics tool that allows you do just that.

The traditional method of understanding customers has its downsides. Woopra takes it a step further, and provides you with the customer intelligence features that you’ll love.


With Woopra, you are sure of a well-rounded profile of your customer.

It’ll track customers activities using email, help desk, and live charts. This way, you can know their behavioral pattern over a period of time.

The behavioural change of your customers are tracked, segmented and automatically updated in real time. Therefore, leveraging on this report to make decisions will impact your customers.

Talking of the flexibility and simplicity of Woopra, it’s matchless.

The ability of this mobile app to track the very point where a customer starts developing cold feet, will help you know areas in your processes that are lowering conversion in your  funnel.

Woopra brings everything onto your dashboard for instant viewing and analysis.


Leveraging on “user retention mechanism” to know how fascinated your customers are over your product and services, will help your campaign a lot.

12. Chartbeat.com

In one hand, seeking for customers attention is a step you must take if you want to build a thriving business online. On the other hand, retaining these customers requires a strategy plan.

Truth be told, your audience’s attention is worth more than the clicks.

With Chartbeat, you can tell which of your content is pulling your customers in. In turn, this guides you on what type of content to create – especially when you’re reaching out to mobile users via mobile apps.


Engaging your visitors every step of the way and tracking their activity is the best way to convert them into customers.

Use Chartbeat to know which of your content mobile users prefer. For great content will always generate traffic.

As you lay your hands on your best converting content, you can create more of it and send to your customers regularly in order to engage them.

Chartbeat is also about personalization (i.e. one-one-one marketing). According to statista, personalisation is the fastest growing app categories in 2015 – so far, it’s true for 2016, too.


You’ve got to learn what’s really working. Personalization delivers content to the ideal customers one-on-one.

Read what the multimedia Editor, The Journal News said about Chartbeat:

“The follow-up articles helped us nourish traffic and grow our audience. We would’ve missed this entire story cycle without Chartbeat.”

See, it’s easy to know exactly what’s working for other multinational companies today, and apply it to your business and get better conversions.

If you incorporate Chartbeat into your mobile apps marketing campaign, you’re sure to boost referral traffic by 34%.


In wrapping this section up, Chartbeat distills your customers locations, frequency of visits, referral source, and devices used in accessing your website. All these vital information are organized on your dashboard for your convenience.

As it stands right now, you can’t afford to sideline Chartbeat when you’re looking for a mobile app analytics tool.


13. Reinvigorate.net

Do you know that having a deeper insights on how your customers are engaging with your website via mobile sources is a powerful way to help them?

Sure it is.

Reinvigorate is a mobile apps analytics tool that will furnish you essential data about your audience.


With the speed with which content spreads across the web today, you can’t afford to sit at the fence any longer. You need a real-time and flexible solution.

Reinvigorate displays current active pages, active visitors, traces the rise and fall of your traffic for the past 1 hour.


The “Overview Page” tracks visitors live, and get users and their usernames displayed. Honestly, this is one area where Reinvigorate outperforms other mobile apps analytics tools.

More important is the fact that Reinvigorate tracks the traditional behaviour of each of your mobile guests to your landing page, and tracks time spent on your page to determine how engaging your content is.

Going mobile in business is like boarding an airplane to your destination. Getting home early is the focus.

14. Segment.com

Segment.com is a mobile analytics tool that enables both mobile and web analytics developers to to get the most out of their mobile apps.

If you’re sick and tired of complex mobile apps analytics, then you need to try Segment.com.


Of course, generating traffic to your site is such a good news in marketing, but it gets better when they’re converted to lead.

This is why as a marketer lead nurturing is a vital tactic in lead conversion. HubSpot generated 1,200 leads in 4 every week through lead nurturing.

The Segment.com tool imports customer’s historical analysis – and you can ascertain which stage of the conversion funnel the visitor is and leverage on it for better lead nurturing.


15. Flurry.com

Flurry being one of the oldest and influential mobile app analytics tool, from the Yahoo! Developer Network.

It’s a free mobile app analytics tool for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and mobile web.

With Flurry, you can measure and analyze activity across your app portfolio to answer your hardest questions and optimize your app experience.


Use the tool to view your user’s experience in real time, users’ sessions, session lengths, frequency, retention, audience persona and demographic.

It also notifies you how effective or otherwise your ads are performing, in order to take actionable measures.

With the availability of so many advertising platforms, it’s very important that you know how effective the platform you’re using is. In order to maximize your earnings from mobile apps, you really need to be at the top of your game.

16. Apsalar.com

Apsalar helps you to track, measure, segment, and analyze your mobile app performance and reveals opportunities to earn more money.

With this tool, you can tell which marketing campaigns are effective so you don’t waste resources chasing shadows.


The truth is that you can know the actionable metrics to track in your mobile app.

Because, when you create any campaign and target mobile users, you want to measure click-through rate, mobile app downloads and installs, revenue generated, in-app events, and ROI.


If you’re going to give Apsalar a shot, you’ve got to know that it offers free service basically for iOS and Android devices.


17. Count.ly

Count.ly is an open source mobile apps analytics tool for iOS, Androids, Windows phone and BlackBerry platforms. With the cloud edition it’s easier to host it on your server.

The user friendly dashboard displays sessions, new users, event served and time spent.


Count.ly does a great job at helping you retain your customers.

Because it’s not enough to acquire them. According to Harvard Business Review it’s 25x more expensive to acquire new leads, so retaining them will be more critical.

But how best can you retain your existing customers with the right tool?

Honestly, it can be difficult.

Engaging your customer is a strategic means of retaining them, which is more attainable when you know them.

And Count.ly gives a better review about your customers by monitoring their actions to ascertain their experiences with your app.

