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At BuildFire we don't just build apps, we turn ideas into reality.


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BuildFire empowers the business professional to solve complex problems with elegant mobile solutions that are simple to build, easy to manage and available to everyone.

Who we are

BuildFire is composed of a worldwide team of professionals dedicated to helping you turn your app ideas into business reality. Drawn from diverse cultures, walks of life, and backgrounds, everyone at BuildFire brings their unique perspectives to our company, with each of us contributing a little bit of ourselves so that we may all be stronger and better for it.

What we do

BuildFire is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform that does for mobile apps what WordPress did for websites: enables non-technical professionals to rapidly build mobile apps with a minimum of custom coding or development. Anyone can operate, manage, and administer our applications, no special training needed. Organizations from Fortune 500 companies to neighborhood community associations have used BuildFire to develop, publish, and maintain thousands of apps that reach millions of users every day.

Our Values



BuildFire was built by self starters and that attitude is ingrained in our DNA. We provide an environment to thrive for those who want to build things.


Continuous Learning

We promote a culture of intense curiosity and deep learning resulting in an environment of excellence.


Personal Connection

We were founded on the belief that mobile technology should foster engagement that leads to meaningful, personal connectivity. At BuildFire we believe the workplace should do the same.



Diverse skillsets, talents and abilities have allowed us to take BuildFire from an idea to a thriving business. When you have A players working towards a common goal, much can be accomplished.


Solution Oriented

We’re here to empower our customers by providing them with elegant mobile solutions for their problems.



When someone takes ownership, problems get solved. At BuildFire you have the ability to move the needle because your work makes an impact!



Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We apply this principle to our design as well as how we operate as a business.

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