10 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following

Twitter is a great way to promote your business because it is here that people get updates. With just 140 characters, you can show everyone your new product or update them about your new blogpost. In other words, the more followers you have, the more that your business or blog gets exposure through Twitter.


However, it is not easy to grow your Twitter followers—especially if you are not as well-known as celebrities today. Unlike these celebrities who do not have to do anything much just to gain followers, you have to work your way into building an initial following. To ethically build handful of interactive followers on Twitter, you will have to do more than create a few lines of code, click the ‘Follow’ button a couple thousand times, or retweeting various stuff in the internet. You will need more than that in order to be followed by multiple audiences. With us, you will find out how to increase your Twitter following in just 10 easy ways.


Why is Your Twitter Following Not Growing

There are users who take Twitter for granted and do not even use it to their advantage because they feel that it is not powerful enough for promotion. What they do not know is that Twitter is so powerful because is here that people can see updates and news in an instant. If people want to learn more about your blog posts or new product, they will turn to your Twitter account to get the link—then read about it.


There are those who argue that numbers are not important and that it is okay to not be interactive with people. However, this is not true. It is time to change this thinking and work your way to growing your Twitter following. You can increase your number of followers by becoming follow-worthy, increasing your visibility, and using a few proven strategies that will get that number of followers up. If you follow these 10 ways, we can assure you that your Twitter following will grow well.


Ways to Fix It

1. Follow other users.

While this tip may be so obvious, many people still often miss it. When you follow people or follow them back, you show people that you are interactive and care for what they are tweeting. When you follow others, there is a chance that they will follow you back and your Twitter will be more exposed to everyone.


2. Engage and interact with your followers.

Most of the users that has many followers are those who are very interactive and engage with their followers. People want to know what you are up to or want to know more about your blog post or new product. If they ask you something, be sure to answer them. Better yet, look at their profiles and retweet their content or engage in a conversation with one of their tweets. In addition, add variety to your tweets to engage multiple audiences. Thus, create tweets that are still related to your niches, but will still keep different people engaged to your profile. And lastly, promote or retweet what they are tweeting as well so they will see that your appreciate their posts.


3. Fill up your bio and have a clear profile picture.

If you fill up your bio about yourself and blog, and put a clear profile picture that embodies yourself, people will know that you are legitimate. Most users follow a Twitter user based on their first impressions of the account. Thus, they will follow you because they want to learn more about what you blog and updates on what you do. According to WikiHow, here are some of the things that you should remember when writing your bio and putting up your new profile picture:

  • Use a clear, large photo of your own face or company logo.
  • Write a concise and clever bio. Think of this as your “Twitter Thesis Statement.”
  • Try and present a coherent image of what people who follow you can expect, such as being down-to-earth and always smiling.


4. Share and create valuable content.

If you want people to follow you and share what you publish, you must create relevant and valuable content. Spams are a no-no, as people prefer to read content that are worth reading and will give them information that is helpful in their life. Depending on your niche, think what readers would like to know about your niche. If you have a blog post about that, share it and write a small description about it in your tweet.


5. Avoid too much promotion.

Do not be a spammer by promoting various stuff many times a day that it gets annoying already. Limit your promoting to, at least 1 to 3 times a day or every other day. Apart from not getting additional followers, your existing ones might wear, thus there is the possibility that they will unfollow you.


6. Comment and retweet on relevant content.

When you comment or retweet on relevant content, people will see that you are not just an ordinary Twitter user. You care about what other users are tweeting and make an effort to make or join the conversation. This is especially good if you are engaging in a conversation related to your niches.

7. Embed a link on tweets for better promotion.

While tweeting anything on your own is okay, it is better if you embed a link for more exposure and promotion. Whether you embed a link to your blog post or your Facebook page, you will be able to keep people engaged. Afterwards, there is the possibility that they will start following you.


8. Follow the right people or those related to your niche.

While we said to follow people, we recommend that you follow people who are related to your niche. In this way, people will feel that they have found someone who are interested in their interests and hobbies. Most of the time, people follow users who they feel they can relate too. They also feel that they will expect more updates and posts about the niches when they follow you. So, do not hesitate to follow them because they might even follow you back.


9. Use hastags

Hashtags are great to use when promoting branded content, but they are even better when you use them to promote content and blog posts. In order to gain more followersm you must join niche-related conversations and connect with influencers through hashtags. “Hashtags aggregate similar tweets on one page, so users can search for tweets about a particular trend, discount, news event, etc. and easily see what others are saying” (WikiHow). It is best to come up with hastag strategies where you will designate certain hashtags every time you post, apart from the one related to your tweet. You should also come up with hashtags that people can use when they plan to retweet or share your posts.

Remember, hastags are public. So anytime someone searches #cosplay or #AlDub in the search bar, there is the possibility that your tweet will come out. Then they will check your profile to see what you tweet or blog about. Once they feel that you are someone worth following, they will click that follow button. It is one of the ways to make your Twitter profile known to everyone.


10. Promote your username online and offline.

Even if Twitter is known online, you can also promote your profile offline. For online, promote it in your blog, share your tweets in Facebook, share it in forums, or just tell your friends to follow you in Twitter. In terms of promoting Twitter offline, you should put your Twitter handle on your business cards. When you are going to blogger events, make sure to give you Twitter username together with your other social media sites. You may never know; you can get at least 3 followers offline and even more when you promote online.


By following the 10 ways above, there is the possibility that your Twitter following will grow in the next weeks. You must take note, though, that this is not a short-term commitment. It might take a long time for you to get the number of followers that you want.

Therefore, you must dedicate a month or two to build your Twitter following and do the 10 ways that we enumerated above. The trick in increasing your Twitter followers is to simply keep engaging and reciprocating. If you are committed to becoming social and keep at it, your followers will eventually increase as result of all your efforts. Do not be afraid to tweak your messaging if one works over the others, try new things, be patient, and be consistent in everything that you do, and you will eventually reap the rewards of your efforts. After all, the ability to connect with targeted audience at almost real-time speed allows you to expand your audience so the trick is to offer valuable information as opposed to simply wanting to promote your products or services.