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Boost Client Satisfaction With B2B Mobile Apps

Scale your business, increase revenue, and improve your client experience

Limited Seats
30 minutes, with time for participant Q&A

Your current and prospective clients expect modern solutions. Providing them with a mobile app, in addition to your services, addresses their needs and helps your company stand out from the competition.

Discover how Gregory Meyer, CEO of benePerks, used BuildFire to create an app for his B2B clients seeking a communication solution for fast access to employee benefits.

What You’ll Learn In This Webinar

  • The power of a self-service mobile app
  • How mobile apps make money for businesses and their clients
  • The value of going mobile
  • Why apps are great for providing access to information
  • How mobile apps simplify customer engagement and support

The Speaker

Gregory Meyer

CEO, benePerks

Hosted by

Lauren McCormack

VP of Marketing, BuildFire

About Our Special Guest

Gregory Meyer has more than two decades of experience in the insurance industry. As the CEO of benePerks, he simplifies employee benefits administration for small businesses. Gregory created the My benePerks mobile app to offer clients fast and easy access to enrollment, perks, benefits information, and support.

Today, benePerks provides a comprehensive solution for affordable healthcare and employee benefits. The mobile app is center stage—allowing small business employees to access benefits, learn more about coverage, find forms, and get help from anywhere.

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