BuildFire vs. Basic Template App Builders

When it comes to mobile app development, there’s only one clear winner — BuildFire.

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Top Reasons to Choose BuildFire vs. Other App Builders

150+ Plugins

Add pre-built features to your app in a single click.

Limitless Scalability

Add pre-built features to your app in a single click.

No Coding Skills

Add pre-built features to your app in a single click.

App Monetization

Add pre-built features to your app in a single click.

Professional Setup and Design

Our team will get the ball rolling, then hand you the keys to the kingdom.

10,000+ Apps

Thousands of apps have been created with BuildFire.

More Than an App Development Platform

BuildFire is not your average app development solution. We go beyond basic templates and provide everything you need to ensure your app aligns with your business goals and delivers the best possible experience for your users.

Comparison BuildFire vs. Other App Builders


Basic App Builders

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The best apps work from any device—allowing you to maximize your reach to the widest possible audience.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • PWA (Progressive Web App)
  • iPad
  • Android Tablets

Basic App Builders

  • Only offer Android or iOS apps

Push Notifications

Push notifications help drive engagement and deliver time-sensitive messages to your app users.


  • Custom user segments
  • Targeted push notifications
  • Trigger automated notifications
  • Activity-based notifications
  • Geo-fence notifications
  • Rich text notifications
  • Drip notifications
  • Send up to one million push notifications per month

Basic App Builders

  • Require a third-party push notification service

Customer Support and Additional Development Services

Even if you’re creating an app on your own, you should still have the option for help when you need it.


  • Assisted setup and design services
  • Custom prototypes and wireframes
  • In-house developers and designers
  • Guided expertise and friendly reps
  • Extensive knowledge base library
  • Onboarding screens
  • One-click publishing to the Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Basic App Builders

  • Don’t help you build your app
  • Force you to publish the app on your own

Built-in App Analytics

Analytics are crucial for measuring the success of your app and how people are using it.


  • Track downloads
  • User registrations
  • Push notification open rates and CTR
  • Discover what drives in-app actions
  • Measure plugin usage
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel, and more

Basic App Builders

  • Track your own analytics outside the platform

Comparing Costs: BuildFire vs. Template App Builders

At first glance, it may appear that other app makers are cheaper than BuildFire. But this isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. That’s because BuildFire is an app maker and full-service development solution under one roof.

Compared to standalone app builders, you’re getting an incredible value for your subscription. You might save money by using a cheap app maker today, but it will cost you significantly more in the long run—when you’re forced to purchase new features, switch platforms, or start building your app again from scratch. 

  • Industry-specific templates
  • Stunning designs
  • High performance
  • Single sign-on
  • Real-time interactive app emulator
  • User management
  • Behavioral tagging
  • In-app purchases
  • Updates to stay App Store compliant
  • White label reseller platform
  • Developer-friendly
  • Third-party logins for user registrations
  • Develop custom features with the BuildFire SDK
  • MBaaS (mobile backend as a service)

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