10 Secrets To Crush It With Email Marketing

A smart business will always incorporate email marketing into their strategy, since it’s the simplest and most effective way of getting your message across online. It might seem outdated, but properly handled email marketing can be incredibly effective in keeping and attracting your customers. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is now more relevant than ever before. On an average scale, people today check their inbox about 75 times in a single day. This means email is still a form of efficient marketing for ecommerce, and business shouldn’t ignore it.

To appeal more to your customers and use email to your advantage, you need an efficient campaign. Here are some secrets to help you make email marketing more effective to both existing and future customers.


1. Build a Powerful Preview Message

For security reasons, a lot of people do not open up their email immediately, especially when they are coming from an unknown source. Instead, they use the preview pane of their email provider to check what it is all about. Take that into consideration and include the most relevant information in that excerpt that will be visible in the preview pane. Test out different email providers and know your limits, in order to select the best eye-catching phrases or your email, even if it will not be opened. Here some examples of email subject lines that might entice your audience:

  • Use flattery, but do it right. Don’t bait & switch. For instance, if you go for a subject line such as “Your amazing photos”, don’t make an attempt to sell services once a visitor has opened the email. Flattery works wonders when recruiting people for all the right reasons.
  • Unexpected subject lines – “Are we boring?” This phrases was used in an email marketing campaign for SVN. At the time the campaign was launched, their open rate was 30%. In an attempt to centralize and prioritize their list, they launched an email subjected “Are we boring?” The response they got was outstanding, and email open rates skyrocketed to 50%.
  • Share top-quality content from the very start of an email marketing campaign. If you’re hunting for visitors, but you want them to become loyal customers, you need to give them the best content from the start of the relationship. This way you’ll have their undivided attention.


2. Use colors That Compliment Your Style

It might be tempting to use the craziest colors when you are launching a new line or sending a very important, exciting announcement, but don’t forget that your brand must have a unitary look and your goal should be to make yourself remembered by the customer as a consistent and strong concept. There’s a psychology of colors in marketing you should know more about. There’s no secret that color has a different effect on the way we feel, and savvy marketers have been using colors when crafting campaigns for ages.

In today’s digital world, color still matters. You want to entice your audience and convince them to open and read your emails. But you won’t be able to do that if you use sparkly colors, huge fonts and bold text everywhere. Stay away from bright yellow and go with hues that are warm and appealing to the eye – navy blue, warm red, black, orange, etc. Do your best to integrate your email layout and design into your overall esthetics, choose colors that will complement your logo and stick to a certain font and style, because building a recognizable brand is million times better that sending flashy messages that will not be connected to you later.


3. Keep Image Sizes Low

You might want to put the best high resolution picture in your email, but think about all the many ways it can go wrong because of the screen resolution or browser settings of the recipient. Keep it simple and hard to mess up and upload image size up to 72 dpi. They will still look good and not get blocked by the email provider settings for being too large.

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that most people use their smartphones or tablets to open emails. Large images won’t fit, and you risk losing that customers just because he was unable to see your company’s image, brand, logo or promotion offered.


4. Use Spacing Smartly

While you don’t want to have a message that spreads out too much, you will need to use spacing wisely, especially to separate images from text or keeping ideas delimited from each other. Layout rules are more important that you think, because missing a single space between a photo and a block of text underneath it can give your email an unprofessional, sloppy look that is very easy to avoid. Just go with your guts, use your eyes and separate the elements of your email.


5. Don’t Get Adventurous With Fonts

Yes, you have a certain brand image and it’s really important for you to show your text in gothic font, let’s say. This might turn into a disaster, as many of the customers might not have non-standard fonts installed on their computer and browsers can behave weirdly with them, so stick to conventional fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri or Georgia for your text. If you want something fancy, display it as an image instead.

When editing your text content it will look amazing in your editor, all centered and OCD satisfying, but think of how it will look like in an email. The safest strategy is to keep your text justified to the left, because the browsers and devices are so varied, that one of them might behave weirdly and not show all the centered text.



Keep it short and simple. Your email must get the message across and be remembered, so keep the phrases short and relevant, use simple words that can be visualized and do not overwhelm the reader. We live in a world of advanced technology. But it’s also a digital environments packed with pitches, ads and interruptions everywhere we look. You might think that what you’ve got to offer is unique, but if that something doesn’t entice your audience, it doesn’t really matter.

