Top 14 Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should Be Using
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Social Media Monitoring Tools for PR, Marketing and Competitive Analysis

The introduction of Social Media has opened new avenues for marketers that did not exist before. It is a powerful tool through which you can connect with customers and share content all over the globe. It also enables two-way conversations between companies and clients. As a result, social media is leading to more transparency and accountability. Companies are having more authentic and informal conversations with their customers.

Most companies have realized the potential of social media and are allocating more of their budgets to digital activities. If used correctly, the value of social media in creating awareness and engagement for your brand is immeasurable. Take a look at this article to get a better idea of what Social Media can do for your business.

However, your social media efforts are pointless if you do not have a solid monitoring strategy. Monitoring your social media is essential to get ahead of your competitors and keep your customers engaged. You must track your online presence and make sure that all mentions of your brand are appropriately dealt with. Failing to do so may result in negative publicity and other damaging consequences.


PR tracking using Social Media Monitoring

Public Relations specialists often face the challenge of dealing with positive as well as negative publicity. Social media is a great tool to create engagement, but it is particularly useful for crisis management. Companies can communicate directly with customers and let them know their perspective on a certain issue.

PR practitioners can also communicate instantaneously with customers without any external filters, unlike traditional media. Social media platforms are great for getting publicity without enormous spends.

There are several PR benefits of monitoring your company’s online activity. Good PR can act as free advertisement. Gone are the days when PR practitioners used to flip through newspapers to find mentions of their clients. Through monitoring tools you can track all mentions in the media and they can instantly show you if your activities have been a success.

Any negative feedback can be dealt with at once. Companies that have ignored negative mentions of their brand have faced serious repercussions. If a particular post goes viral, it can create negative buzz and harm the company’s reputation. Through Social media monitoring you can avoid issues such as these. Responding promptly and providing support can turn negative mentions into positive publicity.

Using monitoring to understand the target audience can lead to a more effective PR Campaign. It will help you understand their attitude towards the company and its services. By doing this, you can find out more about their preferences and online habits through which you can troubleshoot any problems. A monitoring tool can also provide information on which social media channels had the most engagement and which topics drove conversations.

Importance of Social Media Monitoring in Marketing

Companies cannot ignore social media as a tool for growing their business. It is an important way of keeping up with your competitors and customers. If you don’t participate, you run the risk of getting left behind and even losing business to competition. Once you have built your social media presence, it is critical to stay engaging and relevant. But the work does not end here. It is equally important to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts, especially if you have invested a significant amount of money.

It is also essential to have a good understanding of the conversations around your business – what people are saying and where they are talking about it. This will ensure that you respond quickly, and any crisis can be averted. It is also helpful to track influencers and find out how they are impacting opinions about your brand.


Monitoring as a tool for competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is an integral part of any business strategy. Monitoring your competitor’s marketing can give you valuable insights and help you make changes, if necessary, to your own approach. However, monitoring your competitors isn’t enough. You must be able to analyze the data and get results.

A social media competitive analysis must be done regularly if you want to improve your marketing efforts. There are several ways of collecting data. However, only by dedicating time to comprehend the numbers entirely, will you be able to get an idea of where your brand stands compared to your competitors.

By monitoring your competition, you will be able to get valuable insights. You can gain a deep understanding of what people in your industry are talking about and which brands are being mentioned the most on social media. It will also give you information on trends and new developments. This will give you an idea of where your brand stands in relation to your industry and which competitors are succeeding. In the long run, this will help measure the success of your social media strategy.

Another way to go about this is to track spikes in competitor social media activity. By going through the mentions, you can understand why people were talking about them more than usual. These can lead to opportunities for your own brand.

There are several free as well as paid tools that can help you effectively monitor your social media presence. Some of these are listed below. You can choose the one that suits your needs best.


Hootsuite covers multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare, and Google. It is one of the best social media monitoring tools available and has an excellent user interface. Weekly analytics reports are sent to your inbox. It provides a customized set of modules for each social media platform.


Buffer has an easy to use interface

Buffer is a tool that is primarily used to schedule social media posts in order to have a consistent online presence. It also offers analytics that can help you maximize the impact of your content.


TwitterCounter tracks over 14 million users and is the number one site to track Twitter stats. It is a great tool for competitive analysis as businesses can track their social media market share and compare it with competitors.


This is a Twitter-specific tool that monitors the actual impact of social media discussions. TweetReach helps identify influencers and guides you towards them. This way it is possible to target the right people who can share and promote your online content.


Twazzup allows real-time monitoring for Twitter. It is ideal for social media beginners. Twazzup has a clean interface and gives you a 360-degree view of how your brand is performing on Twitter.


Brandwatch is a monitoring tool that analyzes key aspects such as sentiment, location, and topic. It is used by PR professionals to evaluate social media campaigns.


TweetDeck allows you to filter your Twitter feed and keep track of your favorite Tweeters. It’s a great tool for monitoring your interactions and messages and comes with a built-in translation software. You can also use it to schedule tweets and track hashtags.


Cyfe helps monitor your business data from one place)

Cyfe helps you monitor and analyze data from all your online services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, AdSense, MailChimp, Facebook, WordPress and more from one single location in real-time. Cyfe provides custom widgets that pull data from databases and let you export the data for analysis and reporting.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a paid tool that makes it easy to analyze your social media activity, by providing insights on content and competitors. It can be used to create individual reports for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine and Google+.


If you are looking for daily email updates on your analytics, SumAll is the tool for you. It is primarily targeted at small to medium businesses. It provides you with an extensive amount of metrics to analyze.


As the name indicates, SocialMention monitors brand mentions on social networks. It monitors all websites, forums, blogs, and social media platforms in real-time. Through this, you can manage several Social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook


Klout helps track online impact

Klout analyzes content to find top influencers using analytics. It then assigns a score depending on their level of influence. From a business perspective, it is important to communicate with Influencers as they usually have a large social network. Positive mentions about your brand can go a long way

Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows you to monitor the web for mentions of your brand, your competitors, industry leaders and so on. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to set up, so it is great for beginners. You will receive email notifications every time Google finds new results on a topic that you have set a notification for.


Social media monitoring can play a huge role in the success of your Social media campaign and the ultimate success of your business. As social media is completely unfiltered, it is important to track your brand mentions constantly. This gives you a glimpse into what people are saying about your brand as well as the conversations around your competition. You have the opportunity to listen, learn, and engage in those conversations. Through continuous brand monitoring, you can collect feedback and implement changes that will go towards improving your brand image.


About the Author: Susan Smith is a writer at iDigic who mostly handles content related to social media marketing and using the social media platform to leverage brand awareness.

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