8 Essential Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners

Making steps towards implementing mobile technology in your workplace can sometimes be very stressful, but it is also necessary in order to relieve yourself of the workload in the office. Many small business and startup owners run their newly founded business as a sideshow in the beginning, and often find themselves with little to no time available for it. This can slow down the growth their startup should be making, but given that the average build-up time for a startup is anywhere between 7-10 years which is already a considerably long time and only goes to further show you need every bit of help you can get. Where manpower fails, that is where mobile apps and technology come into play.

Technology today makes things we thought impossible a couple of years ago a reality. This means that in today’s world you can answer all your emails on the train, make a conference call while driving in a car (don’t do this if you are driving though, please! Safety first!) or manage your files and documents before passing them off to your potential clients. Here are 8 mobile apps that will most definitely help you get a glimpse of how technology can positively affect your startup and small business:


Email Apps

Most people start their day by looking in their inbox in order to reminisce how yesterday’s communication ended and what’s on their schedule for the day. If you plan on running a business, you should definitely employ this habit, preferably with these apps:



Coming from the internet giant Google, Gmail is quite possibly the best mobile app for email and file exchange with your possible future clients. The sole fact that over a billion people exchange emails through Gmail on a monthly basis is more than enough to show that this is by far the unquestionable front-runner in the email business. Gmail offers a multitude of services, and is generally the strongest cloud service when it comes to importing files from your email into other pieces of software and your personal devices. Another thing that comes to mind when mentioning Google is how well all of its online services are connected with each other, which immensely helps with data management as well. In a situation where you have little battery Gmail will automatically save the email you are writing at the moment every couple seconds without you even noticing it.

MS Outlook


If there was ever a question whether Microsoft will make an award-winning email app, that question can now be answered without giving it too much thought. MS Outlook has an industry leading design and its features are matching that standard as well. The main difference between Outlook and Gmail is that Gmail is more focused on the function and performance, while Outlook’s design and user experience are simply untouchable by their competitors. Also, this app has an in-built calendar which means that you can stay inside the app when going back and forth while planning and emailing people. Another great thing that makes MS Outlook a standout app is the customizable swipe gesture feature which can be very helpful once your inbox starts getting overloaded with emails. MS Outlook can also be connected to Google Drive, Dropbox and Box in order for additional ways of importing files to your emails. There are some significant differences between Gmail and MS Outlook, but whether you go with one or another, you definitely won’t be making a mistake when it comes to your first startup email.


Data management Apps

Data management apps can be a lifesaver if you have a file you need but you’re way too far from your computer to access it. Don’t wait to find yourself in a pickle, and start managing your files with these 2 apps:



Dropbox was one of the first companies to connect multiple devices and users through a single piece of software, and since then they have been a top of the line software company. The moment they created a mobile version of their platform and started integrating with other software is when they went huge and became the undisputable king of data management. Since March 2016 Dropbox has over 500 million users and over a billion files uploaded daily, which only goes further to show that this is by far the most well-known and prized data management app on the market. Keep your files within your Dropbox and you will always have them at hand, as long as you have the battery to keep your phone alive.

Google Drive


Back to Google again. Straight from Google’s workshop, Google Drive has grown substantially in the last few years, and so will your business if you move forward with this app. Not only the app though, because Google Drive has a whole system for data management, file editing, and is very well connected with Gmail once you synchronize your profiles. Aside from those services, one of the standout features is cropping phots in Google Drive. You can also create new documents, sheets, presentations and manage all of those files through Drive to Gmail since they go hand in hand and if you plan on using one, make sure you use the other one as well for best results!


Annotating Apps

Once you start getting more involved with emailing people from your mobile devices, you will notice the demand for more apps that will complement the ones you already have. These annotating apps will help you chalk down your brainstorming or maybe something you can’t forget while reading that PDF you just downloaded.



Skitch will change the way you look at files that need reviewing or additional write-ups. Also, you can use this app to take a snap at something, and quickly add in text or different types of content and then forward it to someone, somewhat similar to Snapchat, but better since you can save the image with Skitch. Opening PDFs and making notes in them will be a piece of cake with Skitch on your mobile device. Why is this significant? Because PDF format by its nature is not an editable format and needs some kind of external editing. Also, they aren’t searchable at all and with Skitch you can always mark the place you want to re-read or make changes to the file without significantly changing the file structure.



iAnnotate supports many file types, some of which are PDF, IMG and PPT! This means that at any time you can make quick changes to your PowerPoint presentation. Without a doubt iAnnotate is a must-have app if you plan on multitasking and annotating your files efficiently. You can also sync this app with services such as iTunes, Dropbox, Google Drive, MS SkyDive and others which only goes to show how well designed iAnnotate is. Quick note making is made easier with the addition of bookmarks and highlights as well as stamps, audio recordings and the remove tool. Every successful manager should have this app in his or hers pocket since the everyday application to running a startup is more than obvious and helpful.


Productivity Apps

Having a hard time with searching through PDF files or editing them? Here are two apps that will help you convert PDF files quickly and make them easily editable and searchable!

PDF to Word


PDF to Word is state of the art mobile converter that is not only fast and reliable, but also free to download. Its industry leading OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine and top of the line conversion servers are what make this app stand out when compared to its competitors. The converted file is in .docx format which makes it perfect for additional editing and reuse. There are no limits to the size of the file you are converting and also there are no limits on the number of files you can convert. Both scanned and natural PDF files can be converted, and PDF to Word even offers the feature of having your PDFs deleted from their servers once the file is converted. Aside from that, you can import files from your mobile device memory, as well as Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. This means that PDF to Word is extremely well integrated into those 5 major services and you shouldn’t have any issues managing your PDFs with this app on your side. Perfect for small business owners when on the road or away from their computers!



Quip is a great app for your business once you start having more than a few people in your office. Making teams and working in teams will only boost the productivity of your newly developed business, and Quip is surely the app to use when making group projects. How? This app allows it users to make notes, create documents, import and export spreadsheets and even involve your coworkers on a project by creating group chats with both messaging and voice command feature available. Also, Quip enables you to get in touch with people in your network by importing contacts from your Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MS Outlook and iCloud, which vastly widens your circle and further allows you to work on that major project you simply can’t tackle alone. Quip combines chatting, documents, task lists, and spreadsheets in one app, making collaboration fast and easy.


About the Author: My name is Sandra Rodgers. I run the Cometdocs blog and post on it weekly. I love yoga, travel, photography, cooking foreign cuisine traditional meals and I’m a major tech enthusiast. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.