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18 Mobile Marketing Trends For 2017

Are you planning to increase spending on mobile marketing in 2017?

If so, don’t do it without understanding the trends where mobile marketing is heading in 2017.

The understanding of how the mobile marketing is shaping itself and how things will be in the current year and beyond will help businesses, marketers, and agencies in getting a step ahead of their competitors.

More importantly, you need to be excited about this mobile revolution that’s already happening. In short, become passionate about it. After all, a study by Smart Insights found that mobile marketing is one of the top-rated digital marketing techniques in 2017.

Your passion for mobile marketing is what gets you to where you need to be in the foreseeable future. This passion will fortify you against harsh circumstances and help you overcome obstacles like negative customer feedback.

With so many mobile marketing trends listed on this page, I don’t expect everyone who reads this post to keep an eye on it — save those that have one or more things to do with mobile marketing or are passionate about it.

The following 18 mobile marketing trends for 2017 will put your business in the right direction.


1. Rise of Mobile Apps

The mobile app revenue is predicted to reach $77 billion in 2017. It is expected that there will be 197 billion mobile app downloads in 2017 which was 149 billion in 2016.

This will force businesses to start using mobile apps. More and more businesses will create apps to increase sales and to engage with their customers at a personal level.

Mobile app downloads are expected to increase year after year for the next few years. This means money invested in a native app won’t be wasted.


2.Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is among the top three priorities for businesses and marketers for last 5 years. A fairly decent number of businesses are already into marketing automation.

Mobile marketing automation is not an exception.

Businesses are expected to use mobile marketing automation to collect customer information, email, and even phone numbers just like they do so for the desktop.

Marketing automation is growing overall in all forms and this will continue to happen in 2017.


3. Messaging Apps

Messaging is said to be the new medium.

Think of Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Statistics show that 6 of the top 10 most used apps are messaging apps.

Messaging apps will take over social networks in next few years in terms of active users because instant messaging apps like WhatsApp are private as compared to social networks like Facebook.

People prefer messaging apps.

Marketers will use messaging apps to connect with their customers at an individual level. Instant messaging apps will become the connection medium of the future.


4. Mobile Security

While businesses will continue to invest in mobile apps and will continue to spend heavily on mobile marketing, mobile security is one field that shouldn’t be ignored.

Business apps are not as secure as some of the large apps like Evernote. This is where businesses and marketers will spend heavily in 2017 and beyond.

Just like SSL certificates are now a must-have part of any website, something similar will soon happen for apps.


5. Location-Based Marketing

More than 66% of marketers say that location-based marketing is the most exciting mobile opportunity. Last year, beacon messages generated $44 billion worth of retail sales in the US alone.

This year won’t be an exception.

Location-based marketing is personal, targeted, and well-timed, and this is the reason why it works and will continue to work for brands in 2017.

According to Steven Rosenblatt, the president of FourSquare, the location-based marketing will evolve in 2017 in following ways:

  • Location intelligence companies will emerge
  • The strategies for marketing will evolve
  • Brands will shift towards location-based marketing


6. Big Data

Big data is said to be the key to mobile marketing. According to Business Insider, mobile marketing is shaped by the growth in big data.

There will be an increase in the number of big data marketing apps especially for mobile marketing that will help brands get customer insights and predictive analytics. This is one of the leading digital marketing trends for 2017 as pointed by Smart Insights.

How your business deals with big data and how it uses it to get better with mobile marketing is the real question.


7. Mobile Popups

Google has already announced that it doesn’t like mobile popups. It has taken action against websites that were using mobile popups. Websites that use popups on mobile are not appreciated and will likely lose their search engine rankings.

This is the biggest trend of the current year for mobile SEO — which drives valuable outcomes for businesses.

What’s more important is how marketers deal with it.

Will there be an alternative to mobile popups? Let’s wait and see.

8. IoT Marketing Applications

It’s expected that there will be more than 75 billion connected devices by 2020. This means there will be more devices connected and communicating by 2020 than the total number of people on this planet.

