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Effective & Practical Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Managing a blog requires a fair deal of passion, commitment and at least some knowledge of the most popular SEO trends. For starters, blogging can take some time before the fruits of success are reaped through blogging efforts alone. Anyone can initiate and run a blog; however, in order to generate and increase blog traffic, you need to make yourself aware of the trends and techniques that you, as bloggers, may probably have never used before.

Increasing blog traffic is an essential expertise, not just for professional bloggers but for all who want to pull in a large stack of visitors. Having said that, here is a list of some of the most effective and tested methods to increase blog traffic, to make your brand or presence known in the world of blogging.

Be Strategic About Your Content

To increase blog traffic, one of the most effective things to do is to create good content. We all know why content has been proclaimed to be the ‘king’ and how it serves as a funnel to convert users. However, it is actually ‘better content’ that successfully grabs the attention of users but what is better content? It’s something that has not been said or proved before to your audience and is supported by expert opinions and verifiable claims.

Research your audience and identify the problems they have to face every day. You can then devise a specific strategy for your content and pull in a new segment of visitors from your general audience.

Create Evergreen Content for Your Blog

When your content is evergreen, it actually means the themes and subjects addressed in your content never go stale. For instance, if you are running a movie blog and post about the current year’s Oscars it would probably get you a lot of traffic, but only temporarily.

However, when your movie blog boasts collections or compilations of classics of a certain genre, you have material that will be relevant to global readers irrespective of the time.

Similarly, to promote a business blog, content revolving around the tips and tricks to run a successful business will naturally drive more traffic to your blog, making your brand more popular amongst internet users worldwide.

Invite Influencers to Write on Your Blog

You may want to run the entire show yourself, but to acquire the trust of your visitors; you also need some professional voice on your blog coming from gurus of your particular niche. By getting some experts on board, your blog will have a fair chance to create viral content as these influencers will share their posts on their own social networks as well.

Pro tip: For finding influencers in your niche, use BuzzSumo & Followerwonk.

Make sure you already have enough content on your blog before you invite them to write for you as they will rarely shed out their valuable time for an empty blog.

Employ Trackbacks and Links

If you have been in the blogging business, you may now be aware of the fact that links prove to be one of the most powerful elements of your blog. These links get noticed by search engines, and also serve as a chain to connect to your fellow bloggers belonging to the same industry for they can conveniently spot out anyone who is linking to their sites.

Take this traffic increasing tactic to the next level by leaving a trackback on other blogs to make them aware that you’ve linked to them. Blogs enabling trackbacks will contain a link back to your blog in the feedback section of the post that you initially linked to. And yes, people really do click on trackback links!

Is your Content SEO-Friendly?

When we talk about traffic, we can never miss out on search engines. It is actually through these search engines that you will be able to receive a huge amount of traffic.

Some bloggers are let down by their incapability to benefit from the power of SEO. A few shy away as they fear they will spam their content in an effort to make it SEO- friendly. In reality, effective SEO tricks and tactics will compliment your content and can increase your blog traffic.

To incorporate good SEO practices into your blog, make keywords and SEO a part of your blog strategy; search engine optimization always pays off when it is done the correct way.

Incorporate Photos and Graphics with link-back licensing

For any blogger, the ability to create illustrations, graphics or photos to better illustrate their blog content can successfully become a catalyst to attract a large share of audience.

You can upload and host images by being part of a third party company such as Niice or Flickr to embed your images with licensing requirements on the site. This allows the setup of another traffic source for your blog via image search, and has been proven to progress the quality of connection that your blog builds with your visitors.

Get in the Habit of Referencing

A blog that only provides a lot of information but does not provide any proof of the claims mentioned throughout the content is viewed to be less credible. Hence, the probability of a user coming back to your blog to find solutions for their problems will decrease significantly.

Modern readers appreciate links, as well as search engines. Compliment the opinions stated in your blog by punctuating them with popular blogs of your distinctive niche. You can also link back to any of your previous blogs to increase your own traffic and let your readers know how much you know about the topic they want to read about. Make sure you use clever ways of creating these references and don’t pile up irrelevant information as this is likely to repel your users.

Host and Attend Events/Webinars

Blogging is often mistaken as a task that has to be pursued only online. However, in today’s world that has connected the human race to construct a global village, it is essential to get connected to your audience on a larger level.