It is fundamental to keep in mind where you are, and make use of good matters to make direct mail marketing appealing to customers. Getting into the private inbox of a customer is more like getting an invitation to that customer’s home for supper. If they ask that you take off your shoes, you need to comply. That’s the rule of the house. With direct mail marketing, the exact same principle applies. Behave properly and don’t make them feel like you’re violating their privacy. Remember … it’s their house and you’re just a “guest”.


7. Get Customers To Open Your Envelope

In spite of today’s advances in technology where nearly every adult individual has at least a smartphone and a laptop, some people still use their mail. However, direct mail is rarely used to receive letters from friends and family. Savvy marketing companies use this rather old-fashion and outdated method to make themselves known to the masses. The first goal of a successful direct mail campaign is to merge it with your online marketing goals, thus creating a seamless experience.

“You’ll get mail!” – Sounds like a cool email that announces a receiver that he will soon get a letter in the mail from your company. Opening that mail should announce that your customer is actually about to receive something. Make that something count. Get them curious to know what you’ll send them, and as soon as the envelope arrives at their homes, they’ll want to see what’s inside. If you’re aiming at a 100% open rate, then make that mail lumpy. Offer a promotion, a sample of your product, a discount, something to exceed their expectations. Make it personal, captivating and relevant to open it!

8. MailLift

If you haven’t heard of MailLift before, you need to do your homework. MailLift is an API targeted at direct mail marketing; it permits business owners to integrate their customer service software (CRM) into their messaging system. For example, it can be used to craft a message and then have it transcribed into a letter written by hand and send out to customers. Why is MailLift a pioneering marketing method? Well, because it permits you to perform mass mail customization effectively.

MailLift adheres to a brilliant concept. The tactic used is meant to get both emails and direct mails opened by customer. As a business, you should be willing to welcome both positive and negative feedback. It will help you improve and perfect your strategy. This 2016, there’s still lots of cost-efficient ways businesses can automate their personal emails without making them sound tacky. Always keep in mind that the goal is to preserve an open-click rate; use outreach.io for some help, and you’ll be able to keep your audience properly engaged.


9. Value is King

The majority of direct mail pieces deserve to be called “junk mail”. To make yours stand above the crowd, you need to put your creativity to good us. Provide value that blends with your business mantra. There are lots of amazing things you can do to spice things up; and you don’t have to spend a fortune on a killer direct mail strategy to grab attention. For example, you can begin with delivering curated content. Use techniques that are creative (folds or punch-outs) to provide customers with real guidance and advice that they can actually use. Be bold and people will be curious to know what else you can give them.

However, don’t insult your customers’ intelligence by making use of tacky tag lines or subject lines such as “FREE CASH”. They won’t even open the envelope or email, and instead of making yourself stand out, they’ll run to mark your email as “spam” or throw away your postal mail straight to the garbage. ALL CAPS emails are not at all enticing. They’re bothering and too showy for the eye, and people won’t be interested to know more. Also, you might want to stay away from multiple exclamation points “We have what you need!!!” It sounds too “dangerous” so to speak, and your intention is to make them interested, not scare them off.

Add an innovative touch to what you’re planning to sell. Make a point and steer clear of see & say graphics. They’re too elementary and they don’t entice the brain; quite the opposite, they create confusion.


10. Content Personalization

The printing industry has changed a lot in the last couple of years. At this point, everyone can have one-off pieces shipped to their loyal customers, at the most convenient price. A lot of printing companies today provide the ability to assemble content dynamically with the use of custom information and personalized templates. This will permit you to craft the right plastic card printing material for your targeted audience, thus making them feel closer to your company. But it depends on what your brand has to offer. Visual personalization is equally important. Regardless of what you have to offer, your ads, letters, and billboards must look “delicious”. They should entice, grab attention and awake an interest. Pictures, samples of a product and discounts are highly recommended.

Making direct mail marketing more appealing and attention-grabbing for prospective customers is easier said than done. But it’s not something impossible to do either. As a savvy business individuals, you have to put the needs of your customers first. Whatever you do, make sure to do with the customer in mind. What would they like to see from you? Prove to them that you can grab their attention with direct mail, and do it wisely. Don’t fall into the old habits of other companies. Choose a business model and adhere to its principles to the letter. Commitment and dedication will eventually make you stand above the competition.


About the Author: Steve Brown is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business related topics. He also works for a site Nlink Tech offering IT support services.