How do brands use IoT to connect and use marketing to bring more customers onboard will be an important trend in 2017.


9. Augmented Reality

The massive success of Pokemon Go means a lot for mobile marketers and so does Snapchat’s augmented reality lenses. It’s expected that augmented and virtual reality will strongly impact mobile devices and mobile marketing.

Forbes says that augmented reality technology will be a $5.7 billion industry by 2021.

We will see an increase in the use of augmented reality mobile apps and devices. The use of such apps will provide mobile marketers with analytics that they don’t have access to now.

This is one trend that will reshape how you do mobile marketing.


10. Mobile Video

Content for mobile devices will get more sophisticated especially mobile videos.

eMarketer reported that video ad spending for mobile will cross $6 billion in 2017. Live video streaming is expected to get better along with 360 video experience.

Mobile videos will evolve and the big brands like Google and Facebook will take their video experience for mobile users to another level as more users will be accessing the internet from their mobile devices than from desktops.

This is why mobile video market is expected to reach $13 billion by 2020.


11. Google AMP

Businesses and marketers will continue to use Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to serve their users better on mobile devices. Google AMP improves user experience.

Businesses that have used AMP see an improvement of up to 90% in CTR.

It’s expected that AMP will be a major player in mobile marketing for 2017, especially how marketers deal with forms because AMP doesn’t support forms.

This is something where marketers will work in 2017 and we might see a solution or maybe an alternative to forms for mobile.

In 2017, almost all the brands will have no choice but to use Google AMP to stay ahead of their competitors on mobile search.

12. Mobile-Only Social Media

Mobile-only social media and messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram will evolve and grow in 2017.

Statistics show that the Instagram users grow by 50% month after month and this means a lot for marketers.

People are in love with mobile-only social networks. This leads to a major trend for mobile-only social networks where we will see more social networks switching to mobile-only and there will be new entrants (preferably niche social marketing) for mobile.


13. Android Instant Apps

Android instant apps will become a common trend in 2017.

An instant app is one that works without installation. These apps provide quick mobile experience. We will see a massive increase in the number and quality of instant apps.


14. Artificial Intelligence

A fairly decent number of mobile apps use artificial intelligence and this will be a common trend in coming years.

Artificial intelligent apps will be the next big thing for mobile marketers. Think of an app that finds stores and suggests people products based on their interests and buying patterns?

This will soon become a reality.

Apps like Siri, Google Now, and Skyvi are already available in the app stores that use artificial intelligence.


15. Voice Search

More than 20% of searches on android devices are voice searches. The accuracy rate of the voice search is well over 92%.

Mobile voice search will be a massive trend for 2017. Businesses will optimize their websites for voice search.


16. Mobile Site Speed

This is different than Google AMP.

Mobile site speed plays a crucial role in customer experience and this is why Google is way too serious about the mobile site speeds.

Websites that load faster earn more than websites that don’t. So it is not just a ranking factor but site speed is linked to revenue too.

It’s something that marketers will continue to spend money in 2017.


17. Mobile Remarketing

Research shows that only 6% of people use an app after 30 days of installing it. This happens to be a major challenge for mobile marketers.

It is, therefore, expected that mobile remarketing will be a major trend in 2017. Marketers will have to get in touch with their customers through mobile ads to persuade them to come back and/or to use the app again.

Brands and marketers will spend more on app remarketing in 2017 to make sure that their customers don’t stop using their apps.


18. Mobile Programmatic Marketing

Statistics show that programmatic spend will increase for mobile significantly by 2019. Mobile video programmatic marketing will account for 28% of total spend by 2019.

According to eMarketer, mobile will represent as much as 75% of all programmatic ad spend by 2017.

Programmatic marketing is shifting from desktop to mobile. This is a massive trend that all digital marketers should take into consideration when crafting a mobile marketing strategy.



As a business and a marketer, think of ways to capitalize on these mobile marketing trends for 2017. Devise means to take advantage of these trends before your competitors get ahead of you.

This will put you in the driving seat and help you make informed decisions on what the future holds for mobile marketing.

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