For this, real time events or webinars can also make way for more personal interaction with your audience. These users will be thrilled to connect with like-minded people via real-time or virtual events. It will encourage more organic and natural blog traffic as they will post these meeting opportunities through their tweets and shares.

Is your Content Available on your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Forums?

With over 271 million users every month, Twitter has a massive impact in the online world. The same goes for Facebook which encompasses over 1 billion users worldwide, and Google+ and LinkedIn which collectively boasting over 300 million users.

After you have invested time and effort in expanding these networks, make your blog content available on these channels so that your content is distributed widely amongst millions of users without having to put in too much effort.

By incorporating a unique participation strategy (sharing gifts, introducing giveaways etc.) you can encourage your audience to share your content as well as make a long-term engagement with them. To this date, for several bloggers, social media is the only method through which they derive a constant and steady flow of traffic that increases each day.

Capitalize on your Audience’s Ability to Share

Your blog may revolve around a specific niche. However, make full use of your audience’s potential to spread the word on forums. Not all but a few of your users will be keen on sharing the views on your blog or will eventually become a fan of your writing style.

Once you identify these users, focus on the needs of that particular set of audience. Once they start sharing your blog and you acquire a steady flow of traffic, you can later target other groups of your general viewers.

Get Active in Social Sharing Communities

Along with these crucial social networking channels that are previously highlighted, there are some notable communities that are actively participating in helping your content to become reachable to your audience. To name a few Pinterest, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Tumblr and many others have been successfully showcasing content that can be shared or up-voted to increase the popularity of your blog post.

Make sure you know what to submit to every networking forum as each one of these has a different set of rules and policies for submission. Learning which submissions will get you the right recognition and will help you in the longer run to drive more traffic to your blog.

Give your Feedback on other Blogs

Blogging and commenting go hand in hand. When we talk about commenting, we are not in any way encouraging you to spam. It is only through genuine and honest feedbacks on other blogs that you can add real value and establish a bond of respect and trust with the audience of other blogs.

Your comments in the feedback section of the blog will help you to create and maintain the visibility of your own blog in the eyes of other audiences. Make careful considerations about the brand or the name you use while commenting and the links you point back to. Be consistent and offer constructive views and refrain from keyword-spamming or your commenting efforts will go to a waste.

Are your Web Profiles Connected to Your Blog?

A large number of bloggers set up their unique profiles on services like Slideshare, YouTube, Yahoo! and several others. While you are uploading your content to forums such as Flickr or Picasa, your ID must take the visitors back to your blog. Encourage them to subscribe to your blog, promising the visitors to offer similar content to what originally brought them there.

Is your Blog optimized for Mobile?

Gone are the days when your online visitors had to wait for a laptop or the conventional desktop to check your blog. With just a flick of a finger, they should be able to reach your blog and see what has been posted.

Your blog needs to be optimized for mobile so you do not lag behind your competitors. Moreover, the speed required to load your blog also plays a vital part in yielding a constant flow of traffic to your blog.

Modern users are observed to spend approximately 3 hours on their mobile phones or tablets each day. You can choose from a selection of WordPress plugins to help you create a version of your blog that is specifically optimized for handheld devices.

Take help from Analytics

Google’s Page Speed Insights tool offers accurate speed score and provides useful tips on what you can do to incorporate it into the site to make it load faster. By making use of analytics you can get an insight into your blogs performance and what you have to do to help increase your blog traffic.

Consistency is the Key

Lastly, don’t give up! Be consistent with your approach. Traffic earning techniques require patience and time before you start reaping the benefits. Once established, your blog will have a consistent traffic flow and its success will depend on your creativity and relevancy to comply with the updated algorithms of search engines.

Devise a schedule and stick to it. Make sure you never let your audience down as it is harder to bring back previous readers than attracting new ones.

Final Thoughts

You may already be aware of at least some of these tactics to increase blog traffic. However, it is how you implement your knowledge that makes the true difference.

Get yourself attuned to the latest trends and opinions aired by experts who belong to your own niche as well as customize, optimize and share your blogs according to the most current SEO methods. Do share your favorite blog promotion strategy under the comments section.

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