It has the world’s leading mobile app platforms supported, like SDK and Appcelerator, titanium and unity3D SDK. And it comes with a fast, light and responsive user interface.

You can use the free version for 10,000 sessions per month. However, pricing starts at $69 per month if you want to expand.


18. Localytics.com

Localytics offers a variety of features for profitable mobile marketing. If you love your customers, then you should be using this tool.


Each of your mobile app users deserve and unfeigned relationship. You can’t afford to shy away from this – if you do it would only be to your own disservice.

Localytics is an ideal app analytics tool equipped with great features that will assist you with every facet of your marketing.

It comes with in-app messaging, push messaging, life-time value tracking, A/B testing, segments, funnel and whole lots of other features.


Through effective segmentation, it’s pretty easy to personalize messages. I can’t sing the praises of personalization enough.

Co-operative Travel saw a 95% increase in visitors and 217% increase in revenue once it started implementing personalisation on their website.

This is another easily adjustable tool your developers can work with, as it focuses more on goal conversion, with detailed analysis on mobile app performance.


19. AskingPoint.com

Askingpoint.com is a powerful mobile apps analytics tool that offers the user the major analytic usage, retention and engagement. It also provides you with information about the device and demographics, as well as track custom event.


When it comes to gaining a customer’s trust, customer reviews is best for it. This tool unlike others also boost your app rating which psychologically tells visitors how effective your app is.

20.  Mixpanel.com

MixPanel is good at real time data, funnel analysis, in-depth analysis and cohort analysis. The amazing thing about this tool is the fact that it combines both web and mobile analysis. Isn’t that wonderful?


With MixPanel, you’re able to connect both the web users and mobile users, so as to ascertain your website retention statistics.

If you wish to retain your existing customers, this tool will help you with it. Customers who made a purchase are more likely to return for another purchase. So retaining your customer won’t only boost your sales, but your overall revenue.

Pricing starts with$150 a month, but there you can get started for free.


21. Webtrends.com

WebTrends is another powerful tool that gives you analytics features on both mobile web and application. With an easy dashboard, it provides real time campaign report. If you’re looking to build the ultimate customer data warehouse, try Webtrends.com.


With the high increase in social media users, you stand a chance of reaching out to a massive number of people, when building your customer warehouse.

WebTrends provides a real-time social metrics, heatmaps, visits, next pages, traffic sources and countries for the mobile web.

While the mobile app is provided with revenue/downloads, session duration, new user acquisition reports, screen views per session and number of sessions, it equally provides app analytics for iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone.


22. Upsight.com


Upsight was formed by the merging Kontagent and PlayHaven. This tool being a unique one provides you with core acquisition, engagement and revenue metrics.

Unlike other tools, it gives you bottomless analysis of mobile apps metrics, weekly revisit rate, funnel analysis and with customers history, it’s able to predict the amount customers are willing to spend in your app.

With this tool, you stand a better chance of optimizing your customers history for better remarketing, and funnel analysis for lead nurturing.


23. AppSee.com

AppSee is a tool with an easy to integrate SDK that offers some unique features like touch heatmaps, crash recording, recording with playback and in mobile app analytics.


It’s also multi-tasked to provide more than one customer’s experience.

The fantastic thing about AppSee is that it makes use of past user data to develop events, which is vital for conversion funnels. So using this tool you stand a better chance of increasing your lead conversion.

Because it allows you to target your customers by creating events that are relevant to each of your customers, based on gathered data about your user.

According to Digital marketing and Analytics, you’re more likely to increase your sales with audience targeting.

24. Buildfire.com

Buildfire is the easiest way to Build Mobile Apps. Additionally, the tool has analytic features that will help you get the best out of your mobile apps.


With Buildfire.com, you’re able to invite your mobile app users and customers to events by manually inputting them into your app or automatically syncing your calendar.

Unlike other analytic tool, Buildfire also helps to integrate your social media platform to your mobile apps. This makes it one of the most powerful mobile apps builder online.


25. Amazon Mobile Analytics

Amazon is a true brand. From ecommerce to cloud hosting, and now mobile apps performance tracking, you can’t by any chance run a successful online business without leverage any of Amazon’s.


Often times, marketers notice decline in sales without any significant reason. You may be wondering why this happens, but in my personal experience, if some of your customers aren’t active, your sales will dramatically drop.

Since acquiring new customers is too expensive – reactivating the existing ones is the best way to beat the odds.


Use the Amazon Mobile Analytics tool to reactivate your dormant customers. You’ll be amazed at the result.

Amazon’s Mobile Apps Analytics provides you with daily active users, monthly active users, new users, sticky factor, number of sessions, average sessions per DAU, average revenue per DAU.


26. Amplitude.com

You deserve better mobile apps analytics, don’t you?

With Amplitude you can track your active users and still get information like retention, type of device, platform, location, language, version of app, etc.


Amplitude provides real-time analytics, cohort analysis, retroactive funnels and user segmentation. That’s impressive!

It’s an easy mobile app analytic, which can work with a single line of code to your app.

It provides offline saving mode on phone and uploaded when the user is back online. The free version is available. But pricing starts at $299 per month.



This is the best time to develop a mobile app for your business.

But more than that, you need to track performance across all mobile channels. If monetizing your mobile apps is your priority, then you should make it easy for users – by simplifying the entire process.

As you track your mobile app performance, you’re opening new doors of opportunities for business growth and expansion.

Remember that understanding your desktop and mobile visitors, and how they interact with your content is a major aspect of what constitutes an effect marketing strategy.

Can I be honest with you?

Okay, neither of the above mobile app analytic tools is better than the other. So choosing any one to leverage on, depends on the features you need for your business and your specific goals.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Which of these mobile app analytics tools have you used?

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